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Who Has The Longest Winning Streak in Grappling?

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When it comes to the top tier — Adult professional division, jiu-jitsu is one of the most competitive combat sports in the world right now, and as we stand, only 2 men have anything close to “winning streak”. The days of going years without tasting defeat, as it is said of athletes such as Rickson Gracie (undefeated), Mário Sperry (from white to black without being scored on), Amauri Bitetti, Roger Gracie or Rafael Mendes seem to be harder than ever before. Yet, there are still those defying the stats, in this case, a particular duo who is terrorizing grapplers everywhere they fight. The duo being constructed by Michael Musumeci and Gordon Ryan.

The IBJJF is one of the hardest grappling circuits to compete in, and not many can survive a whole season there without suffering the bitter taste of defeat. One of the athletes who looked as though he was on his way to amounting a solid victorious run in 2019 was Nicholas Meregali. The Alliance super-heavyweight conquered a commendable 15 win streak this year, beating athletes such as Leandro Lo, Kaynan Duarte, Fellipe Andrew, Rudson Mateus, Mahamed Aly, Luiz Panza, Tanner Rice and more, before losing by 2 points to Keenan Cornelius at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship. He has since also fallen to Kaynan at the Spyder Invitational in Korea.

In the women’s division, this year was one of the most competitive we’ve seen, with the mighty Bia Mesquita and Gabi Garcia both taking losses in 2019. Garcia at the F2W 121 to Nathiely de Jesus and Mesquita to Ffion Davies at the ADCC, two athletes who would also taste defeat this year.

So without further ado, the two longest winning streaks currently in jiu-jitsu’s professional division.

GORDON RYAN – 29 wins (two draws in between).
last recorded loss on May 05, 2018, to Vinny Magalhães.

Vinny Magalhaes L Points ACBJJ 13 2018
Max Gimenis W RNC No Gi Pan Am. 2018
Kaynan Duarte W RNC No Gi Pan Am. 2018
Charles McGuire W Tarikoplata No Gi Pan Am. 2018
Max Gimenis W RNC No Gi Pan Am. 2018
Josh Barnett W Triangle Quintet 3 2018
Marcos Souza W RNC Quintet 3 2018
Roberto Satoshi D Quintet 3 2018
Craig Jones W Short choke Quintet 3 2018
Vitor Shaolin W Armbar Quintet 3 2018
Gregor Gracie D Quintet 3 2018
Evangelous Moumtzis W Armbar NoGi Worlds 2018
Yuri Simoes W Pts: 11×0 NoGi Worlds 2018
Roberto Abreu W DQ NoGi Worlds 2018
Kalil Fadlallah W Choke NoGi Worlds 2018
Vegard Randeberg W RNC NoGi Worlds 2018
Patrick Gaudio W Pts: 4×4, Adv NoGi Worlds 2018
Jackson Sousa W RNC NoGi Worlds 2018
Yuri Simoes W Pts: 0x0, Adv NoGi Worlds 2018
Joao Rocha W Pts: 1×0 Kasai Dallas 2019
Gabriel Checco W Kimura Kinektic 1 2019
Rafael Domingos W RNC Kinektic 1 2019
G. Vasconcelos W Arm in guillotine Kinektic 1 2019
Ben Hodgkinson W RNC ADCC 2019
Tim Spriggs W RNC ADCC 2019
Lucas Barbosa W Pts: 3×0 ADCC 2019
Vinicius Trator W Choke ADCC 2019
P. Marinho W Outside heel hook ADCC 2019
Garry Tonon W Choke ADCC 2019
Lachlan Giles W RNC ADCC 2019
Marcus Almeida W Pts: 0x0, Pen ADCC 2019
Rousimar Palhares W Referee Decision World Festival 2019


MIKEY MUSUMECI – 20 straight wins
Last recorded loss on March 19, 2017, to Cleber Sousa.

Cleber Sousa L Referee Decision Pan American 2017
Alexis Alduncin W Points World Pro 2017
Cleber Sousa W Pts: 2×0 World Pro 2017
Hiago George W Pts: 4×0 World Pro 2017
Mathias Jardin W Botinha World Pro 2017
Washington Lima W Botinha World Champ. 2017
Isaac Doederlein W Pts: 8×8, Adv World Champ. 2017
Ary Farias W Pts: 10×10, Adv World Champ. 2017
Joao Miyao W Pts: 0x0, Adv World Champ. 2017
Rafael Freitas W Botinha ACB 10 2018
Eduard Lisboa W Armbar World Champ. 2018
Alex Sodre W Arm in ezekiel World Champ. 2018
Tiago Barros W Referee Decision World Champ. 2018
Ary Farias W Pts: 4×0 World Champ. 2018
S. Watanabe W Pts: 8×2 World Champ. 2019
Koji Shibamoto W Pts: 8×2 World Champ. 2019
Bruno Malfacine W Pts: 10×8 World Champ. 2019
Rodnei Barbosa W Straight ankle lock World Champ. 2019
Joseph Lee W Omoplata World Festival 2019
Geoff Villarreal W Choke from back Golden State 2019
Ari Tavira W Triangle armbar Golden State 2019


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