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Kumite 7 Results, Ana Carolina Edges Luiza Monteiro In Epic Grappling Night

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2020, Third Coast Grappling’s 7th Kumite lived up to the expectations. The first pro women’s tournament of its kind saw a star-studded cast and a few upsets along the way.


Arguably the biggest upset of the night (and very possibly the performance of the night), was that of featherweight competitor, Nathalie Ribeiro, of Checkmat La Habra. The Lucas Leite pupil put on a real show of guard offense and defense in the first round of the Kumite, beating the current IBJJF medium-heavyweight world champ, Andressa Cintra, going on to give 3x middleweight world champion Ana Carolina Vieira a real challenge, albeit, being on the losing end of a ref. decision on that one.

Another outstanding performance was that of Luiza Monteiro. The Atos San Diego representative submitted her first match against a very tough Jessica Swanson, completely dominating the Soul Fighters athlete, passing and submitting the Chicago native with a flashy maneuver – calf-slicer/back take, after being 10×0 on the scoreboard. Monteiro went on to submit the current heavy and open weight world champion (double gold), Nathiely de Jesus, with a tight kneebar. Nathiely who was seen by many as the favorite to win the show. Amazing performance.

In the final, Luiza Monteiro went up against the gritty Ana Carolina. The two had a war of attrition. A very taxing battle in which there was no clear victor. Vieira did appear to have pressed the offense more than Luiza, particularly during the overtime round, which granted her the judges nod. Very solid match by both competitors.


Nathiely de Jesus def. Jena Bishop via gold score (2×2 in regulation)

Luiza Monteiro def. Jessica Swanson via calf-slicer

Ana Carolina Vieira def. Victoria Montezor via tech-fall (12×0)

Nathalie Ribeiro def. Andressa Cintra via golden score (2×2 in regulation)


Luiza Monteiro def. Nathiely de Jesus via kneebar

Ana Carolina Vieira def. Nathalie Ribeiro via decision (0x0 in regulation)


Ana Carolina Vieira def. Luiza Monteiro via decision (0x0 in regulation)


All eyes were on the main super fights of the evening, those of Hulk X Augusto and Batista X Trator. They did not disappoint.

In the Lucas Barbosa versus Guilherme Augusto match, we saw strong performances from both athletes. Hulk started out very aggressive, conquering a blast double leg takedown on the larger Guilherme early on, a set up reminiscent of Barbosa’s coach, André Galvão. Working from the top, Lucas took chances, attacking a calf-slicer. The sub looked tight but Augusto did not seem phased, as a result, Barbosa ended up on the bottom with the Alliance stand-out on top.

Augusto did a great job at keeping Hulk down while pressing for a few passes of his own for the remaining match time. The overtime round was equally fun to watch, though no points were scored.

One of the matches of the night was that of Batista and Ferreira. Gustavo was particularly sharp with his guard passing, putting a clinic in the regulation time. The overtime saw a continuation of Batista passing pressure, yet, this time around, Vinicius was able to block “Braguinha” from completing any of his attempts. Solid referee decision win for Batista.

– Tevin Sandoz def. Seth Courtney via kimura

– D Powers def. Derick Figueiroa via DQ

– Youssuf Gebril def. Mat Kopra via armbar

– Amir Gebril def. Brandon Gambucci via RNC

Lucas Barbosa de. Guilherme Augusto via decision (2×2 in regulation)

Gustavo Batista def. Vinicius Ferreira via decision (8×0 in regulation)

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