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World Pro BB’s Day 3: Final Results

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After 3 long days of relentless battles, the competitors at the Abu Dhabi World Pro finally reached the end of the line. The tournament this year produced a very high number of upsets (see results on day 1 and 2 below) as the new kings of the UAEJJF were crowned.

In a year with countless surprises, we would like to give a special mention to the female division which saw three stars emerge from the tournament. They were brown belts Nathiely Karoline of Cicero Costha, Bianca Basílio of Ryan Gracie’s academy and Tayane Porfirio of Alliance – Leblon, who showed amazing class throughout the tournament. All three young women fought bravely in a black + brown belt mixed division, with Karoline winning her division (under 70kg), Porfirio winning the absolute as well as the +70kg division and Basílio showing wonderful technique in placing 4th (absolute) and 2nd in the 62kg. The future holds great things for these three athletes.

For the results in the lead up to the finals check:

For the final results of the 2016 Abu Dhabi World Pro, check below:


1st. Hiago George
2nd. Joao Miyao
3rd. Daniel Santana
4th. Wellington Lima

Final: An injured Joao Miyao could not compete in the final. Victory awarded to George by WO.
3rd Place: Daniel Santana vs Wellington Lima (Santana by 1 advantage, 0x0 pts)


1st. Márcio André
2nd. Paulo Miyao
3rd. Tiago Bravo
4th. Rafael Mansur

Final: Márcio André vs Paulo Miyao (Márcio by 2×0 advantages, 0x0 pts)
3rd Place: Tiago Bravo vs Rafael Mansur (Bravo by 2×0 pts)


1st. Gabriel Arges
2nd. Roberto Satoshi
3rd. Jhonny Loureiro
4th. AJ Agazarm

Final: Gabriel Arges vs Roberto Satoshi (Arges by 6×2 pts)
3rd Place: Jhonny Loureiro vs AJ Agazarm (Loureiro by 3×1 advantages/4×4 pts)


1st. Leandro Lo
2nd. Claudio Calasans
3rd. Renato Cardoso
4th. Romulo Barral

Final: Leandro Lo vs Claudio Calasans (Lo by referee decision, 2×2 pts)
3rd Place: Cardoso gets the win by WO. Barral was injured and could not compete.


1st. Erberth Santos
2nd. Felipe Pena
3rd. Faisal Al Kitbe
4th. Andre Galvao

Final: Erberth Santos vs Felipe Pena (Santos by 7×2 pts)
3rd Place: Faisal gets the win by WO. Galvao was injured and could not compete.


1st. Ricardo Evangelista
2nd. Victor Honório
3rd. André Campos
4th. Lúcio “Lagarto” Rodrigues

Final: Ricardo Evangelista vs Victor Honório (Evangelista by 6×0 pts)
3rd Place: André Campos vs Lúcio Lagarto (Campos by 1 advantage, 0x0 pts)


1st. Felipe Pena
2nd. José Junior
3rd. Alexander Trás
4th. n/a

Final: Felipe Pena vs José Junior (Pena by armbar)
3rd Place: Both bracket A 1/4 finalists were DQ’ed leaving the 3rd place unchallenged.


1st. Mackenzie Dern
2nd. Marina Ribeiro
3rd. Ariadne Oliveira
4th. Michelle Nicolini

Final: Mackenzie Dern vs Marina Ribeiro (Dern by 2×1 advantages, 0x0 pts)
3rd Place: Ariadne Oliveira vs Michelle Nicolini (Oliveira by 4×2 pts)


1st. Beatriz Mesquita
2nd. Bianca Basílio
3rd. Nadia Melo
4th. Jena Bishop

Final: Bia Mesquita vs Bianca Basílio (Mesquita by kneebar)
3rd Place: Nadia Melo vs Jena Bishop (Melo by kneebar)


1st. Nathiely Karoline
2nd. Priscilla Cerqueira
3rd. Yacinta Huu
4th. Polyana Barbosa

Final: Nathiely Karoline vs Priscilla Cerqueira (Karoline by choke from the back)
3rd Place: Yacinta Huu vs Polyana Barbosa (Huu by 2×0 pts)


1st. Tayane Porfírio
2nd. Fernanda Mazelli
3rd. Tammy Griego
4th. Evelyn Arruda

Final: Tayane Porfirio vs Fernanda Mazelli (Porfirio by verbal tap – shoulder pressure)
3rd place: Tammy Griego vs Evelyn Arruda (Griego by 14×0 pts)


1st. Tayane Porfírio
2nd. Beatriz Mesquita
3rd. Jessica Cristina
4th. Bia Basílio

Final: Tayane Porfírio vs Bia Mesquita (Porfírio by 3×0)
3rd place match: Jessica Cristina vs Bia Basílio (Cristina by 2×0 pts)


Márcio “Pé de Pano” Cruz vs Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros (Cruz by 2×0 pts)
Alexandre “Soca” Carneiro vs Robson Moura (Soca by 1 advantage, 5×5 pts)
Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro vs Daniel “Moraes” (Ribeiro by choke from the back)


Cover photo by Jiu Jitsu Style.

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