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ADCC West Coast Trials Results, Blue Belt Wins Qualifier, Krikorian, Tackett, And Brianna Dominate

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APRIL 04, 2022, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA. Another epic edition of the ADCC Qualifiers, this time bigger than ever! Over 1000 athletes gathered and competed against each other for the 7 spots on offer to compete in the big show, the ADCC World Championships in September this year.

The event had many heroes, which included two very savvy blue belts, namely 88KG winner Jay Rod of B-Team and +99KG runner-up Daniel Manasoiu of New Wave. Truly impressive work by these two young athletes who showed up a ton of potential for the future of the sport.

On the winners’ side, this event truly was a celebration of forward-moving jiu-jitsu. All champions showed incredible skill and an indomitable desire to win decisively, by submission, across their matches.  Below is a run-down of the action and main match results, for more details on the athletes individual matches, check their bios on BJJ Heroes.


Arguably the most fun division of the whole event, the 66KG was stacked with top-tier talent from all sides of the bracket who came with a variety of grappling styles. Despite the diversity of players, in the end, it was down to the two most impressive and fun to watch athletes of the weekend, Keith Krikorian and Josh Cisneros.

Both Cisneros and Krikorian showed nothing but aggressive jiu-jitsu throughout the event, amassing 8 submissions on their way to the final, between them (Josh 8 & Keith 3). A well-deserved outcome for these two incredibly gifted athletes.

Gianni Grippo def. Deandre Corbe via 2×0
Keith Krikorian def. Mauricio Gomez via inside heel hook
– Damien Anderson def. Andrew Tackett via penalty
Josh Cisneros def. Gavin Corbe via armbar

Keith Krikorian def. Damien Anderson via 5×2
Josh Cisneros def. Gianni Grippo via kneebar from the back

3rd Place:
– Damien Anderson conquered the bronze medal as Grippo could not compete due to injury.

Keith Krikorian def. Josh Cisneros via inside heel hook


Another division with high-level talent from top to bottom, including names such as Magid Hage, Pierre Leclerc, Kieran Kichuk, John Combs, AJ Agazarm, Kody Steele, and many more. In the end, it came down to two of the most fun grapplers on the US circuit right now, 10th Planet’s Andy Varela (who was coming into the ADCC tournament riding high on a win last weekend over Oliver Taza,) and William Tacket of Brazilian Fight Factory. A well-deserved final between two showmen, who had incredible performances.

While Tackett took out names such as Nick Ronan and Jonathan Satava, Varela took out teammates PJ Barch, Alan Sanchez, and Magid Hage.

William Tackett def. Jonathan Satava via reverse triangle choke
– Chris Wojcik def. Kieran Kichuk via penalty
PJ Barch def. AJ Agazarm via RNC
– Andy Varela def. Alan Sanchez via penalty

William Tackett def. Chris Wojcik via 4×0
– Andy Varela def. PJ Barch via decision

3rd Place:
PJ Barch def. Chris Wojcik via 4×0

William Tackett def. Andy Varela via 4×2


Although the 88 division was not as packed with household names as the 66 and 77-kilogram divisions, what it lacked in that department it made up for in excitement and fresh talent. From the many rising names on the card, few made more of an impression than B-Team’s Jacob Rodriguez, AKA Jay Rod. the young competitor came in with a winning recipe that certainly made his big brother (Nick Rodriguez) proud. Fast takedowns and faster back takes was what Rod had to offer during the first 6 matches that led him to the final.

On the opposite side of the bracket was Hunter Colvin. Despite being a relatively new black belt, Hunter has been competing at a high level for a number of years now, and it showed in his composure on the mats. He who also submitted 6 out of 6 on his way to the final.

For the final, Colvin opted to pull guard against Jacob, and nearly conquered a sweep on the B-Team blue belt, sadly for Hunter, he ended up on the wrong end of a buggy choke and was forced to tap.

– Mike Crisp def. Harrison Woods via 2×0
– Jacob Rodriguez def. Adam Bradley via RNC
– Hunter Colvin def. Ryan Aitken via 2×0
David Garmo def. Jason Rau via Darce choke

– Hunter Colvin def. David Garmo via RNC
– Jacob Rodriguez def. Mike Crisp via RNC

3rd Place:
– Mike Crisp def. David Garmo via straight ankle lock

– Jacob Rodriguez def. Hunter Colvin via buggy choke


Count him out at your own peril. Very few media outlets mentioned Paul Ardila as one of the favorites at 99KG, despite his vast experience competing (successfully) in the ADCC ruleset. Although a proven wrestler, Paul opted to change things up for this year’s show, and instead of wrestling his opponents, he opted to pull guard on all his matches, waiting to either snatch a submission early or wrestle up once the points began. The second option was seldomly necessary as he submitted 5 of his 6 opponents from his back this weekend.

Devhonte Johnson def. Steffen Banta via 3×0
– Mario Gonzalez def. Cole Brandt via 8×0
– Elder Cruz def. Adrian Nez via 3×0
Paul Ardila def. Stephen Martinez via decision

– Mario Gonzalez def. Devhonte Johnson via decision
Paul Ardila def. Elder Cruz via inside heel hook

3rd Place:
Devhonte Johnson took 3rd place as Elder Cruz forfeited.

Paul Ardila def. Mario Gonzalez via inside heel hook


For the second time in a row, we saw a blue belt make the final of the +99KG at the West Coast Trials. His name is Daniel Manasoiu and he is undoubtedly one of the men of the hour. Despite being a very large athlete, Manasoiu was not just another “strong guy”. He showed great skill on the mats, with solid technical knowledge and excellent movement, definitely a name to keep in mind for the future.

On the other side of the bracket was Kyle Boehm of 10th Planet. Kyle cruised his way to the final and took home the West Coast spot with relative ease, with his biggest challenge being the aforementioned Daniel Manasoiu.

Kyle Boehm def. Lucas Albrecht via outside heel hook
– Damon Ramos def. Javier Gonzalez via penalty
– Daniel Manasoiu def. Michael Pezzuto via inside heel hook
– Raymond Grandy def. Brandon Williamson via penalty

– Daniel Manasoiu def. Damon Ramos via inside heel hook
Kyle Boehm def. Raymond Grandy via outside heel hook

3rd Place:
– Raymond Grandy took 3rd as Damon Ramos forfeited.

Kyle Boehm def. Daniel Manasoiu via penalty


The female divisions have come a long way over the past couple of years, particularly in the US. This event showed us just how far it has come. Truly impressive numbers of competitors and quality of athletes, particularly within the final 8, all superb grapplers. Out of all the talent on the mats, none was more impressive than Canada’s Brianna Ste. Marrie, who took gold, dominantly.

Brianna Ste-Marie def. Raquel Canuto via armbar
Nathalie Ribeiro def. Jazibel Vega via inside heel hook
– Jasmine Rocha def. Alex Enriquez via decision
– Amanda Bruse def. Tammi Musumeci via 2×0

Brianna Ste-Marie def. Nathalie Ribeiro via decision
– Jasmine Rocha def. Amanda Bruse via decision

3rd Place:
Nathalie Ribeiro def. Amanda Bruse via 3×0

Brianna Ste-Marie def. Jasmine Rocha via 3×0


Incredible black belt debut by Amy Campo of Zenith, who had the toughest side of the bracket, beating Maggie Grindatti with a devastating Americana from the mount and, arguably, the division’s favorite, Elisabeth Clay by 13 points(!). In the final, another impressive performance by Campo with a quick submission.

Amy Campo def. Maggie Grindatti via Americana
Elisabeth Clay def. Helena Crevar via kneebar
– Paige Ivette def. Britney Olinda via armbar
– Tara White def. Britney Johnson via kimura

Amy Campo def. Elisabeth Clay via 13×0
– Paige Ivette def. Tara White via kneebar

3rd Place:
Elisabeth Clay took 3rd place as White forfeited.

Amy Campo def. Paige Ivette via kneebar

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