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Dominant Performances By Ares And Brazilian Fight Factory At F2W 150

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AUGUST 22, 2020, As it is often the case, last night’s Fight 2 Win show was a night of fantastic grappling entertainment, filled with top-notch jiu-jitsu talent.

As per usual, the gi matches dominated in the submission game in terms of match-ending finishes obtained, a trend that has persisted in this promotion for a few months:

39 Recorded Matches – 14 submissions (36% sub rate)
13 Gi Matches – 7 submissions (54% sub rate)
26 No-Gi Matches – 7 submissions (27% sub rate)


Rodrigo Cabral‘s BFF went 3×0 last night in style, with the team’s more familiar faces Kody Steele and Andrew Tackett having, arguably, the performances of the night, particularly Tackett, a purple belt teenager who beat and dominated a very crafty black belt veteran in Orlando Castillo. Impressive also was Tiffany Butler, who dominated and submitted her opponent.

Another big winner from last night’s event was the Ares Jiu-Jitsu Academy, a gym that has consistently impressed in the amount of top talent the team has brought forward over the past few months. The Osvaldo Queixinho and Samir Chantre team had 7 athletes on the card, 6 of which were victorious. Particularly impressive was the performance of purple belt Matheus Azancot, who has a brilliant future ahead of him.

On the other side of the spectrum was 10th Planet. The famous sub-only, no-gi based team did have a few solid performances, particularly Kemoy Anderson, who conquered a beautiful submission win via kesagatame, but overall conquered 3 wins out of 12 matches.


The main event between the legendary Rômulo Barral and Tanner Rice was not among the best matches of the night, not by a long shot. Although well known for both their passing and their guard playing, neither Rice nor Barral is famous for their stand-up, which, unfortunately, is where the entirety of the match was spent.

In the co-main event, Márcio André came up two weight classes to challenge Atos’ rising star, Ronaldo Junior. Throughout the match Junior appeared to be in control, passing André’s guard on a couple of occasions, pulling guard near the end and sweeping the Arizona based coach, Márcio.

Both athletes exchanged feet attacks, none that appeared close to a finish. Despite Ronaldo’s perceived dominance, the judges saw it in Márcio’s favor. An odd decision when assessing the match from the outside.

Check out the full match results below.


Main Event 215lbs Black Belt Gi
Rômulo Barral (Gracie Barra) def. Tanner Rice (Rice Bros) via decision

Co-Main Event 185lbs Black Belt Gi
Márcio André (MAJJ) def. Ronaldo Junior (ATOS) via decision

175lbs Black Black Belt NoGi
Kody Steele (Brazilian Fight Factory) def. David Garmo (Assembly JJ) via split decision

175lbs Black Belt NoGi
John Combs (Easton BJJ) def. Ruben Rivera (10th Planet) via kimura

Masters Black Belt Gi Feather Weight Title
– Javier Gomez (Ares) def. Lucas Lima (RockStar MA) via decision

Masters Black Belt NoGi Light Heavy Weight Title
Joe Baize (Owensboro Gracie) def. Joe Dierkhising (Darkside) via decision

155lbs NoGi
– Andrew Tackett (Brazilian Fight Factory) def. Orlando Castillo (Fight Sports) via decision

175lbs Black Belt Gi
Rodrigo Lopes (Double Five) def. Dylan Whyte (Soul Fighters) via ankle lock

160lbs Black Belt NoGi
– Marcus Dempsey (Nola BJJ) def. Eddie Gallagher (Mohler MMA) via split decision

185lbs Black Belt Gi
– Vinicius Garcia (Gracie Gym) def. Matheus de Oliveira (Gracie Barra) via decision

Super Heavy Weight Black Belt NoGi
– Chad Fields (Fight Sports) def. Stephen Eakin (10th Planet) via decision

140lbs Black Belt Gi
– Luis Pinto (Kronos) def. Art Vega (Paratus MMA) via choke from the back

145lbs Black Belt NoGi
– Cristobal Chavez (10th Planet) def. Geoff Real (ATOS) via decision

Super Heavyweight NoGi
– Afranio de Sousa (Fight Sports) def. Walker Madden (CBJJ) via decision

180lbs Black Belt NoGi
– Andy Varela (10th Planet) def. Alex Larmey (Siri BJJ) via decision

215lbs Brown Belt NoGi
– João Costa (Fight Sports) def. Lucas Norat (Gracie Barra) via decision

130lbs Brown Belt NoGi
– Andreza Morais (Ares) def. Jennifer Rivera (10th Planet) via split decision

170lbs Brown Belt NoGi
– Kaleb Germany (Logic JJ) def. Jake Hartner (Easton BJJ) via reverse triangle

165lbs Brown Belt NoGi
– Zach Cothren (Checkmat) def. Justyn Duran (10th Planet) via decision

135lbs NoGi
– Keven Carrasco (Ares) def. Ben Willeford (Brasa) via armbar

160lbs Brown Belt NoGi
– Nate Nasca (Sampa BJJ) def. Sam Villalobos (10th Planet) via decision

140lbs Purple Belt NoGi
– Erica Barnes (Genesis) def. Rhodes Faraday (10th Planet) via decision

170lbs Purple Belt NoGi
– Colby Capps (All American MMA) def. Jon Taft (Logic JJ) via decision

165lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Lucas Espinoza (Gracie Allegiance) def. Patrick Mcafee (RCJ Machado) via choke

175lbs Purple Belt NoGi
– Dylan Martinez (Fortis MMA) def. Bryan Scambler (Ares) via outside heel-hook

215lbs Purple Belt NoGi
Francisco Papsidero (Renzo Gracie) def. Cody Lehr (Checkmat) via decision

145lbs Purple Belt Gi
Matheus Azancot (Ares) def. Jacob Scott (Pedigo SF) via choke from the back

Blue Belt Heavy Weight Gi
Gabe Rednose (Shah Mat BJJ) def. Randall Goodson (BTT) via decision

205lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Ian Kaleo (Sidney Silva JJ) def. Shay Stetler (Zombie Krew) via armbar

150lbs Blue Belt NoGi
– Cesar Nunez (Ares) def. Mario Añez (Alliance) via split decision

230lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Anthony Kell (Lotus Academy) def. Patrick Dooley (Double Five) via Ezekiel choke from mount

165lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Taylor Leonard (Fortis MMA) def. Giancarlo Pini (Team Balance) via armbar

150lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Levi Kurtovich (Cobrinha OC) def. Steven Galvez (Team Logic) via decision

150lbs Blue Belt NoGi
– Marco Mendes (Ares) def. Brian Geiger (10th Planet) via decision

190lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Nicholas Magers (Rice Bros JJ) def. Alec Baudanza (Kola Ajose BJJ) via decision

185lbs Purple Belt NoGi
– Raymond Pina (Northside BJJ) def. Louie conde Navarro (10th Planet) via decision

120lbs Blue Belt NoGi
– Tiffany Butler (Brazilian Fight Factory) def. Taylor Clarke (Gracie Barra) via reverse triangle-armbar

185lbs Purple Belt NoGi
– Kemoy Anderson (10th Planet) def. Lewi Gault (CBJJ Stapleton) via kesagatame-americana (with the legs)

180lbs Blue Belt NoGi
– Louis Dowd (OCBJJ) def. Michael Caicedo (Vortexx Jiu Jitsu Academy) via inside heel-hook

155lbs Purple Belt NoGi
– Chase Dunlap (Checkmat) def. JD Ortega (10th Planet) via decision

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