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Asia Continental Pro Results, Uanderson, Jonas, Catriel And Protasio Dominate At The AJP Tour

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OCTOBER 02-03, 2022, saw another edition of the AJP Tour’s Asia Continental Pro, one of the bigger tournaments on the federation’s calendar outside the Grand Slams and the World Pro. This was also the last big championship before the top event of the year for the AJP, the Abu Dhabi World Pro, which happens in November, this year.

This year’s Asia Continental Pro was dominated by Brazilian athletes who won every gold medal at the black belt pro-level, but despite this dominance, fun matches were plentiful and submissions ran high with the tournament providing a 48% submission average. Very good numbers considering revered events such as the ADCC had their sub-percentage at 36%.

In the 62-kg division, Jonas Andrade showed his strengths in a division that had many interesting names such as rising UAE prospect Zayed Alkatheeri, Samat Aitpanbet, and Bruno Borges, all three very worthy candidates for the gold medal. Andrade had three matches for gold, submitting his first two opponents (one with a rare “Cryangle” – triangle with a leg inside the lock) and another from the back.

Another impressive performance this weekend was that of Lucas Protasio. The Northeastern Brazilian athlete is, undoubtedly, one of the most exciting athletes in the lightweight division right now. Never a dull moment when Protasio is competing, Lucas pushed the pace and reaped the rewards of his aggressive nature by taking another gold medal while beating a few big names of the AJP circuit in veteran André Cantanhede and Jonatham Silva.

In the 85 and 94-kilogram divisions, brown belt Uanderson Ferreira and black belt Catriel Oliveira continue to dominate their weight classes, both being among the most active and winning competitors in the league. Below are the results of the professional divisions’ semi-finals and finals.

You can watch the full event on the latest AJP streaming website, which is an excellent and well-built resource for the fans.

Semi-Finals & Final

Zayed Alkatheeri def. Samat Aitpanbet via 4×2
Jonas Andrade def. Bruno Borges via Cryangle
Jonas Andrade def. Zayed Alkatheeri via 5×4

Semi-Finals & Final

– Kalel Santos def. Guthiery Melo via 3×2
– Vitor Moraes def. Valmecir Junior via Submission
– Kalel Santos def. Vitor Moraes via Submission

Semi-Finals & Final

– André Cantanhede def. Antonio Silva via Submission
Lucas Protassio def. Jonatham Silva via Botinha
Lucas Protassio def. Andre Cantanhedé via 3×0

Semi-Finals & Final

Uanderson Ferreira def. Francisco Diego via 13×0
– Lucas Giraud def. Filipe Brobrick via Submission
Uanderson Ferreira def. Lucas Giraud via Armbar

Semi-Finals & Final

Catriel Oliveira def. Melksedec Fran via Choke from the back
– Igor Sousa def. Caio Mendonca via 2×0
Catriel Oliveira def. Igor Sousa via 3×2

Semi-Finals & Final

Rodrigo Ribeiro def. Sirvan Ghasiri via Wristlock
Guilherme Bacha def. Ithalo Lopes via 3×2
Rodrigo Ribeiro def. Guilherme Bacha via Decision

Round-Robin (3 athlete division)

– Vanderlucia Lima def. Sharifa Alnaamani via 10×0
– Diana Teixeira def. Sharifa Alnaamani via Armbar
– Diana Teixeira def. Vanderlucia Lima via 3×2

Round-Robin (3 athlete division)

– Dayane Bazzoni def. Wadima Alyafei via 9×0
Ariadne Oliveira def. Wadima Alyafei via RNC
Ariadne Oliveira def. Dayane Bazzoni via Kneebar

Round-Robin (3 athlete division)

Gabriela Pereira def. Aneta Pokorna via 6×2
Julia Alves def. Aneta Pokorna via Armbar
Julia Alves def. Gabriela Pereira via Armbar

Semi-Finals & Final

Ingridd Alves def. Iara Vieira via Submission
– Rafaela Bertolot def. Yara Kakish via Submission
– Rafaela Bertolot def. Ingridd Alves via 2×1

Semi-Finals & Final

– Izadora Cristina def. Menatallah M. via Loop choke
– Stephany Vieira def. Amanda Ribeiro via Submission
– Izadora Cristina def. Stephany Vieira via Armbar

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