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F2W 153 Results, Nagai Edges Grippo and Junny Retains 135lbs Title

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2020, Last night Fight 2 Win ended its stay in Texas, where the professional jiu-jitsu promotion camped for the past 3 months, with a fun event featuring a handful of title matches and an interesting main-event headlining the newly promoted black belt phenom, Mr. Samuel Nagai, and veteran Marcelo Garcia black belt, Gianni Grippo.

34 Recorded Adult BJJ Matches – 10 submissions (29.5% sub rate)
19 Gi Matches – 7 submissions (37% sub rate)
15 No-Gi Matches – 3 submissions (20% sub rate)


A fun event, albeit, mostly spent with Nagai glued on to Grippo’s foot attempting his trademark botinha foot-lock. Samuel’s submission attempts did look tight, though Grippo remained calm, he who, in his 6-year long career at black belt, has ever been close to tapping to a lower-limb submission.

Grippo fought well but was unable to release himself from Nagai’s foot control throughout the match. Unnable to show his offense as much as he would have liked, Gianni ended up on the losing end of the referees’ decision.


Two title matches in the adult black belt division caught the attention of jiu-jitsu fans, both being in no-gi. The first match was that of Talita Alencar vs Heather Raftery. Both athletes put on a real show for the fans, with tons of movement and offensive maneuvers. Although with fairly even exchanges, Talita’s aggressiveness and speed posed a lot of issues to Heather. Solid win for Alencar.

The second adult black belt title match of F2W 153 saw Junny Ocasio’s dominant won over Marcelo Cohen. Cohen showed up ready to exchange footlock attempts with the Unity black belt, yet, Ocasio flipped the script midway through the match, opting to go for top position and pass Marcelo’s guard. Chaining his offense very well, Junny eventually got an excellent “bite” on Cohen’s heel for the tap.


Although with plenty of great matches to chose from, we would pick Shannon O’shea’s victory over Minah Turner as the head-turner here. These two competitors had an excellent battle, exchanging submission attempts, and positional control throughout the match at a very fast pace. We had the match going Turner’s way as her submission attempts looked closer to the tap, yet, the judges did not see it that way. Excellent performance by both.

Another outstanding performance seen last night was the 135lbs no-gi bout between Gabi McComb and Sheliah Lindsey. Sheliah was making her debut at black belt, and what a debut it was! Straight into the lion’s den, Lindsey went up against one of the toughest female grapplers on the planet in Gabi. The Magness BJJ standout put on a real challenge to Gabi in a very close match that could have easily gone her way. The Gracie Humaitá representative, on the other hand, was equally fun to watch, aggressive as always.


Main Event 155lbs Black Belt Gi
Samuel Nagai def. Gianni Grippo via decision

Co-Main Event Bantamweight Black Belt NOGI (Title Match)
Junny Ocasio def. Marcelo Cohen via inside heel-hook

Flyweight Black Belt NOGI (Title Match)
Talita Alencar def. Heather Raftery via decision

125lbs Black Belt GI
Amanda “Tubby” Alequin def. Pati Fontes via katagatame (head and arm choke)

135lbs Black Belt NOGI
Gabi McComb def. Sheliah Lindsey via decision

Masters Super Heavy Weight Gi (Title Match)
– Travis Clark def. Chris Roberson via split decision

185lbs Black Belt Gi
Vinicius Garcia def. Kyle Raemisch via cross choke from mount

180lbs Black Belt Gi
– Christian Duran def. Angel Lopez via decision

145lbs Black Belt GI
– Edmaicon Moraes def. Rodrigo Oliveira via decision

205lbs Black Belt Gi
– Jorge Perez def. Chuck Adam via choke from the back

145lbs Black Belt NOGI
Nikki Sullivan def. Chelsah Lyons via split decision

225lbs Black Belt Gi
– Alan Shebaro def. Michael Sarausa via decision

140lbs Black Belt Gi
– Henrique Rossi def. Sean Joseph via decision

Super Heavy Weight Black Belt Gi
– Dinko Bektic def. Ivan Bozovic via decision

165lbs Black Belt Gi
Gilson Nunes def. Jason Bright via triangle

185lbs Black Belt NOGI
– Samuel Snow def. Greg Grigar via split decision

195lbs Black Belt NOGI
– Eric Alequin def. Camron Couch via decision

155lbs Black Belt NOGI
– Jackson Matos def. Chris Orzoko via decision

170lbs Brown Belt NOGI (title match)
– Nicholas Willey def. Tony Oviedo via decision

160lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Ulyses Aguila def. Jairo Bautista via arm-in guillotine

Super Heavy Weight NOGI
– Alfonso Bruno Kaihau def. Jay Arnold via decision

165lbs Brown Belt NOGI
– Colon Santana def. Luca Ramaci via Darce choke

205lbs Brown Belt NOGi
– Colton Roelofs def. Kevin McCormick via decision

135ls Purple Belt GI (Title Match)
– Emily Fernandez def. Erica Barnes via decision

Heavyweight Purple Belt Gi (Title Match)
– Ramiro Leon def. Troy Mercer via armbar

170lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Jason Rivera def. Dylan Martinez via split decision

170lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Brandon Bennett def. Eliazar Guardiola via decision

125lbs Purple Belt NOGI
– Shannon O’shea def. Minah Turner via decision

118lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Tyler Ard def. Evan Crews Wise via triangle-armbar

212 Blue Belt Gi
– Mike Woelfle Ddef. Jimmy Hernandez via decision

190lbs Blue Belt GI
– Dory Auon def. Devon Brown via armbar

137lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Noah I Gutierrez def. Victor Aguirre via decision

Teen 115lbs Gi (Title Match)
– Ames Hoevker vs Jett Thompson via decision

Teen Female Bantamweight Gi (Title Match)
– Carolina Viera def. Skylar Idell via decision

Female Kids Gi (Title Match)
– Coco Blackwell def. Coco Castillo via armbar

Make Kids Gi (Title Match)
– Michael Brennan def. Moses Cabrera via decision

135lbs Teen Orange Belt Gi
– Anthony Olivas def. Legacy Coutee via decision

125lbs Teen NOGI
– Legend Coutee def. Jordan Riddle via decision

105lbs Teen GI
Laylah Watkins def. Katherine Lo via bow and arrow choke

Black Belt Judo
– Ralph Lahoud def. Joe Cheavens via decision

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