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F2W 145, Xande vs Almeida & Tonon vs Queixinho Full-Card

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JUNE 25, 2020, tomorrow Fight 2 Win, one of the main professional jiu-jitsu promotions in the sport will drop the curtain on its 7 weeks long stay in Texas. 6 events and dozens of brilliant matches, the F2W 145 is set to continue this very positive trend set forth by its previous shows.

A very solid card with top-notch match-making, the F2W 145 will headline a clash between the old-school legend and the up and comer in Alexandre Ribeiro vs Gabriel Almeida, while also featuring a super match-up between Danaher Death Squad’s team captain, Garry Tonon, and Ares Jiu-Jitsu team founder Osvaldo Queixinho. An epic battle of styles we look forward to seeing. More details on these matches and the rest of the card below.


WHERE TO WATCH? FloGrappling

WHEN? June 26, 2020 (5 pm Texas)

Main Event
200lbs Black Belt Gi
Alexandre Ribeiro vs Gabriel Almeida

Prepare to have a fiery match on your screen with the Fight 2 Win 145 main event. BJJ legend Xande Ribeiro will be a heavy favorite here and should be praised for stepping up against a lesser ranked, yet very, very dangerous opponent, Checkmat’s dynamic medium-heavyweight – Gabriel Almeida.

For those unfamiliar with Almeida, he holds wins over solid opposition such as Lucas Hulk, Roberto Jimenez, Ronaldo Junior, Jake Watson, Henrique Cardoso, and more. Gabriel had one of the best matches of the year against Jimenez back in F2W 140 and should not be taken lightly by the 2x open weight champ.

Both athletes are very complete, working well from top and bottom. Ribeiro will have the size advantage and is widely regarded as one of the most technical competitors the sport has ever known. Almeida, on the other hand, is more dynamic and if allowed to push the pace, could bring the upset. Very exciting match.

Co-Main Event
165lbs Black Belt NOGI
Garry Tonon vs Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho

First thing’s first, congratulations to the match-makers of F2W. This is the type of “out of the box” match-up that makes super-fight events interesting. The level of experience on the mats for this clash is uncanny, and the fact that these two have never met before in their lengthy careers was tragic – up until now.

Two completely different styles of grappling, Osvaldo has spent most of his career playing with the gi, with Tonon doing the same in no-gi. When on the mats, Moizinho is a master-planner and Tonon a berserker.

Osvaldo is coming in also with the vaster resume, holding 4 titles at the IBJJF World No-Gi Championship. Tonon has the same level of talent but has often fallen short of shiny gold medals in part due to his submission hungry style. Considering that this is a submission-only event, we would say this is a very even match across the board.

170lbs Black Belt Gi
Gilson Nunes vs Vinicius Nunes

Maybe not as well known by the mainstream followers of the sport, Gilson Nunes is a submission-hunting machine. Very highly rated and seasoned competitor who we’ve been happy to follow over the past few years. Vinicius we know less of, but know he is very active in the Northern California circuit with solid wins in the F2W, IBJJF, and BJJ Tour circuits.

145lbs Black Belt GI
Emilio Lucas Lima vs Edmaicon Moraes

195lbs Black Belt NOGi
Alex Larmey vs Diego Dias Ramalho

170lbs NOGI
Andrew Franco vs Troy Russell

168lbs Black Belt Gi
Danilo Moreira vs Dylan Whyte

178lbs Black Belt Gi
Jay Shellhammer vs Jose Alencar

165lbs Black Belt Gi
Edras Junior vs Joshua Pike

140lbs Black Belt Gi
Willis Nunes vs Henrique Rossi

220lbs Black Belt Gi
Jimmy Lugo vs Tiago Pereira

155lbs Black Belt Gi
Juan Garcia vs Silvio Duran

Welter Weight Brown Belt Gi Title
Samuel Nagai vs Eric Coe

Masters Brown Belt Middle Weight Gi Title
Tyler Murrah vs Bobby Alexander

200lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Colton Roelfs vs Wally Thompson

195bs Brown Belt Gi
Italo Lima Costa vs Theo Lee

225lbs Brown Belt Gi
Jeff Horn Jr vs Joel Morgan

Heavy Weight NOGi
Brittney Elkin vs Bailey Luttrell

200lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Rene Sousa vs Daniel Roy

205lbs Brown Belt Gi
Felipe Timóteo vs Nick Hensley

240lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Levi Moura vs Jorge Meza

135lbs Purple Belt Gi
Minah Turner vs Erica Barnes

190lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Gabriel Costa vs Mason Roy

195lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Spencer Jeha vs Spencer Fossier

155lbs Purple Belt Gi
Michel David Haynes-Moller vs Dmitri Thompson

145lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Ermeson Rogério Ribeiro de Sousa vs David Weintraub

190lbs Purple Belt NOGi
Isaac Rodriquez vs James Tyson

255lbs Blue Belt Gi
Cody Creamer vs Matthew Falavinha

160lbs Blue Belt Gi
Josue Alvarado vs Dylan Cordell

145lbs Blue Belt Gi
Marco Mendes vs Colby Hernandez

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