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WNO 20, Manaus Boys Mica And Diogo Dominate GP And Liz Clay Conquers Featherweight Title

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OCTOBER 3, 2023, yesterday we witnessed another edition of Who’s Number One (WNO), the professional grappling show produced by the sport’s main streaming platform, FloGrappling, which featured two title crowning mini-tournaments (77 kg & 70 kg) as well as two female title matches

The event generated very fun clashes, particularly in the 70-kilo tournament, and was overall a very entertaining show. Check below all the match results.


– Thaynara Victoria def. Tiffany Butler via Straight ankle lock

Steffen Banta def. Thomas Bracher via Reverse triangle/shoulder lock

Rafael Lovato Jr. def. Ricardo Evangelista via Triangle



Spectacular performances by both Diogo Reis & Gabriel Sousa in both matches, truly incredible jiu-jitsu by all accounts, lightning-fast problem-solving by these two. Takedowns, guard passes, back takes, submission attempts, these matches had it all and any of them could/should be in contention for a Match Of The Year Award. Despite the amazing performance by Gabriel in the final, Diego did edge out in this clash and was deservingly appointed as champion of the division.


Diogo Reis def. Keith Krikorian via Decision

Gabriel Sousa def. Ash Williams via Kneebar


Diogo Reis def. Gabriel Sousa via Decision


A sweet and sour flavor in the 77-kilo weight class. Although all matches were very entertaining and well put together by the match-makers at Flo, we did miss out on a fantastic final between Andrew Tackett & Mica Galvao, when the American could not proceed through to the final due to injury, after he won the semi-finals against PJ Barch (another very fun match).

On the other side of the bracket, Mica Galvao dominated Jay Rodriguez despite the B-Team athlete’s drive and resilient nature. Melqui Galvao’s student managed to take Rodriguez down on multiple occasions, set up several submissions, passed the guard, swept, etc. For the final, the Manaus athlete made quick work against Barch, who had come to replace the injured Tackett, with a beautiful flying armbar.


Micael Galvao def. Jay Rodriguez via Decision

Andrew Tackett def. PJ Barch via Decision


Micael Galvao def. PJ Barch via Flying armbar


Interesting match between two of the brightest stars in the female division. Although not without action, the match was not as fun as many would have hoped for but even matches between extremely proficient athletes often aren’t. Both competitors did their best to break through each other’s defenses but they were just too evenly matched for there to be much give, therefore the decision was called and it came in Clay’s favor.

Elisabeth Clay def. Brianna Ste-Marie via Decision


Tough fought match between two evenly matched athletes. Nathiely had a superior performance from her guard, using the John Wayne off-balance to get on top of Guedes. A well-deserved decision for de Jesus.

Nathiely de Jesus def. Rafaela Guedes via Decision


Although it is always fun to see the best in the game back in action, healthy, and performing on a big stage, this was not a match we were particularly excited about due to its uneven nature. Coming into this, Gaudio was not at the peak of his career having lost three of his last three matches, as such, going up against the best athlete in the world – likely the best ever – made little sense from a competitive standpoint.

To finish Gaudio, Ryan took the GFT athlete down, passed his guard with some ungodly pressure, took the back of Patrick, and finished him with an armbar. A flawless performance as expected, where the best outcome was that we got to see the New Wave team leader healthy again.

In the end, Ryan revealed a Halloween-themed prop, a Pirate Trunk, where he had hidden his match prediction for the evening, taking out one of his BJJ Fanatics instructional DVDs entitled “Systematically Attacking The Armbar“.

Gordon Ryan def. Patrick Gaudio via Armbar

Roberto Jimenez BJJ Attacking The Back

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