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F2W 132 Garry Tonon vs Davi Ramos

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The fight fans of Hawaii have been described by many fighters as the most enthusiastic of crowds. If we combine their energy with the card quality set forth by the Fight 2 Win 132, we are set for a heck of a night.

The main event could not be better, one of the best match-ups to be made in the sport. We will have two ADCC medal placers and two of the most exciting lightweights the world has ever seen, who have oddly never crossed paths in competition. We are talking about Garry Tonon and Davi Ramos.

The F2W Pro 132 will also feature a Master’s featherweight title between the legendary Baret Yoshida, one of Hawaii’s original grappling OGs. Baret will battle another well known black belt from Hawaii in Jordan Gomez.

The sleeper match on the card, however, should be the battle between two of the most technical men in the sport right now, Mr. Jake Watson and Michael Liera Jr. Watson is a finisher and will take chances to get there, while Liera is the master.planner. A good style clash and exciting to see how new black belt Jake will fair against his most accomplished opponent yet.


Hawaii Convention Center
1801 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815

Date: Nov 23, 2019
Matches Start: 5:00 pm – local time > Main Event:10:20pm
Stream: FloGrappling

Main Event
Garry Tonon (Renzo Gracie) vs Davi Ramos (Atos)

We haven’t been this excited about a super-fight in a long time, this is a truly spectacular match-up between two formidable lightweight grapplers who have moved away from jiu-jitsu competition over the last couple of years to focus on MMA.

Ramos will have the power and size advantage here, while Tonon has superior defense and more knowledgeable of the leg lock game. Scrambles and speed, we would say there is likely a tie, making this a very exciting affair.

Co-Main Event: Masters Black Belt Featherweight Gi Title
Jordan Gomez (CJJF) vs Baret Yoshida (Baret Submissions)

Another title defense for the 42-year-old competitor, Baret Yoshida, who shows no signs of aging or slowing down. Baret’s formidable back takes and crucifix choke onslaught will be met by Gomez’ aggressive guard.

240lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Helton Jose (Atos) vs Victor Hugo (Ribeiro JJ)

Although a very skilled athlete, Helton is not a submission hunter, by any means. His style severely contrasts that of fresh black belt Victor Hugo, who loves to press the action and get the finish. The F2W ruleset favors the Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu grappler here, but this will not be an easy task for the rising star who should not fall prey to Jose’s slow cooking pace.

Female Bantamweight Masters Black Belt Gi Title
Tracey Goodell (CJJF) vs Jena Bishop (Alliance)

Another outstanding clash between two of the most interesting athletes to watch compete. A traditional guard player with tons of flair and flexibility, F2W champ Tracey Goodell will have the hometown advantage in her title defense. Bishop, on the other hand, is the more experienced and well-rounded of the two.

An interesting match-up, we would give Bishop the edge here for a more solid use of fundamentals type grappling and aggression, tools that will be hard to match from the bottom, Tracey’s go-to game. This should not be mistaken for a walk in the park type situation, Goodell is a very distinguished athlete and has plenty of tools to take this as well, particularly with that home crowd behind her.

185lbs Black Belt Gi
Jake Watson (Maracaba BJJ) vs Michael Liera Jr (Atos)

As we referenced above, this one has FOTN written all over. This should be a race for bottom position, as both give preference to playing from their guard, yet both can play well from a passing stance with tons of movement and flair.

A substantial size advantage for Watson, who is a natural medium-heavyweight athlete against Michael Liera Jr. Who made his career competing at lightweight. In this affair, the two will meet halfway, at middleweight.

Aside from the size advantage, both aver very evenly matched, with the experience going to Liera and the aggression and killer instinct leaning towards Jake. Very excited for this one.


180lbs Black Belt Gi
Rhalan Gracie (Team Relson Gracie) vs Will Torres (CJJF)

180lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Ridge BlackBurn (7 Seas JJ) vs Mike Fowler (North Shore JJ)

225lbs Black Belt Gi
Kaleookalani Hosaka (Relson Gracie) vs Harold David Horton (7seas JJ)

190lbs Black Belt Gi
Stu Kam (Team Relson Gracie) vs Anthony Lynch (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Kailua)

190lbs Black Belt Gi
Patrick Almeida (Foundation / Alliance) vs Jeremy Nitta (Mad Tiger CTA)

175lbs Black Belt Gi
César Casamajó Cardoso (CJJF) vs Adam Taufmann (Foundation BJJ)

175lbs Black Belt Gi
Myron Kamihara (CJJF) vs Chris Templo (Nova Uniao)

170lbs Black Belt
Royal Mitchell (Island JJ) vs TBA

160lbs Black Belt
Joel Tudor (Studio 540) vs tba

160lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Christopher Kawaihae (CJJF) vs Kyle Foyle (Alliance JJ)

155lbs Black Belt Gi
Bilal Ahmad (Gracie Barra) vs Westen Waltjen (Alliance JJ)

150lbs Black Belt Gi
Chris Nitta (North Shore JJ) vs Justin Brebe (Uluaulu BJJ)

145lbs Black Belt Gi
Alika Dayton (Alliance JJ) vs Edmund Li (Sapateiro JJ)

140lbs Black Belt Gi
AJ Mendoza (Team Relson Gracie) vs Gerson Atoigue (Roots BJJ)

185lbs Brown Belt Gi
Shane Saito (Team Relson Gracie) vs Todd Tokuyoshi (Roma JJ)

170lbs Brown Belt Gi
Kyle Oswalt (Island JJ / Atos) vs Brandon Saiki (Alliance JJ)

170lbs Brown Belt Gi
Christian Chun Fat (Sapateiro JJ) vs Brandon Bell (CJJF)

170lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Alvin Yeh (Workshop) vs Desmond Ontai (Nova Uniao)

160lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Blaine Reum (Trilogy BJJ) vs Jason Tanaka (Exodus MMA)

145lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Kawika Tahere (Island JJ /Atos) vs Brandon Gross (K-Team)

140lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
Ricky Ridela (Alliance) vs Daniel DeAnda (CJJF)

175lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Dustin Kimura (Gracie Technics) vs Lejos Farr (Gracie Barra)

155lbs Purple Belt Gi
Grant Mochizuki (Team Relson Gracie) vs Brandon Medeiros (CJJF)

140lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
Mei Linn Park (Alliance) vs Gina Bedan (CJJF)

125lbs Purple Belt Gi
Jan Combs (Team Relson Gracie) vs Emerald Welsh (Foundation / Alliance JJ)

155lbs No-Gi
Cheyden Leialoha (Gracie Technics) vs TBA

130lbs Teen Yellow Belt Gi
Rawlins Fukuda (K-Team) vs Michael Halsey (Island JJ / Atos)

128lbs Teen No-Gi
Kai Godwin (Aloha Roll Academy) vs Marcello Taiyo Makita (CJJF)

62lbs Yellow Belt No-Gi
Chael Cabingabang (Mad Tiger CTA) vs Makana Godwin (Aloha Roll Academy)


Christian Pavo (Leeward Judo Club) vs Brady LaFortune (Moanalua Judo)

215lbs Judo
Aaron Puahala (Hawaii Kaikaku Judo Club) vs Kalaniloa Jacob Sanders (Wadokan Judo)

215lbs Judo
Paul Joe (Hawaii Kaikaku Judo Club) vs Peter Montero (Aiea judo club)

165lbs Judo
Anthony Brett (Hawaii Tenri) vs Joshua Gima (Alea Judo Club)

150lbs Judo
Cambey Quijano (Leeward Judo Club) vs Dean Kira (Salt Lake City Judo)

135lbs Judo
Kyson Yoshimura (Kyoshi Judo Club) vs Tayler Otsuka (Chikara judo & wrestling club)

115lbs Judo
Lianne Satsuki Tomishima (Shobukan Judo Club / Alliance BJJ Hawaii) vs Malia Soberano (Alea Judo)

107lbs Judo
Annicah Hong (Hawaii Kaikaku Judo Club) vs Maia Phanthadara (Roosevelt Judo Club)

130lbs Teen Judo
Shainne A. Nishimura (Alea Judo) vs Ryley Puahala (Hawaii Kaikaku judo club)

70lbs Judo
Logyn Puahala vs Ecola Keawe Matsueda

62lbs Judo
Eli Oshiro (Hawaii Kaikaku judo club) vs Ronson Murillo (Hawaii Tenri Judo)

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