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King Of Mats Middleweight GP Results

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2019 and the Felix Event Center, in Los Angeles – USA was the perfect backdrop for one of the most important events in jiu-jitsu’s professional circuit. The 7th edition of the King Of Mats, Middleweight Grand Prix, an event that fathered some of the top gi competitors in the world today. Suffering from lack of exposure due to its conflicting calendar date with that of the IBJJF Pan American Championship (NoGi), the KOM did not have a lot of support from the local crowd. Support it clearly deserved, judging by the caliber of competitors on the mats today and the quality of the production.

The event had a few very interesting matches, with Marcos Tinoco, Tommy Langaker and Gustavo Batista leading the way in terms of entertainment value, always pushing for the finish. Out of the two groups of athletes, Group A was undoubtedly the more entertaining to follow.

In the end, the smooth game of Batista cruised through the Grand Prix, with dominant performances from start to finish, with the flexible and dangerous guard of Tommy Langaker being the only barrier to Gustavo’s cruise control dominance. Full match results below.


Tommy Langaker def. Diego Ramalho by armbar
Gustavo Batista def. Marcos Tinoco by 14×0
Marcos Tinoco by Diego Ramalho by footlock
Gustavo Batista def. Tommy Langaker by 1×0 adv, 0x0 pts
Marcos Tinoco def. Tommy Langaker by decision. 2×2 pts
Gustavo Batista def. Diego Ramalho by bow and arrow choke


Manuel Ribamar def. Isaque Bahiense by decision, 0x0 pts
Max Lindblad def. Nathan Mendelsohn by 1×0 adv, 0x0 pts
Isaque Bahiense def. Nathan Mendelsohn by armbar
Max Lindblad def. Manuel Ribamar by 8×6
Isaque Bahiense def. Max Lindblad by 2×1 adv, 2×2 pts
Manuel Ribamar def. Nathan Mendelsohn by 2×0


Marcos Tinoco def. Max Lindblad by Estima lock


Gustavo Batista def. Max Lindblad by choke from the back
Isaque Bahiense def. Marcos Tinoco by 1×0 adv, 4×4 pts


Gustavo Batista def. Isaque Bahiense by 2×0

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