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European Open 2018 Absolute Results, Atos Close Out in Submission Fest!

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JANUARY 20, 2017 the day 5 for the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (IBJJF) European Open and day one for the adult black belt division. Like in previous years the Euros marks the opening of BJJ’s gi season, bringing with it plenty of fresh blood on to the main belt category of the sport and although not all came out to play for the open weight, the few that did, certainly made themselves noticed.


Although the male division was dominated by the two Atos representatives, namely Keenan Cornelius (3 matches, 3 subs) and Lucas ‘Hulk’ (3 matches, 2 subs), one other athlete made big news in the absolute. That was Tommy Langaker of Norway who put away 3 of the top black belts in the world today by way of submission before being stopped by Hulk in the semi final match. On his submission run middleweight Langaker submitted none other than super-heavyweight world champion Erberth Santos, undoubtedly the biggest upset of the tournament, as well as Renato Canuto and the always tough Ricardo ‘Pingo’ of Barbosa JJ.

Another new name carrying a lot of steam in the black belt division was Samantha Cook. The Fightzone-Checkmat London athlete showed her good form after winning the UAEJJF Grand Slam last week and steamrolled through her opposition before being faced with multiple time world champion Bia Mesquita. Composed and technical, Sam has a bright future ahead in her division.

FULL Match Results (Male)
WinnerLoserPts WPts LAdvSub WRound
Eliott KellyRuben Fonseca003x1R1
Admilson GobiRenato Cardoso204x0R1
R. EvangelistaJose CardosoWristlockR1
Nathan MendelshonBurak Zarman643x0R1
Jackson SousaSergio Rios4010x1R1
R. MartinsAlexandre CavalieriArmlockR1
Tommy LangakerRicardo RochaRNCR1
Renato CanutoJohn Combs423x1R1
Horlando MonteiroManuel OliveiraTriangle ArmbarR1
Raphael SilvaSanteri Lillius62R1
R. EvangelistaOtavio Nalati631x18F
Patrick GaudioNathan MendelshonEstima lock8F
Lucas BarbosaEliott KellyRodado8F
Keenan CorneliusR. MartinsManoplata8F
Jackson SousaHorlando Monteiro543x08F
Renato CanutoAdmilson Gobi208F
Tommy LangakerErberth SantosTriangle armbar8F
Victor HonorioR. Silva608F
Tommy LangakerRenato CanutoTriangle armbar4F
Keenan CorneliusR. EvangelistaToe hold4F
Victor HonorioJackson Sousa204F
Lucas BarbosaPatrick Gaudio204F
Lucas BarbosaTommy LangakerNorth south chokeSF
Keenan CorneliusVictor HonorioOmoplataSF
FULL Match Results (Female)
WinnerLoserPts WPts LAdvSub WRound
Samantha CookMaria Santos140R1
Bianca BasilioTalita AlencarPtsR1
Tayane PorfirioCarina SantilChoke from back4F
Bia MesquitaSamantha CookChoke from back4F
Jessica FlowersVenla LukkonenChoke from back4F
Claudia do ValBianca Basilio222x14F
Bia MesquitaClaudia do Val40SF
Tayane PorfirioJessica FlowersChokeSF
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