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Tama Vs Najmi & Bishop Vs McComb Are Joined in By All Star Grappling Cast at F2W 136

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Fight 2 Win is back for their 3rd show of 2020, keeping up with the impressive pace they have accustomed their fanbase for the past couple of years, this time setting their show in the Mecca of jiu-jitsu — Southern California, more specifically San Diego.

With such an incredible talent pool in the area, it doesn’t come as a surprise that this is an absolutely jam-packed event, featuring several of the world’s very best grapplers, including ADCC and IBJJF Worlds champs, former glories of the sport and up and coming competitors. Another element worth noting is the addition of Fight 2 Win’s own CEO — Seth Daniels, who will be putting his gi on when facing Dustin Peek of Double Five Jiu-Jitsu.

Below is a short description of what you will be expected to get from the F2W 136 main matches:


Town and Country
500 Hotel Cir N
San Diego, CA

Doors: 4:30pm
Fights: 5:00pm

Kaynan Duarte (Atos) vs Vinicius Trator (Alliance)

Kaynan Duarte will be competing for the first time since accepting the IBJJF 1 year ban for failing his anti-doping test with USADA (main event, no less). Fortunately for the Atos athlete, F2W does not function under the IBJJF or USADA’s umbrella, and Duarte is free to compete against Vinicius.

135 lbs Title
Gabi McComb (Gracie Humaita) vs Jena Bishop (Alliance)

Another title challenge for Bishop, who conquered the Masters bantamweight title last year. This time competing as an adult, Jena will be facing one of the most exciting athletes in the female division, Gabrielle McComb, of Gracie Humaitá. Both well-rounded athletes, both like to push the pace, this will be an even one to call.

170 lbs
Johnny Tama (Alliance) vs Edwin Najmi (Gracie Barra)

This has Fight Of The Night written all over. An outstanding match-up between two of the most exciting lightweights in the world today as well as a perfect clash of jiu-jitsu styles. Tama is completely committed to the offense, always looking to end his matches, always pushing the pace. Najmi, on the other hand, is a counter-attacking specialist, a unique, sometimes apathetic, looking style that often throws people off their game.

Although proficient at their trade, and in the same weight class, these two have never competed against each other in the past, which is an added bonus for the fans. We are definitely looking forward to this one.

Piter Frank (Alliance) vs Michael Liera Jr (Atos)

Another interesting clash of styles is brought forward by Frank and Liera Junior. Certainly one of the most technical jiu-jitsu players of his generation, Michael will face a very game Piter Frank, who is now representing the Alliance team.

A physical player, Frank will have in his 50/50 game his stronger route to victory. On the other side, Michael does bring a few more tools in his arsenal, and therefore more ways to conquer the W. Not an easy fight for any of these two gentlemen.

180lbs NOGI
Miha Perhavec (Legion AJJ) vs Michael Trasso (Gracie Humaita)

One of the newest black belts in the game versus a seasoned veteran with tons of experience in a variety of rulesets such as Michael Trasso. If this was under any type of points ruleset, we would likely give the advantage to the American player, but submission-only is where Miha has been most proficient. This allied with the fact that Perhavec has the added motivation of an up and comer trying to prove he belongs in there with top talent, make him a very tough challenge for the former New Jersey wrestling standout.

Whichever way victory goes, both athletes have very entertaining styles, so you can expect a good show here.

180lbs NOGI
Sergio Rios (99 BJJ) vs Eric Uresk (Alliance)

We don’t know a whole lot about Eric, but we do know plenty about Mr. Pichilinga, who is without a doubt one of the most entertaining athletes out there. If you don’t know Sergio Rios yet, do yourself a favor and watch his match this weekend. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Francisco Iturralde (Gracie Allegiance) vs Dom Hoskins (Domination Martial Arts)

Baret Yoshida (The Arena) vs Kory Paredes (99 JJ)

Super Heavy Weight
Matt Palupelelei (Double Five) vs Hyaderson Picanco (Carlson Gracie)

Super Heavy Weight
Orlando Coronel (Fabio Santos) vs Rodrigo Munduruca (Gracie Poway)

Dustin Peek (Double Five) vs Seth Daniels (Easton BJJ)

210lbs NOGI
Andy Burke (Victory MMA) vs Stephen Martinez (Checkmat)

Bruno Rodrigues Albuquerque (Soca BJJ) vs Juarez harles Martins nunes (Gracie Poway)

195lbs NOGI
Jesse Taylor (10th Planet) vs Herman Terrado (Baret Submissions/GameBred)

Rafael Dallinha (RADA) vs Jorge Farfan (Alliance)

Paul Silva (Carlson Gracie) vs Jair Silva (Checkmat)

185lbs Masters Title
Johnny Souza (Alliance) vs Nick Greene (Ralph Gracie)

Vinicius Lino (Alliance) vs Juan Souza (Atos)

Gabriel Bergami (Alliance) vs Paulo Filho (Alliance)

Ryan Oropallo (Allinace) vs Guilherme Santos (Atos)

160lbs NOGI
Adam Mazin (Victory MMA) vs Wilson Reis (Alliance)

Tim Mendoza (Gracie Humaita) vs Antonio Lopez

140lbs NOGI
Sophia Nordeno (Barum JJ) vs Nikki Sullivan (Atos)

140lbs NOGI
Adam Mazin (Victory MMA) vs Wilson Reis (Alliance)

140lbs NOGI
Geoff Real (Atos) vs CHirs Dzrod (10th Planet)

135lbs NOGI
Jacob Lee (10th Planet) vs Cody Legendre (Fabio Santos)

125lbs Title
Kristian Woodmansee (Atos) vs Ron Henderson (Checkmat)


Adolphus Moore (BJJ Revolution Team) vs Matheus Gomes (Atos)

195lbs NOGI
Javier Cosio (Team Quest) vs Carl Boudro (Barum JJ/10th Planet)

Seymour Lewis (Grappling Dynamics) vs Zimitro Perez (Gracie Humaita)

Adam Crcione (Moore) vs Jason Cook (The Strong Hold)


185lbs NOGI Title
Matthew Cox (10th Planet) vs Ed Johnson (Easton BJJ)

170lbs Title
Xavier Silva (Carlson Gracie) vs Jacob Kassama (Atos)

Matthew Culver (Outliers) vs Fernando Esteves (Gracie Humatia)

Lucas Espinoza (Outliers BJJ) vs Anthony Cumerlato (Atos)

Bryan Deleon Guerrero (Baret Submissions) vs Alvin Ma (Alliance BJJ)

125lbs NOGI
Carolina Ramirez (Strong Base BJJ) vs Amanda Bruse (Atos)

120lbs NOGI
Zoey Chiles (Alliance) vs Amaya Ollison (Atos)

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