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Erberth Santos Returns to Competition At South Brazilian Championship

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FEBRUARY 03, 2020, The Centro Multiuso de São José in Florianópolis, Brazil held this past weekend one of the top jiu-jitsu events in the South American country. The event, which is part of the CBJJ (the IBJJF’s governing body in Brazil) calendar is called Campeonato Sul Brasileiro (South Brazilian Championship) and it gathered a few of the main local figures, particularly those who did not make it to the European Open two weeks ago.

Among those aforementioned top tier athletes were veterans such as Jhonny Loureiro, Erberth Santos, Jurandir Conceição, etc., as well as the new generation of black belts, men such as Yuri Hendrex & Luan Azevedo of Cicero Costha, Bruno Bressan, Harryson Pereira, to name a few.

As expected, all eyes were on Erberth Santos, a man who BJJ fans love to hate, but also one of the most entertaining and talented active black belts in the grappling circuit. Things didn’t start off well for the São Paulo resident, who competed in the ultra-heavyweight category. A 4 men division. Santos fought hard to achieve the tap in the semi-finals but fell prey to the veteran GFTeam powerhouse Antônio Assef in the final. Mostly spent on the feet, Santos was winning up until the very last seconds of the final, when Assef, in a scramble, took Erberth’s back, a move that had the crowd cheering. This, however, was not the end of the day for Santos, who returned to win the open weight division, albeit with some controversy in the final, when facing Henrique Cardoso – who was not happy with the 4×2 score, after also squeezing past Harryson Pereira by 1 advantage.

Another veteran who has a fantastic day was former G13 standout, and current leader of Templo (new team), the omoplata master himself – Jurandir Conceição. Already a Masters athlete, Jurandir represented his new flag with excellence, submitting all his opponents in the super-heavyweight division, including one of the newest hot prospects of Brazil, Mr. Harryson Pereira by omoplata.

Other big stars of the tournament were Henrique Cardoso, one of the most submission-based athletes in our sport and part of our 2019 Top Finishers Ranking, who once again left the tournament with 4 submission wins and one gold medal.

On the young gun department, two of Cicero Costha’s newest black belts, Yuri Hendrex (light featherweight) and Luan Azevedo (heavyweight) conquered all. Fantastic performances by two young men whom we will be hearing plenty about in the future.


Male / Light-Feather

1 – Yuri Hendrex Assunção Soares – Cicero Costha Internacional
2 – Lucas Emanuel da Silva – Gracie Barra
3 – Felipe Nacib Minasian Santos – Alliance
3 – Willian Melo de Oliveira – Alliance

Male / Feather

1 – Davi Carlos Oliveira – Qatar BJJ Brasil
2 – Bernardo Aguiar Dib – João Roque JJ
3 – Gabriel Giovane Horn Machado – Equipe A
3 – Pedro Augusto de Castro Asevedo – Alliance

Male / Light

1 – Leandro Lima de Souza – Cicero Costha Internacional
2 – Breno Damiéri Ricalde Maciel – Cicero Costha Internacional
3 – Luiz Alberto Ponciano da Cruz Junior – GF Team
3 – Rodrigo dos Santos Almeida – BARBOSA JIU-JITSU

Male / Middle

1 – Jhonny Loureiro Sigallis Souza – Alliance
2 – Bruno Bressan Garcia – CheckMat
3 – Rhuan Duarte – Atos Jiu-Jitsu
3 – Thiago Luiz da Silva – Cicero Costha Internacional

Male / Medium-Heavy

1 – José Henrique Cardoso – Ceconi KMKZ
2 – Luiz Fernando Nascimento Das Neves – Ceconi KMKZ
3 – Lucas Miranda Oliveira – Otávio de Almeida
3 – Rodrigo Rocha – Nova União

Male / Heavy

1 – Luan Azevedo Lima – Cicero Costha Internacional
2 – Marcos Aurélio Goulart Alves Junior – GF Team
3 – Arthur Citadin Mendes – Alliance
3 – Lucas Laet Mattos Moutinho – GF Team

Male / Super-Heavy

1 – Jurandir Vieira da Conceição – Templo JJ
2 – Paulo Otavio Dantas Da Costa Silva – Zenith BJJ
3 – Cleyton Rafael Flores – Team Cruz BJJ
3 – Harryson Santana Pereira – Ataque Duplo

Male / Ultra-Heavy

1 – Antonio de Padua Assef Nunes Nascimento – GF Team
2 – Erberth Santos de Mesquita – Guigo JJ
3 – Andre Rudolfo – Zenith BJJ
3 – Guilherme Vicente da Silva – Carvoeiro Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Male / Open Class

1 – Erberth Santos de Mesquita – Guigo JJ
2 – José Henrique Cardoso – Ceconi KMKZ
3 – Harryson Santana Pereira – Ataque Duplo
3 – Jhonny Loureiro Sigallis Souza – Alliance

Female / Feather

1 – Diná de Proença Souza – Team Cruz BJJ
2 – Silvania Maria Monteiro – Ataque Duplo

Female / Middle

1 – Márcia Karina Figueiredo Ramos – GF Team

Female / Medium-Heavy

1 – Silvia de Araujo Silva – Cicero Costha Internacional

Female / Super-Heavy

1 – Adriane Silva – GF Team

Female / Black / Open Class

1 – Silvia de Araujo Silva – Cicero Costha Internacional
2 – Márcia Karina Figueiredo Ramos – GF Team
3 – Adriane Silva – GF Team
3 – Silvania Maria Monteiro – Ataque Duplo

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