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ADCC 2015 Full Results

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ADCC, the world’s most well respected submission grappling tournament took place on the 29-30 of August 2015 in Sao Paulo Brazil. The tournament consisted in 6 men and 2 women’s weight division’s, gathering not only the elite of Brazilian jiu jitsu, but also a number of high profile outsiders. Competitors you would not usually see at a top level gi orientated jiu jitsu tournament, grapplers such as Rustam Chiev who placed 3rd at this year’s ADCC event, defeating many well respected competitors including the former champion Romulo Barral. Ben Henderson (former UFC champion) was another unusual presence, though he has competed in BJJ, as well as catch wrestler/luta livre expert Lúcio “Chocolate”, to name a few.

The tournament ran smoothly, with tremendous matches in both the male and female categories. In the women’s +60kg division, the big surprise was Jessica Oliveira. A brown belt under Henrique Machado (former coach of jiu jitsu stars such as Ronaldo “Jacaré” Souza and Ary Farias), Jessica put on a show, winning against the Alliance superstar Gabrielle Garcia in the semi final, arguably the biggest upset in the whole tournament.

The second biggest upset of the tournament was upheld by Rafael Lovato Junior‘s brown belt, Jared Dopp, who reached the final of the +99kg division. The part time grappler from Oklahoma, climbed his way to the top of the ADCC pyramid without suffering one single point. Although strategic, Dopp went through current jiu jitsu ultra-heavyweight world champion Gabriel Lucas (2×0), former IBJJF World Champion Rodrigo Cavaca (judge decision) and the 2013 ADCC finalist Joao Gabriel Rocha (negative point), reaching the final against Orlando Sanchez, to whom he lost after 2 overtimes by judge decision.

In the 77kg division, another upset with lightweight powerhouse Davi Ramos winning gold, beating some very tough opposition. In the final Ramos put on a show, setting Lucas Lepri up for a beautiful flying armbar.

ADCC MEN’s RESULTS (weight divisions)

Below you will find the male results of all the ADCC 2015 matches.

Vinny MagalhaesPaul ArdillaHeel hookO99KGRD1
Dean ListerLee HyoungStraight armlockO99KGRD1
Orlando SanchezJanne-PekkaArmlock f/ crucifixO99KGRD1
Rodrigo ArtilheiroLeonardo Chocolate4x0O99KGRD1
Jared DoppGabriel Lucas2x0O99KGRD1
Rodrigo CavacaHideki Sekine0x0 - Ref decisionO99KGRD1
Abraham MarteJuskowiak MateuszTriangleO99KGRD1
Joao RochaJason Lees17x0O99KGRD1
Vinny MagalhaesRodrigo ArtilheiroTwisterO99KG1/4F
Orlando SanchezDean ListerJudge DecisionO99KG1/4F
Joao RochaAbraham Marte3x0O99KG1/4F
Jared DoppRodrigo CavacaJudge DecisionO99KG1/4F
Orlando SanchezVinny MagalhaesJudge DecisionO99KGSF
Jared DoppJoao Rocha0x0 (-1)O99KGSF
Vinny MagalhaesJoao RochaHeel hookO99KG3RD
Orlando SanchezJared DoppJudge DecisionO99KGF
Joao AssisTomasz Narkun3x099KGRD1
Kamil UminskiTom DeBlass6x099KGRD1
Alexandre RibeiroYukiyasu OzawaOmoplata99KGRD1
Felipe PenaRoberto Alencar3x099KGRD1
Jimmy FrederichLukasz MichalecPoints99KGRD1
Rodolfo VieiraAdam SachnoffKatagatame99KGRD1
Hector LombardJason Bukich9x099KGRD1
Felipe PenaJimmy FriedrichReverse triangle99KG1/4F
Alexandre RibeiroHector LombardJudge Decision99KG1/4F
Rodolfo VieiraCassio FrancisRNC99KG1/4F
Joao AssisKamil UminskiInjury99KG1/4F
Rodolfo VieiraAlexandre Ribeiro6x099KGSF
Felipe PenaJoao Assis9x099KGSF
Rodolfo VieiraFelipe PenaJudge Decision99KGF
Romulo BarralCraig JonesKimura88KGRD1
Neiman GracieEzra LennonKneebar88KGRD1
Pablo PopovitchZbigniew TyszkaMata leao88KGRD1
Yuri SimoesRicardo Mesquita3x088KGRD1
Rafael LovatoHidemi Mihara7x088KGRD1
Rustam ChsievMatt Aroyo5x088KGRD1
Keenan CorneliusJesse Urholin3x088KGRD1
Claudio CalasansMike PerezJudge Decision88KGRD1
Romulo BarralNieman GracieKimura88KG1/4F
Keenan CorneliusClaudio Calasans2x088KG1/4F
Yuri SimoesZbigniew TyszkaRNC88KG1/4F
Rustam ChsievRafael LovatoJudge Decision88KG1/4F
Yuri SimoesRomulo Barral3x088KGSF
Keenan CorneliusRustam ChsievJudge Decision88KGSF
Romulo BarralRustam ChsievJudge Decision88KG3RD
Yuri SimoesKeenan Cornelius3x088KGF
Otavio SousaAJ AgazarmRNC77KGRD1
Vagner RochaMilton Vieira2x077KGRD1
Davi RamosYoung-AhmRNC77KGRD1
Garry TononDillon DanisReverse heel hook77KGRD1
Lucas LepriGamrot Mateusz3x077KGRD1
Abdulkadirov MagomedBen HendersonRNC77KGRD1
Gilbert BurnsLachlan GilesArmbar77KGRD1
Gabriel RolloEnrico Cocco8x077KGRD1
Otavio SousaVagner RochaJudge Decision77KG1/4F
Davi RamosGabriel Rollo3x077KG1/4F
Gilbert BurnsAbdulkadirov MagomedPoints77KG1/4F
Lucas LepriGarry Tonon10x077KG1/4F
Lucas LepriOtavio Sousa4x077KGSF
Davi RamosGilbert BurnsRNC77KGSF
Gilbert BurnsOtavio Sousa6x077KG3RD
Davi RamosLucas LepriFlying armbar77KGF
Bruno FrazattoMark RamosMata leao66KGRD1
Rubens CharlesTezekbaev RasulMata leao66KGRD1
Eddie CummingsAsadulaev SurkhayHeel hook66KGRD1
Gianni GrippoGabriel Marangoni2x066KGRD1
Augusto MendesNicholas Renier3x066KGRD1
Jeff GloverDaniel HortegasHeel hook66KGRD1
Renan SancarYuto HiraoPoints66KGRD1
Geo MartinezAlexandre VieiraArmbar66KGRD1
Rubens CharlesGianni Grippo3x066KG1/4F
Augusto MendesEddie Cummings0x0 (-1)66KG1/4F
Bruno FrazattoRenan SancarJudge Decision66KG1/4F
Geo MartinezJeff Glover5x066KG1/4F
Bruno FrazattoGeo Martinez2x066KGSF
Rubens CharlesAugusto MendesJudge Decision66KGSF
Augusto MendesGeo MartinezToe hold66KG3RD
Rubens CharlesBruno Frazatto3x066KGF

ADCC MEN’s RESULTS (absolute)

The absolute division saw the inspirational Joao Gabriel Rocha meet Claudio Calasans in the most boring ADCC final of all time. Though the last match was an uneventful 40 minute pushing contest, the fantastic ultra-heavyweight who had to undergo chemotherapy just last year as he bravely fought cancer, returned strong to the tournament that pushed his name to the top in 2013. In his weight class Rocha lost to Jared Dopp due to a tactical error, but in the absolute Joao Gabriel took no chances and put on a show of perseverance on his way to the final, defeating AJ Agazarm, Vagner Rocha and the heavy favourite Rodolfo Vieira.

After a disappointing 2nd round loss to Keenan Cornelius (2×0) in his weight class, Calasans Junior edged his way to the last round of the open weight category of the tournament, winning every absolute match by judge decision.

In the end, the smaller competitor Calasans took the victory after two overtimes, by 2 negative points to 3 (stalling). The board being still 0x0.

Find the full results for all the absolute division matches below.

Dean ListerRicardo MesquitaHeel hookRD1
Vinny MagalhaesGary Tonon0x0 (-1)RD1
Claudio CalasansGabriel LucasJudge DecisionRD1
Yuri SimoesShrekJudge DecisionRD1
Rodolfo VieiraBen HendersonKimura/TriangleRD1
Rafael Lovato JrAbdulkadirov Magomed5x0RD1
Vagner RochaRomulo Barral2x0RD1
Joao Gabriel RochaAJ AgazarmJudge DecisionRD1
Yuri SimoesDean Lister5x31/4F
Claudio CalasansVinny MagalhaesJudge Decision1/4F
Rodolfo VieiraRafael Lovato Jr5x01/4F
Joao Gabriel RochaVagner Rocha3x01/4F
Joao Gabriel RochaRodolfo Vieira2x0SF
Claudio CalasansYuri SimoesJudge decisionSF
Rodolfo VieiraYuri SimoesWO - injury3RD
Claudio CalasansJoao Gabriel Rocha0x0 (-2x-3)F



Below you will find the results of all female matches of the ADCC 2015.

Mackenzie DernKethe EngenToe hold60KG1/4F
Michelle NicoliniRikako Yuasa2x060KG1/4F
Tammi MusumeciMichelle Tavares3x060KG1/4F
Bia MesquitaMayra MazzaArmbar60KG1/4F
Michelle NicoliniTammi MusumeciPoints60KGSF
Mackenzie DernBia MesquitaJudge Decision60KGSF
Tammi MusumeciBia MesquitaRNC60KG3RD
Mackenzie DernMichelle Nicolini4x4 (-1)60KGF
Gabrielle GarciaJessica OliveiraJudge DecisionO60KGSF
Ana Laura CordeiroAmanda Santana3x0O60KGSF
Gabrielle GarciaAmanda SantanaJudge DecisionO60KG3RD
Ana Laura CordeiroJessica Oliveira12x0O60KGF
ADCC 2015 Superfights Results

If veterans “Liba” and “Zé Maquina” put on an uneventful stand-up war that led to a judge decision, Galvão and Cyborg did not follow the same route. Galvão opened the hostilities by taking Roberto down with ease (2x) and taking the back a few times in the “submission only” round of the fight.

In the second part of the match, when the points started to be counted, Galvão took the back twice, scoring 6 points on the Fight Sports academy founder. Abreu managed to recover from the hooks but was never able to quite put Galvão in significant danger losing the superfight on points.

Ricardo Libório Vs. Zé Mario Sperry: Judge decision

André Galvão Vs. Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu: Points 6×0

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