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F2W 151 Results, Tex Johnson Wins Big Over Rafael Lovato

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2020, Dallas Texas was yet again jiu-jitsu’s capital after another top professional event laid out by the Fight 2 Win promotion.

The 151st F2W had plenty of exciting black belt matches, yet, to us, it was the fantastic purple belt match between Soul Fighters athlete Dominic Ramos and Rafael Lovato’s student, Mr. Colton Phoenix. This was an all-out war, with both competitors truly pushing the pace. A match that ended with Ramos as the victor by decision. If you have the time, go look at it in FloGrappling’s archives.


Former featherweight world silver medal Márcio André matched up against 3x middleweight world champion, in what looked like a bad match-up for the veteran. André proved how tough he really is in this match, giving Arges a very tough contest. Gabe did come out the victor, and although his jiu-jitsu was tested, he was never overwhelmed or in any real danger. A lukewarm performance by both competitors.


The main event between Kennedy Maciel and Osvaldo Moizinho was a technical and tactical battle. Both athletes are very evenly matched in every aspect of the game, as such the match was won by little details. Maciel seemed to have studied the rules better, using a slam and shallow footlock attempts to get ahead on the judges’ scorecards and get the unanimous decision.


The upset of the night came by way of Tex Johnson who beat one of the most prestigious grapplers in the history of the sport, Rafael Lovato Jr.

The match was uneventful, for the most part. Aaron was able to enter underneath Rafael and grab one of his legs in the early seconds of the match, attacking the former world champion from both the outside ashi-garami and the 50-50 guard with his trademark straight ankle-lock. Lovato defended very well, but, dangerous as Johnson is, he did not risk trying to explode out of the position. His caution was wise but led the match to a stale-mate. Given how Tex was the only athlete who attacked a submission when the time for a decision came, victory went in Aaron’s favor.


Main Event: Black Belt Light Weight GI Title
Kennedy Maciel def. Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho via decision

Co-Main Event: Black Belt Light Heavyweight Masters GI Title
Tex Johnson def. Rafael Lovato Jr. via decision

185lbs Black belt Gi
Gabriel Arges def. Márcio André via decision

135lbs Black belt Gi
– Lucas Pinheiro def. Vinny Saenz via decision

200lbs Black Belt No-Gi
– Sebastian Black via Jason Butcher outside heel-hook

140lbs Black belt Gi
– Lucas Lima def. David Parker via botinha

200 lbs Black belt Gi
– André Gomes def. Gilvan Gomes via decision

135lbs Black belt Gi
– João Pedro Somalia def. Henrique Rossi via decision

Masters Brown Belt No-Gi Light Heavyweight Title
– Emil Fischer def. Kevin Mccormick via straight ankle lock

Light Heavyweight Brown belt
– Bradley Schneider def. Felipe Timoteo via decision

Light Heavyweight Purple Belt No-Gi Title
– Troy Mercer def. Gabriel Costa via decision

170lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– Troy Russell def. Anthony Robinson via split decision

150lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– Cameron Adair def. Allen Brooks via inside heel-hook

205lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– Nathan Inman def. Aaron Culpepper via split decision

185lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– Ed Johnson def. Anthony Cronce via anaconda choke

150lbs Brown belt Gi
– Carlos Neto def. Eric Ceballos via decision

165lbs Purple belt Gi
– Mark Lorello Jr. def. Kenneth Kindred IV via decision

175lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Dominic Ramos def. Colton Phoenix via decision

175lbs Purple belt Gi
– Zach Wolivar def. Dylan Kastelic via decision

195lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Greg Raffield def. Levi Kurtovich via inside heel-hook

205lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Matt Mendez def. Killian Carlsen-Phelan via decision

170lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Artwaun Steele def. Mikey McDougal via decision

125lbs Blue belt Gi
– Skylar Idell def. Elizabeth Sandoval via armbar

155lbs Purple belt Gi
– Teara Lewis def. Hannah Sternblitz via decision

200lbs Purple belt Gi
– Ramiro Leon def. Austyn McNeil via armbar

185lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Blair Severson def. Vannak Chim via decision

140lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Jorden Saenz def. John Sanchez via split decision

215lbs Purple belt Gi
– Francisco Papasidero def. David Rigsbee via cross choke

160lbs Blue belt Gi
– Michael Metry def. Evan Wessman via kimura

220lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Nik Gates def. Danny Bicheler via split decision

170lbs Blue belt Gi
– Alex Leon def. Robert Galan via armbar

150lbs Blue belt Gi
– Jaedon Nobles def. Jose Ruiz via suicide choke

160lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Blake Bradshaw def. Joshua Nealy via outside heel-hook

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