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F2W 154 Results, Thor Submits Ribamar And Makes A Statement In The Middleweight Division

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OCTOBER 18, 2020, Three whole weeks have come and went since Fight 2 Win last had a show, the biggest break the promotion had since they restarted the event, post COVID19 enforced break, and we were very happy to see them back.

This was also a return to the American East Coast – Philadelphia – and they made the best of the available talent by putting on a very fun show with great talent from the Tri-State area, and others who came from afar to compete in the most active pro-grappling event on earth. As per usual, we give you the stats below and move on to the event’s match-results:

30 Recorded Adult BJJ Matches – 13 submissions (43% sub rate)
9 Gi Matches – 3 submissions (33% sub rate)
21 No-Gi Matches – 10 submissions (47% sub rate)


Black Belt Results

Middleweight NOGI Title Match
Jon Blank Def Manuel Ribamar via Inside Heel Hook

The underrated 10th Planet middleweight Jon “Thor” Blank added another submission win to his short but very impressive resume. Thor is not a full-time athlete and competes only when good opportunities arise, coming in with 15 matches as a black belt against Ribamar’s 150 (104-46 record).

In those 15 matches, Thor did beat some heavy artillery, namely Rustam Chsiev, Pedro Marinho, Adam Wardzinski, and Roberto Jimenez, to name a few, yet, he was certainly the underdog against the experienced “Riba”. With the odds against him, Jon managed to keep at bay from Manuel’s quick guard passing skills and found his way to the Brazilian’s legs from his trademarked sitting guard. From there, the tap quickly made itself present. Flawless performance by Blank.

Welterweight GI Title Match
Maria Malyjasiak Def Nathiely de Jesus via Knee Bar (FOTN)

Superb backward and forwards match with Nathiely taking a lot out of the Polish athlete from her guard. Resilient as she always is Malyjasiak pressed forward the entire time, and, eventually found her way into a quick and sharp leg entry from the top, getting a quick and painful tap from Nathiely.

Bantamweight NOGI Title Match
Junny Ocasio Def Jose Carlos Lima Inverted Triangle (SOTN)

Not the best match we’ve ever seen, by lack of Ocasio trying. Junny pressed forward the entire duration of the match while Lima played the distance game. Never truly engaging with the reigning champ, unable to find a safe path into the New Yorker’s guard.

In the only opportunity of the match, Ocasio snatched the submission. A savvy transition from armbar to inverted triangle for another victorious title defense against a very decorated opponent.

255lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Alex Myers Def Levi Moura via RNC

150lbs Black Belt GI
– Dennis Pressey Jr. Jr Def Jordan Gomez via Split Decision

180lbs Black Belt NOGI
– Nick Ronan Def Dylan Royce via Decision

215lbs Black Belt NOGI
– Kyle Myers Def Kyle Hughes via Decision (FOTN)

205lbs Black Belt GI
– Drew Puzon Def Shawn via Armbar

175lbs Black Belt GI
– Robbie De La Rionda Def Myron Kamihara via Decision

195lbs Black Belt NOGI
Jason Rau Def Bassil Hafez via Decision

140lbs Black Belt GI
– Sarah Block Def. Tracey Goodell via Split Decision

160lbs Black Belt NOGI
– Daniel Tavares Def Omar Kadi via Decision

Brown Belt Results

130lbs Brown Belt GI
– Eric Naples Def Justin Stabley via Tepee Choke

175lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Dez Mcdonald Def Thomas Cellamare via Decision

200lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Joao Costa Def Sean McCleary via Decision

185lbs Brown Belt GI
– Zach Shiomos Def Ben Parris via Decision

165lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Dillon Masington Def John Kermon via Bulldog Choke

Purple Belt Results

115lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Cathryn Millares Def Lauren Strausser via Guillotine

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Kirk Breneman Def Alek MacPhee via Choke

180lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Caleb Livingston Def Chris Brouse via Decision

160lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Vinny Oristaglio Mma Def George Strunk Split Dec

190lbs Purple Belt GI
– Polo Lokko Def Tom Andresen via Split Decision

135lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Catherine Marino Def Maria Pascetta via Decision

180lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Charlie Livingston Def John Robinson via Decision

155lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Laura Griffith Def Eve Isaacs via Heel Hook

155lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– AJ Discianni Def James Mullen IV via Heel Hook

Blue Belt Results

225lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Steve Joachim Def John Filoon via RNC

145lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Justin Pack Def Sid Tavolaro via Katagatame

160lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Colin Cronin Def Nick Maccini via Heel Hook

170lbs Blue Belt NOGI
– Max Livingston Def Phil Abbott via Decision

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