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3CG Kumite 6 Results, Victor Hugo Remains Undefeated in 2020 With Big Win In Texas

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2020, The Sanctuary Gym in Friendswood, Texas, was once again the home for another Third Coast Grappling event, headlined by a star-studded Kumite tournament, the 6th of the promotion, this time in the open weight division, with the gi.

Victor Hugo of the 6 Blades Academy came in as the favorite to win the show, and win the show he did. Although a recent black belt, Victor has truly proved himself in 2020, going undefeated this year while facing some of the toughest athletes our sport has to offer. Hugo should be competing at the Pan American Championship next month, and after this display of aggressive grappling, we believe he should be seen as one of the favorites for double gold.

Equally impressive was another black belt newcomer, the Equatorian phenom, Roberto Jimenez. In his traditional cyclone-style of grappling, Jimenez submitted his first two matches and gave Hugo a run for his money in the final, though he ultimately ended up submitted bu Hugo from a foot x foot exchange from 50-50 guard.



– Jake Spiegel def. Isiah Carlson via decision
– Douglas Hernandez def. B. Nicholas via points (tech fall)
– Omar Hillail def. E Wright via points (overtime)
– Abel Salazar def. I Vasquez via points (tech fall)
– Cassidy Welch def. Shannon O’Shea via armbar
– Leticia Cardoza def. Tiara Lewis via decision
– Christian Guzman def. Ben Leal via heel-hook
– Jessica Crane def. K. Kotinek via points (tech fall)
-A Cordova def. Sergei Edwards via points (sudden death)
– Jordan Vaisman def. O Nova via points (tech fall)


Osvaldo Moizinho def. Johnny Tama via ref. Decision (0x0 pts)



Victor Hugo def. Arnaldo Maidana via arm-in Ezekiel
Fellipe Andrew def. Arian de Melo via katagatame
Gabriel Almeida def. Fellipe Trovo via points (golden score)
Roberto Jimenez def. Guilherme Augusto via choke from the back


Victor Hugo def. Fellipe Andrew via decision
Roberto Jimenez def. Gabriel Almeida via botinha lock


Victor Hugo def. Roberto Jimenez via toe hold

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