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Berkut BJJ Results

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On the 21st of November, 2015 we witnessed one of the greatest Brazilian jiu jitsu events of the year, combining some of the best grapplers in the sport today with some of Russia’s top submission artists in a fantastic mix of new blood and veteran class.

Held Moscow – Russia, the Berkut Jiu Jitsu invitational also added (yet another) set of rules to the already varied rule-book of submission grappling. The rules went as follows:

  • Gi Submissions – IBJJF legal submissions and attacks (black belt)
  • No-gi Submissions – ADCC legal submissions and attacks
  • Matches had an initial period of 15 minutes of submission only. If draw there would be 5 min overtime with points.
  • 1 point for takedown, back mount, full mount.
  • 2 points for clear submission attempt.
  • No points for side control, knee on belly or sweeps.
  • If draw on scoreboard referee would decide if there is a clear victor.

Berkut 2 Invitational Full Results

Tainan Dalpra vs Talib Bataev GI (Dalpra by submission: choke from the back)
Rafael Navas vs Muhammad Abdulkadirov NO-GI (2×2 winner Navas by ref. decision)
Khasan Abubakirov vs Jeff Monson NO-GI (Abubakirov by 1×0)
Abdurakhman Bilarov vs Jackson Sousa NO-GI (Bilarov by submission: heel hook)
Muhammad Kerimov vs Dean Lister NO-GI (Kerimov by submission: shoulder pressure/injury)
Arbi Muradov vs Alex Cabanes NO-GI (Muradov by 4×2)
Osvaldo “Queixinho” vs Joao Miyao GI (0x0 – draw)
Caio Terra vs Milton Bastos GI (Terra by submission: collar choke)
Claudio Calasans vs Lucas Rocha GI (0x0 – draw)
Paulo Miyao vs Samir Chantre GI (0x0 – winner Miyao by ref. decision)
Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes vs AJ Agazarm GI (0x0 winner Tanquinho by ref. decision)
Felipe Pena s Yuri Simoes NO-GI (Pena by 4×2)
Andre Galvao vs Romulo Barral NO-GI (Galvao by 1×0)

You can watch the re-play of all these matches on the FloGrappling website.

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