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Copa Podio Results: DJ Jackson Brings Title Back to US

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AUGUST 12, 2017 – Manaus has just witnessed the crowning of Copa Pódio’s brand new middleweight king. The challenge set forth by the famous Brazilian based jiu jitsu promotion set a challenge between black belts vs brown belts, which led to a few fun match ups and bouts we are not used to seeing in a big event such as CP’s Grand Prix.

Below are the full match results from tonight’s event, including the Team Challenge between the Mato Grosso team vs the Amazonas crew, which was led by two legends – Xande and Cyborg.

Brown Belts Group

Fellipe Trovo defeated Rubens Caveira by choke
Gustavo “Braguinha” defeated William Dias by 2×0 pts

Jonnatas Gracie defeated Fellipe Trovo by 2×2 pts, 1×0 adv
William Dias defeated Rubens Caveira by 2×0 pts

William Dias defeated Fellipe Trovo by 4×4 pts, 1×0 adv
Gustavo “Braguinha” defeated Jonnatas Gracie by armbar

Gustavo “Braguinha” defeated Fellipe Trovo by manoplata
Jonnatas Gracie defeated Rubens Caveira by 8×0 pts

William Dias defeated Jonnatas Gracie by armbar
Gustavo “Braguinha” defeated Rubens Caveira by cross choke from mount

Black Belt Group

DJ Jackson defeated Tommy Langaker by points
Fellipe Andrew defeated Hugo Marques by botinha

DJ Jackson defeated Kywan Gracie by 0x0 pts, 2×0 adv.
Fellipe Andrew defeated Tommy Langaker by triangle

DJ Jackson defeated Fellipe Andrew by 0x0, 2×0 adv.
Hugo Marques defeated Kywan Gracie by 5×0 pts

DJ Jackson defeated Hugo Marques by 4×2 pts
Tommy Langaker defeated Kywan Gracie by cross choke

Tommy Langaker defeated Hugo Marques by 2×2 pts, 4×2 adv

DJ Jackson defeated Gustavo Braguinha by advantages
Fellipe Andrew defeated William Dias by footlock

DJ Jackson defeated Fellipe Andrew by advantages

3rd Place:
Gustavo Braguinha defeated William Dias


Xande Ribeiro (AM) vs Roberto Cyborg (MS) draw
Fernandinho Vieira (AM) vs Marcel Gonçalves (MS) draw
Paulo Azambuja (MS) defeated Eduardo Inojosa (AM) by choke
André Júlio (AM) defeated Adley Lobato (MS) by toe hold

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