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IBJJF Grand Prix Historic Event For Women While Dalpra And Andrew Save The Show

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OCTOBER 29, 2022, AUSTIN – TX, USA, witnessed the well-known IBJJF production have a stronger influence of grappling digital streaming platform FloGrappling. The tournament also featured a female division for the first time, making this a historic show on more than one front.

Before we address last night’s action it is worth referencing also the event’s inaction, the clash many are currently debating on social media. Namely, the match between Johnatha Alves and Mathias Luna. Although the two athletes were not alone in delivering an uninteresting bout, they did stand out for their lack of action and defensive strategies, i.e. 50/50 guard with lapel wrap – a grip/position that truly is the greatest sign an athlete can give as to his intentions of stalling in a gi match. Although we understand that the competitor in these athletes wants to win at all cost, professional grapplers need to come to terms with what a pro-event represents to the sport, its audience, the promoters, AND the opportunity it presents to the athletes for future paid shows. Making a good fun match may not be a contractual obligation, but it is a duty and 9 minutes of defensive posturing should not be on the cards. Failing to do so, may/should very well hinder a professional’s chances of re-entering a pro show, and who can blame the promoters if they choose not to pick these style of players?

Despite a few disappointing clashes, Tainan Dalpra and Fellipe Andrew came to the rescue in their bouts with some incredible grappling skills and offensive maneuvers that woke the crowd in the stands and those watching from home. Below is a short description of the events as well as the full results of all matches on offer last night.


This historic tournament for female athletes in the IBJJF – for being the first GP to include a female category – featured 3 veterans of the game and one relatively new face in Janaina Lebre. It is worth referencing that, despite this being a lightweight class, only two of the athletes are regular faces in this weight category as both Mayssa Bastos (roosterweight) and Anna Rodrigues (light-featherweight) compete in lower divisions traditionally.

Being the current world silver and only 2022 “Worlds” medalist in the tournament, Lebre should have been taken as the favorite here, a favoritism she proved with a solid performance where Lebre committed few mistakes and proved why she is at the forefront of the lightweights right now. Credit to Mayssa Bastos who gave up 3 weight classes to be on the show and proved to be a very tough opponent to all her adversaries.

– Janaina Lebre def. Luiza Monteiro via 8×6 pts, 0x1 adv
Anna Rodrigues def. Mayssa Bastos via 4×0 pts, 2×0 adv

3rd Place Match:
Luiza Monteiro def. Mayssa Bastos via 2×2 pts, 1×0 adv

– Janaina Lebre def. Anna Rodrigues via 6×0, 1×2 adv


A tournament with big names and a few good moments, though a lot of slow-paced moments as well. Much like we referenced above, some of the fault for the less exciting moments should go down to matchmaking, though the buck stops with the athletes. Nevertheless, in the end, we saw Isaque Bahiense take home another big trophy. He, who was never truly in danger throughout the event with a calculated yet aggressive approach throughout the event.

Manuel Ribamar def. Ronaldo Junior via 0x0 pts, 2×1 adv, 1×0 pen
Isaque Bahiense def. André Porfirio via kimura lock

3rd Place Match:
Ronaldo Junior def. André Porfirio via choke from the back

Isaque Bahiense def. Manuel Ribamar via 0x0 pts, 2×0 adv, 0x1 pen


The super fights saw the two most exciting matches of the event, namely Tainan Dalpra vs Rodrigo Tatu and Fellipe Andrew vs Roosevelt Sousa. If we were to write down a blueprint of how to perform at a professional event. Forward-moving, aggressive jiu-jitsu clinics on full display by all 4 competitors, which provided spectators with a solid spectacle.

Johnatha Alves def. Mathias Luna via decision (10×10 pts)

Tainan Dalpra def. Rodrigo “Tatu” Lopes via armbar

Fellipe Andrew def. Roosevelt Sousa via choke from the back

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