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BJJ Diary, The Perfect Tool To Improve Your Grappling Development

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The BJJ Diary website starts off with a quote: “More than I training planner, the BJJ Diary is a training method that is adaptable to the needs/restrictions of every grappler, based on simple concepts of sports psychology” and that is exactly what this product provides.

For full disclosure, the development of the Diary was very closely followed by BJJ Heroes and is a product we fully endorse. The concept was designed by Isaac Moncho, a jiu-jitsu black belt and full-time worker in the highly demanding IT industry who did not have the resources to train as much as he would have liked. In trying to find the best way to evolve in this martial art, with his limited schedule, Moncho studied the learning methods used by several of the world’s brightest sporting and business minds, coming up with his own structured plan for a faster jiu-jitsu progress. His method led Isaac to earn his black belt in 7 years in one of the sport’s top academies, training little more than 2x per week.


The BJJ Diary is to be used as training support. Its method was tried and tested, not only by the book’s creator but also endured a lengthy trial stage where it was used and tweaked by several other BJJ enthusiasts across a wide range of experience levels, from white to black belt.

In sum, it is a comprehensive training methodology fully catered for jiu-jitsu practitioners of all levels. It provides a structured and easy to follow path for the jiu-jitsu trainee to evolve outside the classroom, by keeping track of a series of developing goals that are catered to the individual user.


BJJ Diary Will Help You With:

– Short Term Goals
– Long Term Goals
– Faster Path to Improvement


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