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Brazilian jiu jitsu related news and current events are published on this section of the website, from the latest results of grappling’s most established tournaments, to news about the important figures who develop this sport/martial art and other interesting topics.

Comprehensive list of the top competitors in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since records began, only the best of the best. The list is unbiased and relies on a scoring system based on competitive achievements within BJJ’s toughest tournaments.

The Big Kahunas, masters or the usuals suspects at the podiums in major BJJ tournaments throughout the World. A compilation of the top 10 in Jiu Jitsu today, updated as the season goes on.

List of the top 10 grapplers or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters in Mixed Martial Arts today. A run down the top 10 in the top MMA organizations in the world of MMA.

Lots of surprises in this yea’s event as Bernardo Faria takes Gold at the open weight division, check out the final list of all results here

Another great day for Jiu Jitsu as one of the biggest BJJ tournaments took place. Check the results here

BJJ Pan Ams 2010 Results

Today was one of the biggest days in Jiu Jitsu for 2010 as the 2nd biggest competition in the World took place. Check out results here.

Another fantastic day at the “Clube do Flamengo” in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, as the last Brazilian spots for the Abu Dhabi Pro Cup Trails are handed out.

Braulio Estima to fight Rick Hawn

The much anticipated fight has been comfirmed! The two grapplers are set to fight on the 15th of May in North Caronlina with the Shine Fights organization.

BJJ Show in World Pro Cup Trials

Yesterday was a great day for BJJ fans as the South Brazilian Trials for one of the biggest BJJ events in the world was completed.

The Brazilian South Trials for the Abu Dhabi Pro Jiu Jitsu Challenge being held in the city of Gramado, Brazil will be shown online for all BJJ fans to delight themselves.

Bustamante, one of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s prodigal sons which has been away from competitive sports since 2007 decided to have a go at …

This year World Cup Pro Trials are about to start. In March 2010, the selection of the best BJJ athletes will be made on mats throughout the world.

Ricardo “Demente” Abreu, the man that surprised everyone in 2009 is now training with UFC’s Middleweight Champion for his upcoming fight with BJJ wizard Demian Maia

After the injury which will leave Vitor Belfort away from competition for the next 5 to 6 months, Demian Maia was called up by UFC and he accepted the challenge.

Gustavo Campos has won the European Absolute Division for Atos BJJ academy, a hard fight against Rodrigo Cavaca, Check fight here.

Nova Uniao (BJJ and MMA team) held the 3rd Annual Holiday Banquet for the Senior Citizens in “Morro de Santo Amaro”, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, one of the most famous “Favela” (slums) in Rio.