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UFC Invitational 2, Squad Of Danaher Students – New Wave Takes Home 25k

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JULY 04, 2022, this Sunday grappling fans had the chance to witness another edition of the UFC Fight Pass Invitational, a no-gi jiu-jitsu event that brings together a few stars of the mixed martial arts world with familiar faces of the grappling community in a fun show, geared towards MMA fans, much like a gateway to our sport.

The event featured a team tournament as its main attraction which offered a 25,000 USD cash prize to the winning team with the winner of each round being decided in a Best Out Of 4 Matches, all victories decided via submission.

The tournament featured 4 teams who flew the banner of other MMA promotions that are part of the UFC Fight Pass family, namely APFC (hosted by Anthony Pettis), FAC, iKON FC (of Jorge Masvidal), and A1 Combat, a Urijah Faber promotion.

Although all teams had an MMA badge on them, the real interest here, for grappling fans, was each of the team’s squad members as most of those train and represent well-known jiu-jitsu hubs on the submission grappling scene. The squads included:

Giancarlo Bodoni
Oliver Taza
– Daniel Manasoiu
– Christos Papadelos

– James Krause
Andy Varela
– Joe Solecki
Kyle Boehm

Enrico Cocco
PJ Barch
– Jacob Rodriguez
– Bo Nickal

Eliot Kelly
– Song Yadong
– Rafael Domingos
– Ryan Loder


APFC vs FAC (Semi-Final 1)
(Match 1) Kyle Boehm drew with Oliver Taza
(Match 2) Daniel Manasoiu def. Joe Solecki via Straight ankle lock
(Match 3) Daniel Manasoiu def. James Krause via RNC
(Match 4) Andy Varela drew with Daniel Manasoiu

Team APFC advanced 2×0

iKON Fc vs A1 COMBAT (Semi-Final 2)
(Match 1) Eliot Kelly drew with Bo Nickal
(Match 2) Jacob Rodriguez def. Song Yadong via RNC
(Match 3) Jacob Rodriguez drew with Rafael Domingos
(Match 4) Enrico Cocco drew with Ryan Loder

Team iKON advanced 1×0

* Final was 5 matches
(Match 1) PJ Barch def. Christos Papadelos via RNC
(Match 2) Giancarlo Bodoni drew with PJ Barch
(Match 3) Daniel Manasoiu drew with Enrico Cocco
(Match 4) Oliver Taza def. Jacob Rodriguez via Straight ankle lock
(Match 5) Oliver Taza drew with Bo Nickal

Team APFC won via decision after a 1×1 draw

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