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Marianas Open 2018 Results

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APRIL 22, 2018 – Another edition of the Marianas Open has just taken place, a jiu jitsu tournament that has – for the past couple of years brought top tier athletes to the idyllic island territory of Guam.

The interest generated by the quality of the contenders to the Marianas Open professional divisions (light and heavyweight) was not unfounded as in it were ADCC, IBJJF Worlds, European and Pans champions. And indeed they did not disappoint, all brackets were well disputed and undoubtedly worthy of the 20k cash prize on the line. Below are the full results for this event.

Lightweight - 180 lbs / 81,60 kg

Round 1
Mike Sanchez defeated Clinton Dela Cruz by points
Diego Ramalho defeated Thomas Metz by referee decision (0x0)

1/4 Final
Masahiro Iwasaki defeafed Gilbert Burns by referee decision
Servio Tulio defeated Michael Liera 4×2
Renato Canuto defeated Diego Ramalho
Isaque Bahiense defeated Mike Sanchez by armbar

Renato Canuto defeated Servio Tulio by 9×0
Isaque Bahiense defeated Masahiro Iwasaki by submission

Isaque Bahiense defeated Renato Canuto by 2×0

3rd Place
Masahiro Iwasaki defeafed Servio Tulio by 2×0

Heavyweight + 180 lbs / 81,60 kg

Round 1
Josh Jerome defeated Jacob Guerrero by kneebar

1/4 Final
Fellipe Trovo defeated Eric Sian by 4×0
Felipe Pena defeated Josh Jerome by armbar
Tanner Rice defeated Viking Wong by 4×2
Jackson Sousa defeated Mahamed Aly by 1 advantage

Jackson Sousa defeated Fellipe Trovo by 2×0
Felipe Pena defeated Tanner Rice by points

Felipe Pena defeated Jackson Sousa 18×2

3rd Place
Tanner Rice defeated Fellipe Trovo by 14×2


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