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F2W 149 Cornelius VS Almeida Full Card

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This weekend, on August 14, 2020, Fight 2 Win will return with another entertaining grappling show in Dallas, Texas.

Gathering plenty of local talent, the 149th edition of F2W will headline three fantastic USA vs Brazil match-ups, namely those of Keenan Cornelius vs Gabriel Almeida, Jena Bishop vs Luiza Monteiro and Junny Ocasio vs Lucas Pinheiro. The undercard will also feature big names of the sport such as Legion JJ standout DC DeAngelis, who will be battling Tyler Murrah for the F2W middleweight title and Danaher Death Squad’s Frank Rosenthal, who will face Cody Hoffstatter.

Check the main card analysis and the undercard line-up below.


Stream: Flograppling

Starts: 5 pm (Dallas, TX time)

Main Event: 205lbs Black Belt
– Gabriel Almeida vs Keenan Cornelius

A fantastic matchup between the dynamic Almeida versus lapel wizard Cornelius. Keenan will be the bigger man here, with the torque and experience advantage and Almeida will be bringing speed and aggression to the match.

On paper, the favoritism will go to the American Jiu-Jitsu representative. Cornelius has the biggest resume, is more experienced, and competes two weight classes above Gabriel, nevertheless, there is a path to victory for Almeida if he manages to stay away from the lapel/pressure passing games of Keenan. The Checkmat athlete’s path to the upset will likely be by using his movement-based grappling style and dangerous footlock attacks.

Co-Main Event: Black Belt Featherweight Gi Title
– Luiza Monteiro vs Jena Bishop

In a rematch of F2W 117, 1 year ago, a motivated Monteiro is returning to Seth Daniels stage and to her roots, the gi, after her devastating nogi loss to Elisabeth Clay last month. Luiza is a very worthy challenger to Bishop’s featherweight title, being a natural middleweight herself, with two IBJJF world titles to her credit and one of the craftiest guards in the business.

Although smaller than Monteiro, Jena Bishop has been preparing hard for this match and is very well acquainted with the F2W ruleset, having won their previous match back in July 2019 in a very tough decision victory. Evenly matched in all areas of the game, there are no easy predictions here.

Black Belt Bantamweight No-Gi Title
– Lucas Pinheiro vs Junny Ocasio

An outstanding match-up between two extremely talented grapplers. Pinheiro has the upper hand here in terms of resume and raw talent, though as “they” say, hard work beats talent and very few are as hard-working as Ocasio.

From the top Lucas is one of the very best guard passers in the division and one of the very few who can say they have passed Mikey Musumeci’s guard in competition. He also has a nasty katagatame choke and thrives in scrambles.

Junny is well versed in the leg-locking department, being a training partner of Eddie Cummings and a very accomplished athlete using that particular game, one that will certainly be part of his gameplan on Friday.

Fun match ahead.

155lbs Black Belt Gi
– Mauricio Fernandes vs Max Danrely

155lbs Black Belt No-Gi
– Cody Hoffstatter vs Frank Rosenthal

165lb Black Belt Gi
– Erick Raposo vs Diego Santana

195lbs Black Belt Gi
– Gilvan Costa vs Kevin Williams

200lbs Black Belt No-Gi
– Jean Petric vs Joao Costa

180lbs Black Belt Gi
– Eric Board vs Jeff Hammond

145lbs Black Belt Gi
– Sean Joseph vs Cliff Sabroe

Brown Belt Light Heavyweight No-Gi Title
– Emil Fischer vs Sloan Clymer

Brown Belt No-Gi Flyweight No-Gi Title
– Eric Naples vs Cameron Mellott

Brown Belt Middleweight Gi Title
– Tyler Murrah vs DC Deangelis

145lbs Brown Belt No-Gi
– David Weintraub vs Cameron Adair

235lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Leandro Nascimento vs Michael Egley

160lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Zach Cothren vs Guilherme Monteiro

175lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Jacob Charles vs Austin Fraley

210lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Nader Tannir vs Dominick Williams

230lbs Brown Belt Gi
– Breylor Grout vs Guilherme Bacha Guedes

235lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Christian Johnson vs Leroy Brown

150lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Stephanie Williamson vs Yasmim Coutinho

180lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Austyn McNeil vs Zach Wolivar

200lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Hemerson Neris de Souza vs Gabriel Costa

150lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Carson Steicher vs Juno Lucero

165lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Noah Villemarette vs Christopher Soto

160lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Aric Mercado vs Kyle Adam Hodgdon

145lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Alexandru Marculescu vs Jacob Scott

140lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Jess Feliciano vs Rhodes Faraday

170lbs Purple Belt Gi
– Jerry DeAmond vs Jacob Kassama

205lbs Purple Belt No-Gi
– Ramiro Leon vs Jordan Marshall

145lbs Teen Blue Belt Gi
– Brayden Wolfe vs Owen Sabroe

170lbs Teen Yellow Belt Gi
– Kevin Ditto vs Sean Rubchinuk

160lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Gray Hernandez vs Hamza Al-Saad

180lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Chase Main vs Mitchell Cupp

190lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Nick Carlucci vs Manuel Bernard Mejia

140lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Marie Eliza Cordero vs Skylar Idell

170lbs Blue Belt No-Gi
– Alejandro Felix vs Anthony Williams

130lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Oliver Smith vs Joshua Rodriguez

150lbs Blue Belt Gi
– Lorenzo Ledesma vs Guillaume Prada

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