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Kasai Results: Huge Performances by Canuto and Tex, Gordon Outscores Rocha

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FEBRUARY 2, 2019 another day complete with great jiu-jitsu and high-level entertainment provided by Kasai Pro, one of the top professional BJJ promotions in our sport today.

The prelims showcased some of Dallas’ rising stars in a series of bouts, the majority of which under the nogi format. From these matches and athletes, we would shine some light on Cameron Adair and Abdul-Kareem Al-Sewady, who had outstanding performances. Definitely names with a superb future ahead.

On the main card, big performances by Aaron Johnson and Renato Canuto who pleased the crowd and likely gained a few fans with their forward moving games, always hunting for the submission. Canuto, in particular, was able to surprise the crafty veteran, Andre, with an unusual submission – something we hadn’t seen in his arsenal before, an inside heel hook. This after pressing the action the entire match. Aaron did well to attack the feet at all cost, as is his forte, and although he did not achieve the submission.

The main event proved to be a highly entertaining match. Both athletes exchanged takedown attempts early on, with Ryan opting to pull guard after a dangerous ushi-mata by Rocha that landed out of bounds. During the submission only round, both athletes exchanged a couple of sweeps and kept a decent pace. The points round started with Gordon immediately pulling butterfly guard and isolating Joao’s leg for a heel hook attempt which granted him the sub attempt point (1). Gabriel Rocha looked visibly tired but kept pushing and almost passed the guard of Ryan on three attempts forcing John Danaher’s pupil to dig deep to avoid the pass. In the end, Ryan took the win with that submission attempt, which under Kasai rules, grants 1 point.

Prelims NoGi
– Jorge Vasquez def. Ryan Benoit by 7×1
– Jessica Crane def. Megan Williams via RNC
– Conrad Duran def. Dillon Inojosa
– Abdul-Kareem Al-Sewady def. Dylan Kastelic by 21×1
– Kecia Makenzie def. Natalia Santoro via armbar
– Cameron Adair def. Franklin Carballo via armbar
– Thomas Gentile def. Javier Zapata via decision
– Diego Santana def. Jairo Bautista via toe hold
– Dulces Flores def. Bobby Alexander by 12×2
– David Hulsey def. Benjamin Annunziato via inside heel hook
– Camron Couch def. Marcus Antelante by 3×1

Prelims Masters Gi
– Jeff Horn def. Leigh Macneil by 18×0
– Alan Shebaro def. Sebastian Black via toe hold

– Lucas Valente def. Rafael Barbosa via decision 0x0
– Andressa Cintra def. Jessica Swanson by points

– Edwin Ocasio def. Vinny Saenz via inside heel hook
– Alex Martins def. Mike Medrano by 8×0
Raquel Canuto def. Chelseah Lyons by 5×1
Tex Johnson def. Ricardo Abreu by 1×0
Bruno Bastos def. Tom deBlass by 3×1
Dante Leon def. Matheus Lutes by RNC
Renato Canuto def. Marcio Andre by inside heel hook
Gordon Ryan def. Joao Gabriel Rocha by 1×0

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