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F2W 151 Full Card, Lovato, Tex, Arges, Marcio, Queixinho, Kennedy Maciel And More

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This Friday, September 10, 2020, Fight 2 Win will return with another entertaining grappling show in Dallas, Texas, the current capital of jiu-jitsu.

Gathering plenty of international talent, the 151st edition of F2W will headline three matches that could easily headline any major grappling event. Those are the main event, “Little Cobra” – Kennedy Maciel versus Osvaldo “Queixinho”, Gabriel Arges versus Márcio André, and Rafael Lovato Junior versus Aaron “Tex” Johnson. All three being supported by a very sturdy undercard.

Check the main card analysis and the undercard line-up below.


September 11

Dallas, Texas, USA


Main Event: Black Belt Light Weight GI Title
Kennedy Maciel (Cobrinha) vs Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho (Ares)

A superb match-up between two of the best in the game. Maciel has been inactive since the start of the pandemic, having only competed once this year, at the IBJJF Fresno Open. Kennedy will be matched up against Moizinho, who has been fairly active in the Fight 2 Win circuit, holding a record of 3-2 in 2020.

All of Osvaldo’s matches this year have been very entertaining, with his two losses being conceded while competing in a weight class above his natural division. In Kennedy, Queixinho will have a chance to compete against an athlete of equal built, and just as dangerous as his past competition.

Co-Main Event: Black Belt Light Heavyweight Masters GI Title
Rafael Lovato Jr (Lovato JJ) vs Tex Johnson (Fight Sports)

On record, Lovato is vastly more accomplished than Tex, but never count Johnson out, he is as unpredictable as he is dangerous.

Tex’s trump card will be his footlock prowess, an area of the game with which Rafael has struggled in the past. Lovato Junior is a more complete athlete, with solid stand-up, guard passing and bottom game, but we cannot stress how dangerous Aaron is with his straight ankle-lock, heel-hook game. Expect fireworks here, whoever wins, should win by submission.

185lbs Black belt Gi
Gabriel Arges (Gracie Barra) vs Márcio André (Marcio Andre JJ)

Once a featherweight, Márcio André seems to have fully embraced the medium-heavyweight division. This will be Márcio’s 2nd straight match in this division, this time going up against one of the most technical middleweights of all-time in Gabe Arges.

Arges’ bottom game is one of the most exciting in our sport, yet, as proven by Márcio in his last match against a heavy favorite (Ronaldo Junior), you can never count the veteran out. We expect Gabe to be well aware of how tricky André is, and for him to push the pace.

135lbs Black belt Gi
Lucas Pinheiro (ATOS) vs Vinny Saenz (Lovato JJ)

Another interesting match-up between two bantamweights that like to push the pace. Given his resume, Pinheiro will be the heavy favorite here, yet Saenz does bring an aggressive game to the table, one that has been prosperous under the F2W ruleset.

200lbs Black Belt No-Gi
– Sebastian Black (Cobra BJJ) vs Jason Butcher (Ground Zero)

200llbs Black belt Gi
– Gilvan Gomes (BTT) vs Andre Gomes (316 BJJ)

140lbs Black belt Gi
– Edmaicon Moraes (SIA) vs Mohammed Magharef (Gracie Barra)

140lbs Black belt Gi
– David Parker (ATOS) vs Lucas Lima (RockStar Martial Arts)

135lbs Black belt Gi
– Henrique Rossi (SIA) vs Joao Pedro Somalia (Fight Sports)

Masters Brown Belt No-Gi Light Heavyweight Title
– Emil Fischer (Strong Style Brasa) vs Kevin Mccormick (Marcelo Garcia Dallas)

Light Heavyweight Brown belt
– Bradley Schneider (Adamas JJ GFT) vs Felipe Timoteo (Alex Martins BJJ)

205lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– Aaron Culpepper (All American MMA) vs Nathan Inman (Genesis JJ)

185lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– Anthony Cronce (Double Five) vs Ed Johnson (Easton BJJ)

170lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– Troy Russell (Lovato JJ) vs Anthony Robinson (Star JJ)

150lbs Brown belt Gi
– Eric Ceballos (Halo Marital Arts) vs Carlos Neto (Alex Martins BJJ)

150lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– Cameron Adair (Cobra BJJ) vs Allen Brooks (Alex Martins BJJ)

Light Heavyweight Purple Belt No-Gi Title
– Gabriel Costa (BTT) vs Troy Mercer (Pedigo Submission Fighting )

215lbs Purple belt Gi
– Francisco Papasidero (Renzo Gracie) vs David Rigsbee (Peak Performance)

200lbs Purple belt Gi
– Ramiro Leon (Renzo Gracie) vs Austyn Mcneil (Shebaro JJ)

195lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Levi Kurtovich (Cobrinha BJJ) vs Greg Raffield (CBJJ Stapleton)

190lbs No-Gi
– Adam Cruz (Peak Performance) vs Obinwa Ikebunna (Mcsweeny Martial Arts)

185lbs No-Gi
– Vannak Chim (Tac Team) vs Blair Severson (Fitness Fight Factory)

175lbs Purple belt Gi
– Zach Wolivar (Legion AJJ) vs Dylan Kastelic (Mohler MMA)

175lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Noah Villemarette (Gracie Gym) vs Abdul-Kareem Al-selwady (Fortis MMA)

175lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Dominic Ramos (Soul Fighters) VS Colton Phoenix (Lovato JJ)

165lbs Purple belt Gi
– Kenneth Kindred IV (Gracie Allegiance) vs Mark Lorello (Double 5)

155lbs Purple belt Gi
– Hannah Sternblitz (Star JJ) vs Teara Lewis (Elite Combat Systems)

150lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Diego Vasquez (Alvarez BJJ) vs Patrick Crank (Soul Fighters)

140lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Jorden Saenz (LSBJJ) vs John Sanchez (Malicious Grounds)

220lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Nik Gates (Genesis JJ) vs Danny Bicheler (AMBJJ)

205lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Killian Carlsen-Phelan (Tac Team) vs Matt Mendez (AMBJJ)

180lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Mitchell Cupp (Gracie Gym) vs Luke Hill (10th Planet)

170lbs Blue belt Gi
– Alex Leon (Mohler MMA) vs Robert Galan (Frequency BJJ)

170lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Artwaun Steele (Team Mohler) vs Mikey McDougal (Double 5 JJ)

160lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Blake Bradshaw (All American MMA) vs Joshua Nealy (Mighty MMA)

160lbs Blue belt Gi
– Evan Wessman (Optimus BJJ) vs Michael Metry (RockStar Martial Arts)

150lbs Blue belt Gi
– Jaedon Nobles (Shebaro JJ) vs Jose Ruiz (Ares BJJ)

125lbs Blue belt Gi
– Elizabeth Sandoval (Tac team BJJ) vs Skylar Idell (Genesis JJ)

120lbs Teen No-Gi
– Jordan Riddle (Mohler MMA) vs Jett Thompson (Oklahoma Martial Arts)

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