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WNO 23 Tackett Submits Langaker And Meregali Dominates Rocha

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MAY 13, 2024, this weekend the jiu-jitsu world witnessed another edition of Who’s Number One (WNO), FloGrappling’s most established professional event in the submission-only grappling world. As usual, the event brought forth well-known faces of the sport.

The most anticipated match was that of Andrew Tackett Vs Tommy Langaker, two of the most exciting athletes in jiu-jitsu who also have the accolades to boot. Incapable of being in a boring match, Andrew & Tommy delivered exactly what we expected, a non-stop action-packed match. As we alluded to in our preview of the event, Langaker is at the top of the food chain when it comes to grappling but struggled in the past with younger, faster versions of himself. This was exactly what Tackett brought to the table. The pace and scrambling ability of Andy Tackett is (dare we say) unrivaled, and it was with his fast and mobility-based jiu-jitsu that the Fight Factory athlete was able to conquer the back of the Norwegian competitor where he finished with an RNC.

The biggest winner of the night was Nicky Ryan. The B-Team representative had a fun match with JT Torres where he forced the American jiu-jitsu legend to submit, handing Torres’ first submission loss since September 2013. Ryan worked from the bottom to trap Torres in a leg entanglement and pull off the win via a straight ankle lock.

The main event of WNO 23, a match between Nicholas Meregali and Vagner Rocha came out as expected. Paired up against a bigger, more accomplished, at the height of his game, younger grappler, was always going to be an uphill battle for Rocha and somewhat of a needless exercise. The match was a one sided affair, dominated by Nicholas from post to post.


– Evan Leve DEF. Marlon Tanaka VIA decision

– Cassia Moura DEF. Jessica Crane VIA RNC

Luccas Lira DEF. Husam Alabed VIA decision

– Achilles Rocha DEF. Camron Couch VIA Armbar

Diogo Reis DEF. Shay Montague VIA Anaconda choke

Jasmine Rocha DEF. Emily Fernandez VIA Straight ankle lock

Nicky Ryan DEF. JT Torres VIA Straight ankle lock

Felipe Pena DEF. Rafael Lovato Jr. VIA decision

Andrew Tackett DEF. Tommy Langaker VIA RNC

Nicholas Meregali DEF. Vagner Rocha VIA Armbar

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