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Junny Presents Z-Lock at F2W 146, Wiltse Proves Himself and Najmi Steals The Show

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JULY 11, 2020, Austin – Texas, set the scene for the 146th edition of Fight 2 Win, which was an absolute blast with a fantastic roll of top-notch entertainment and a solid rate of submissions accomplished as shown by the stats below.

27 Matches – 15 submissions (55% sub rate)
12 Gi Matches – 8 submissions (67% sub rate)
15 No-Gi Matches – 7 submissions (47% sub rate)


The event had a few athletes shine through F2W146, one of those was Unity standout Edwin Ocasio (Junny) who presented the world with the Z-lock, a creation that, according to Ocasio, was first shown by his training partner Eddie Cummings, having since been adapted to Junny’s game. – We had referenced in our preview piece (here) that although less experienced, Ocasio’s leg-lock game could be trouble for his opponent Justin Ordinario and indeed it was. Fantastic performance for the New Yorker.


In another interesting battle, brand new black belt Andrew Wiltse proved himself against highly ranked John Combs, which we had anticipated to be the Fight Of The Night (FOTN). Unfortunately, the match was not as entertaining as we expected with Combs playing on the outside from standing and not being able to break through Andrew’s strong frame and leg pummeling. Without a plan B, the majority of the match was spent in these outer exchanges. Wiltse worked with what he could and eventually got the sweep, which led to a pass and mount on the Colorado resident, taking home the W.


The much-anticipated return to the mats of Caio Terra did live up to its expectations.  Caio dominated the match from end-to-end, sweeping, passing, and mounting his opponent, Gabe, repeatedly. Credit should be given to the 10th Planet black belt for his submission defense, which wore Terra down, Terra who looked exhausted by the end of regulation.


Although there were many very interesting matches throughout the event, if we were to give a FOTN award, that with be going to Edwin Najmi‘s performance over Osvaldo “Queixinho”.  The Gracie Barra representative looked outstanding against a serious opponent in Osvaldo, pushing the pace from a passing positions and flying on submissions whenever he could. One one of those submission attempts, a toe-hold, Moizinho was forced to roll out of bounds to escape the tap. Upon his return, the Ares team founder looked somewhat diminished from the footlock attempt. Smelling the blood, Najmi proceeded with increasing the tempo, grabbing a hold of Osvaldo’s back, and securing the neck-crank from RNC.


Main Event: 165lbs Black Belt Gi
Edwin Najmi def. Osvaldo Moizinho via RNC

Co-main Event: 135lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Caio Terra def. Gabe Tuttle via decision

180lbs Black Belt No-Gi
– Andrew Wiltse def. John Combs via decision

135lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Junny Ocasio def. Justin Ordinario via Z-lock

175lbs Black Belt Gi
– Christopher Hargett def. Marcus Douthitt via botinha

185lbs Black Belt Gi
– Carlos Souza def. Joel Adan via kneebar

145lbs Black Belt Gi
– Javier Gomez def. Mark Farrell via loop choke

180lbs Black Belt No-Gi
– Alan Sanchez def. Ralph Sebexen via katagatame

230lbs Black Belt Gi
– Frisco Deleon def. Renato Tagliari via decision

173lbs Black Belt Gi
– Stephen Hargett def. Eric Raposo via choke from back

153lbs Black Belt Gi
Danilo Moreira def. Silvio Duran via choke from back

185lbs Brown Belt Gi Title
– Xavier Silva def. Clay Mayield via split decision

185lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Zack Edwards def. Leonardo Ferreira via armbar

175lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Zack Cothren def. Fernando Koupparis via decision

145lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– David Weintraub def. Julian Godinez via decision

120lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– Lauren Sears def. Julia Balmante via kimura

165lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– Adolfo Suarez def. Caleb Isaacks via toe hold

195lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Italo Lima def. Nicholas Spacek via toe hold

185lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– Justin Renick def. Matt Cox via decision

145lbs Purple Belt No-Gi Title
– Jaidyn Mueller def. Emily Fernandez via split decision

185lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Jorge Valladares def. Micah Valdez via outside heel-hook

145lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Joey Miranda def. Adam Fujawa via inside heel-hook

Purple Belt No-Gi
– Jacob Couch def. C. Padila via katagatame

135lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Matheus Azancot def. Chase Sosa via split decision

180lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Alejandro Wajner def. Matt Kopra via split decision

180lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Kemoy Anderson def. Alex Asad via decision

150lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Felipe Ferreira def. Marcos Mendes via split decision

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