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2015 Pan American BJJ Results
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2015 Pan American BJJ Results

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As per usual, the 2nd most important competition in the jiu jitsu world did not disappoint. Missing some of its biggest starts from the get-go, the enigma lying underneath the 20th edition of the Pan American Jiu Jitsu Championship was: “who will rise up to the occasion and take over the wholes left by the bigger names?” And many did. The one that stood out the most may very well have been Leandro Lo, but Leandro’s deed (gold at middleweight and silver at the absolute) was somewhat over shadowed by the fact that this year’s tournament had four non Brazilian gold medallists at the men’s adult black belt division and 6 finalists (5 of those Americans). A sign of good things to come for both the American and European crowd, who saw JT Torres, Keenan Cornelius, Gianni Grippo (Grippo with a by from his team mate Vitor Genovesi) and Alexander Trans dominate their divisions in great fashion.

Another fundamental figure in the 2015 Pan American Championship was Bernardo Faria who did the unthinkable, submitting (and passing the guard of) Leandro Lo as Leandro was set to be the lightest man in the history of our sport to win gold at the Pan American absolute division.

Below are the results of all the fights that occurred at the adult black belt divisions, male and female.

Under 57kg/127lbs, Galo Men's division
Koji ShibamotoJorge NakamuraBow & Arrow1/4 finalU57kg
Fabio AlencarWashington Lima4x01/4 finalU57kg
Caio TerraLuiz AndradeArm in Ezekiel1/4 finalU57kg
Caio TerraFabbio PassosArmbarSemi f.U57kg
Bruno MalfacineKoji Shibamoto3x2Semi f.U57kg
Bruno MalfacineCaio TerraChoke from backFinalU57kg
Under 64kg/141.5lbs, Pluma Men's division
Yoshihiko MatsumotoDai YoshiokaWORd 1U64kg
Paulo FilhoMark RamosPointsRd 1U64kg
Gustavo CaceresTsuyoshi Tamaki5x2Rd 1U64kg
Joao Miyao Paulo FilhoChoke from back1/4 finalU64kg
Rafael Freitas Gustavo Caceres6x41/4 finalU64kg
Paulo Miyao Yoshihiko MatsumotoChoke from back1/4 finalU64kg
Joao Pedro OliveiraYuto HiraoReferee decision1/4 finalU64kg
Joao Miyao Rafael Freitas Choke/Injury?Semi f.U64kg
Paulo Miyao João RodriguesArmlockSemi f.U64kg
Paulo Miyao Joao Miyao Close outFinalU64kg
Under 70kg/154.5, Pena Men's division
Victor GenovesiGustavo Dantas KimuraRd 1U70kg
Oswaldo QueixinhoVitor AtallaChoke from backRd 1U70kg
Leo SaggioroSergio Hernandez3x0Rd 1U70kg
Vitor PaschoalThiago Lemos2x0Rd 1U70kg
Oswaldo QueixinhoVitor AtallaChoke from backRd 1U70kg
Kim TerraSpencer Gilliam9x0Rd 1U70kg
Gianni GrippoDavin MaxwellWORd 1U70kg
Mayko BorgesJared Shapiro12x2Rd 1U70kg
Leo SaggioroVitor Paschoal5x21/4 finalU70kg
Victor GenovesiKim Terra4x4 Ref decision1/4 finalU70kg
Gianni GrippoMayko BorgesChoke from back1/4 finalU70kg
Oswaldo QueixinhoFabio Caloi2x0 Adv1/4 finalU70kg
Oswaldo QueixinhoLeo Saggioro0x0 (adv)Semi f.U70kg
Gianni GrippoVictor GenovesiGentlemen's agreementSemi f.U70kg
Gianni GrippoOswaldo Queixinho6x4FinalU70kg
Under 76kg/168lbs, Leve Men's division
Andris BrunovskisTagarelaAdvantagesRd 1U76kg
Vitor MatosZach Adamson6x4Rd 1U76kg
Kevin MahechaBrian MillerArmlockRd 1U76kg
Luan AlvesRodrigo CaporalAdvRd 1U76kg
Rafael PereiraChoi Won Choi1x0 penaltiesRd 2U76kg
Kevin MahechaMario ReisWORd 2U76kg
AJ AgazarmLuan Alves4x2Rd 2U76kg
Gabriel PontesVictor MatosChokeRd 2U76kg
Sergio BeniniMichael Liera JrWORd 2U76kg
JT TorresJulian VegaChoke from back
Rd 2U76kg
Andris BrunovskisJuan Caio Kamezawa 4x4 (1x0 adv)Rd 2U76kg
Thiago AragãoRodrigo FreitasToe holdRd 2U76kg
JT TorresRafael PereiraChoke from back1/4 finalU76kg
Andris BrunovskisThiago Aragão5x1 adv1/4 finalU76kg
AJ AgazarmKevin Mahecha
Points1/4 finalU76kg
Gabriel PontesSergio BeniniBow & Arrow choke1/4 finalU76kg
JT TorresAndris BrunovskisGentlemen's agreementSemi f.U76kg
AJ AgazarmGabriel Pontes2x0Semi f.U76kg
JT TorresAJ Agazarm10x0FinalU76kg
Under 82kg/181.5lbs, Médio Men's division
Vitor Oliveira Arthur Souza III2x2 (6x6 adv) Ref Dec.Rd 1U82kg
Otavio SousaThabet al TaherOmoplataRd 1U82kg
Marcos Tinoco Sergio da Silva2x0Rd 1U82kg
Tanner RiceOli Geddes3x0Rd 1U82kg
Vitor SilverioJonatas Novaes6x0Rd 1U82kg
Magid HagePaul SchonArmbarRd 1U82kg
Caio SilvaFrederico Pinto4x2Rd 1U82kg
Vitor EstimaStefano CorreaEstima lockRd 1U82kg
Gleidson MoraesVinicius Agudo?Rd 1U82kg
Vinicius Marinho Elfrankli Souza9x4Rd 1U82kg
Alessandro FerreiraJoshua Hinger??Rd 1U82kg
Felipe CesarFrancisco Iturralde4x2Rd 1U82kg
Fabio PulitaSean Roberts7x2Rd 1U82kg
Bruno AntunesTulio RosarioBow & Arrow chokeRd 1U82kg
Cris AtkinsLuciano Cristovam??Rd 1U82kg
Leandro LoCris AtkinsBrabo chokeRd 2U82kg
Otavio SousaMarcos Tinoco 4x4 (adv)Rd 3U82kg
Vitor SilverioCaio Almeida2x2 (adv)Rd 3U82kg
Leandro LoBruno Antunes13x0Rd 3U82kg
Vitor Oliveira Thomas Oyarzun8x0Rd 3U82kg
Felipe CesarJoshua Hinger7x2Rd 3U82kg
Vitor EstimaGleidson CurtisLoop chokeRd 3U82kg
Tanner RiceMagid HagePointsRd 3U82kg
Vinicius Marinho Fabio PulitaChoke from backRd 3U82kg
Leandro LoFelipe CesarCross choke1/4 finalU82kg
Vitor EstimaVinicius Marinho (0x0) Ref. Decision1/4 finalU82kg
Otavio SousaVitor Silverio0x0 Ref. Decision (2x1 refs)1/4 finalU82kg
Vitor Oliveira Tanner Rice7x41/4 finalU82kg
Leandro LoVitor Estima4x2Semi f.U82kg
Otavio SousaVitor Oliveira 2x0Semi f.U82kg
Leandro LoOtavio Sousa5x2FinalU82kg
Under 88kg/194lbs, Meio Pesado Men's division
Pedro SousaJoão Chiozi8x2Rd 1U88kg
Pedro MelloAlex GoulartWORd 1U88kg
Jarod LawtonDavid ReedChoke from side controlRd 1U88kg
Guto CamposPedro SouzaArmlockRd 2U88kg
Victor BonfimAbmar Barbosa3x0Rd 2U88kg
Pedro MelloRodrigo Fajardo4x4 (3x0 adv)Rd 2U88kg
Keenan Cornelius Jared LawtonTriangleRd 2U88kg
Renato CardosoSteven Peterson5x1 advRd 2U88kg
Murilo SantanaKenneth Primola
Choke from backRd 2U88kg
Thiago SaInácio Neto11x10Rd 2U88kg
Arnaldo OliveiraDiego GamonalArmlockRd 2U88kg
Keenan Cornelius Renato Cardoso5x21/4 finalU88kg
Murilo SantanaThiago SaChoke from back1/4 finalU88kg
Guto CamposVictor BonfimArmlock1/4 finalU88kg
Pedro MelloArnaldo OliveiraLeglock1/4 finalU88kg
Guto CamposPedro Mello
Gentlemen's agreementSemi f.U88kg
Keenan Cornelius Murilo Santana4x0Semi f.U88kg
Guto CamposKeenan Cornelius Close OutFinalU88kg
Under 94kg/208lbs, Pesado Men's division
Vitor SchlosserDavid CobbArmbarRd 1U94kg
Rodrigo SilvaRoberto Torralbas2x0Rd 1U94kg
Jeff BoudreauxSardar BabarWORd 1U94kg
Lucas Leite Vitor SchlosserChoke from backRd 2U94kg
Vitor ToledoJason AckermanPointsRd 2U94kg
Lucas RochaJeffery Boudreaux??Rd 2U94kg
Rodrigo SilvaAlexandre Ceconi6x4Rd 2U94kg
Tim SpriggsElliot Kelly2x0Rd 2U94kg
Bruno CuppariFelipe BuenoRef DecisionRd 2U94kg
Marcelo MafraJurandir ConceicaoPointsRd 2U94kg
Lucas Leite Vitor Toledo8x01/4 finalU94kg
Lucas RochaKarim Khalifapoints1/4 finalU94kg
Tim SpriggsMarcelo MafraChoke from back1/4 finalU94kg
Lucas Leite Rodrigo Silva5x0Semi f.U94kg
Lucas RochaTim Spriggs2x0Semi f.U94kg
Lucas Leite Lucas Rocha20x2FinalU94kg
Under 100kg/221lbs, Super Pesado Men's division
Rodrigo MendesPablo Yuri2x2 (adv)Rd 1U100kg
Bernardo Faria Eduardo Telles8x01/4 finalU100kg
Leo NogueiraRodrigo PereiraWristlock1/4 finalU100kg
Erberth SantosJoao AssisWO1/4 finalU100kg
Diogo SilvaRafael LongenPoints1/4 finalU100kg
Leo NogueiraDiogo SilvaChoke from backSemi f.U100kg
Bernardo Faria Erberth SantosKneebarSemi f.U100Kg
Bernardo Faria Leo NogueiraClose OutFinalU100Kg
Over 100kg/221lbs, Pesadíssimo Men's division
James PuopoloJose dos SantosCross choke from mountRd 1O100kg
Evandro NunesGabriel LucasTriangleRd 1O100kg
Joao Gabriel RochaGustavo Elias Dias4x2Rd 1O100kg
Kitner MouraMarcelo Strada??Rd 1O100kg
Bruno BastosLeo Davila5x0Rd 1O100kg
Abraham Marte Daniel TsatsosTriangleRd 1O100kg
Bruno BastosEvandro NunesArmbar1/4 finalO100kg
James PuopoloAbraham Marte 7x41/4 finalO100kg
Luiz PanzaJoao Gabriel RochaPoints1/4 finalO100kg
Alexander TransKitner MouraArmbar1/4 finalO100kg
James PuopoloEvandro Nunes9x0Semi f.O100kg
Alexander TransLuiz Panza6x2Semi f.O100kg
Alexander TransJames PuopoloKneebarFinalO100kg
Absolute/Open Weight Men's division
AJ AgazarmEduardo TellesPointsAbsoluteRd 1
Alessandro FerreiraDaniel CobbCross ChokeAbsoluteRd 1
Yuto HiraoThabet al Taher2x0AbsoluteRd 1
Rafael LongelAbraham MarteWOAbsoluteRd 1
Luiz PanzaRodrigo RibeiroPointsAbsoluteRd 2
Otavio SousaEvandro Nunes10x0AbsoluteRd 2
Murilo SantanaRodrigo CaporalTriangleAbsoluteRd 2
Kitner MouraAlexandre CeconiPointsAbsoluteRd 2
Bernardo FariaDaniel CobbKneebarAbsoluteRd 2
Alex. TransMorrys Ayalan/aAbsoluteRd 2
Erberth SantosDaniel StatsosChoke from backAbsoluteRd 2
Leo NogueiraMagid Hage7x2AbsoluteRd 2
James PuopoloJurandir Conceição7x0AbsoluteRd 2
Keenan Cornelius Elliot KellyChoke from backAbsoluteRd 2
Tim SpriggsDiogo AlmeidaBow & Arrow chokeAbsoluteRd 2
Yuri Simoes Vinicius AgudoBow & Arrow chokeAbsoluteRd 2
Gabriel LucasVictor EstimaAdv
AbsoluteRd 2
Leandro LoYuto HiraoBrabo chokeAbsoluteRd 2
Keenan Cornelius Tim SpriggsReferee decisionAbsoluteRd 3
Bernardo FariaAJ AgazarmPointsAbsoluteRd 3
Otavio SousaKitner MouraInjury ?AbsoluteRd 3
Alex. TransErberth Santos4x2AbsoluteRd 3
Leo NogueiraRafael TongenEzequielAbsoluteRd 3
Leandro LoJames Puopolo13x0AbsoluteRd 3
Yuri Simoes Gabriel Lucas10x2
AbsoluteRd 3
Bernardo FariaLuiz PanzaPointsAbsolute1/4 final
Leo NogueiraKeenan Cornelius 0x0 (adv)Absolute1/4 final
Leandro Lo Yuri Simoes 4x2Absolute1/4 final
Alex. Trans
Otavio SousaAdv
Absolute1/4 final
Bernardo FariaAlex. TransPointsAbsoluteSemi f.
Leandro LoLeo Nogueira2x0AbsoluteSemi f.
Bernardo FariaLeandro LoLapel chokeAbsoluteFinal
Absolute/Open Weight Women's division
Leanna DittrichCharlene CoatsPointsAbsoluteRd 1
Megan NevillMarcela LawtonArmbarAbsoluteRd 1
Luiza Monteiro
Fabiana BorgesWOAbsolute1/4 final
Tammy GriegoMonique EliasInjuryAbsolute1/4 final
Gabi Garcia
Leanna DittrichChokeAbsolute1/4 final
Mackenzie DernMegan NevillReferee decisionAbsolute1/4 final
Gabi Garcia
Luiza MonteiroChokeAbsoluteSemi f.
Mackenzie DernTammy GriegoLeglockAbsoluteSemi f.
Gabi Garcia
Mackenzie DernBread cutterAbsoluteFinal
Women's divisions (combined)
Marcela LawtonSofia AmaranteWOFinalU48kg
Gezary MatudaAriadne Oliveira4x4 (9x0 adv)Semi f.U53kg
Gezary MatudaBibiana SilvaBow & ArrowFinalU53kg
Chelsea Bainbridge-DonnerKiri LiaoChoke1/4 finalU58Kg
Ana Carolina SchmittKaren BorgesAdv.1/4 finalU58Kg
Mackenzie DernChelsea Bainbridge-DonnerEzekielSemi f.U58Kg
Tammi MusumeciAna Carolina Schmitt4x0Semi f.U58Kg
Mackenzie DernTammi MusumeciToe Hold/LeglockFinalU58Kg
Nyjah EastonLaurah Hallock10x01/4 finalU64kg
Angelica GalvãoYasmine Wilson8x61/4 finalU64kg
Monique EliasMarilia VieiraOmoplata1/4 finalU69kg
Megan NevilleBruna RibeiroArmlock1/4 finalU69kg
Bia Mesquita
Angelica Galvão0x0 (4x2 adv)FinalU69kg
Leanna DittrichCharlene CoatsWO1/4 finalU69kg
Monique EliasMegan NevilleTriangleSemi f.U69kg
Luiza MonteiroLeanna Dittrich9x4Semi f.U69kg
Monique EliasLuiza Monteiro6x4FinalU69kg
Ana Laura CordeiroAndresa CorreaEzekielFinalU74kg
Dominyka ObelenyteTammy GriegoGogoplataFinalO74kg

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