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Duzão, Blue Belt Boogeyman

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Eduardo Lopes, or Duzão as he is called by his peers, has been grappling his whole life, but his 2016 campaign has exceeded all previous achievements. The former judoka started training jiu jitsu with Marco Barbosa but has recently moved to Luiz Guilherme‘s team (Guigo), a team that has developed athletes such as Erberth Santos, Jonatas Gracie, Otavio Nalati, Tony Ferraz and many others.

At the IBJJF World Championships Duzão crushed through adversity with ease, using great stand up and overwhelming pressure passing, having made of the americana lock his deadliest weapon, a submission he used often to impose 10 submissions out of his 11 matches yesterday.

His resume this year has been nothing short of amazing, conquering gold medals in all of the main tournaments of jiu jitsu’s international circuit. This includes:

  • World Champion 2016 weight + absolute
  • Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion 2016 weight + absolute
  • Pan American Champion 2016 weight + absolute
  • European Open Champion 2016
  • Brazilian Champion 2016

Plenty more is expected from the big man, from Sao Paulo in the upcoming seasons. Below is the final of the blue belt absolute division. Match starts at 7:50 minutes:

Also, check the pictures of Eduardo’s World Championship campaign below, courtesy of Gallerr:

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