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Garry Tonon Defeats Davi Ramos In Scramble Fest

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NOVEMBER 24, 2019, Hawaii set the scenery for the latest edition of the Fight 2 Win grappling promotion, who put together an astounding number of matches for their 132nd show in America’s 50th state.

The event headlined one of the most anticipated matchups of the year, that of Atos “Tazmanian Devil”, Davi Ramos, and Danaher Death Squad’s Garry Tonon. This fight had a variety of angles from which to draw interest, be that in the Atos x Renzo Gracie Academy team rivalry at hand, all the way down to a UFC x One Championship rivalry – both mixed martial arts promotions represented by these exciting grapplers.

The match did not disappoint, with both competitors exchanging offensive sequences for most of a fast-paced 15-minute match, particularly with leg attacks. The last 5 minutes of those exchanges, however, were heavily dominated by Garry who came in, in fantastic shape, overwhelming Ramos with his pace. A weapon Tonon has used numerous times in his career. Beautiful performance by both athletes, and a clear dominance from the American who, near the end, conquered full-back control on Davi, with a body-triangle, but was unable to finish due to Ramos’ solid defense.

Also on the card was an exciting match-up between Jena Bishop and Tracey Goodell. Surprisingly it was Bishop who worked from the guard for most of the match, a clever strategy by the Alliance athlete who this way dethroned the reigning champ, taking home the F2W strap.

Equally interesting was the fight between Arizona’s Jake Watson and Colorado’s newest grappling coach, Michael Liera. A fantastic clash between two of the most technical athletes in the sport today. Although Jake was the first to engage with a dangerous submission (straight ankle lock), Liera defended wonderfully and immediately launched himself on the offense, passing Watson’s guard with a long-step and achieving a body-triangle back control, which he used to apply a tight bow and arrow choke that sealed his victory.

More of the night’s results below.


Garry Tonon Defeats Davi Ramos by Decision

Masters Black Belt Feather Weight Gi Title Match
– Jordan Gomez defeats Baret Yoshida by Decision

Masters Bantam Weight Gi Title Match
Jena Bishop defeats Tracey Goodell by Decision (Split)

Michael Liera Jr. defeats Jake Watson by Bow and Arrow Choke

Victor Hugo defeats Helton José by Guillotine

– Edmund Li defeats Alika Dayton by Decision

– Gerson Taitingfong Atoigue defeats Western Waltjen by Armbar

– Davide Horton defeats Kaleookalani Hosaka by Americana Lock

– César Casamajó defeats Adam Taufmann by Decision

– Jeremy Nitta defeats Patrick Almeida by Loop Choke

– Justin Brede defeats Chris Nitta by Choke

– Bilal Ahmad defeats Westen Waltjen by Decision

– Christopher Kawaihae defeats Kyle Foyle by Decision

– Will Torres defeats Rhalan Gracie by Decision

– Mike Fowler defeats Ridge Alan Blackburn by Decision

– Myron Kamihara defeats Chris Templo Split by Decision

– Stu Kam defeats Anthony Lynch by Choke

– Joel Bouhey defats Royal Kawena Mitchell Split by Decision

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