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Craig Jones vs Josh Hinger Set for New Pro Event

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Another professional jiu-jitsu promotion is picking up steam in the United States. We are referencing Thir Coast Grappling (IG @thirdcoastgrappling), who premiered in January with a solid card. Setting their next big event in June, the organization has already started releasing their headline super fight, one that will match two of the nicest guys in our sport, who happen to also own two of the most crowd-pleasing grappling styles: Josh Hinger vs Craig Jones. The fast-paced, solid wrestling and dangerous guillotines of Josh against the intricate leg entanglements of Craig.

The style clash between these two does not stop with their actual skills as they both had very distinct ways of becoming household names. The American (Hinger) grinding through the toughest BJJ circuit on the planet, the IBJJF and the Australian (Jones) doing the same on the professional scene, where he earned two Polaris belts.

Third Coast Grappling (3CG) is also organizing an earlier tournament, on Friday, March 29th, named “Third Coast Grappling Championship: The Qualifiers”. This will feature 12 man brackets: 180 lbs and up blue belt (GI) and 180 lbs and below purple belt (nogi). Winners will each get a 3CG bundle as well as an opportunity to compete at the June 15 event.

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