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Who’s #1 Tonight – Jimenez vs Cornelius, Meregali vs Hugo and Dream Art vs Atos!

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Submission Back Attacks Instructional by John Danaher

Set for tonight is a new venture by FloGrappling based on a previous module set by Flo’s sister company FloWrestling, which uses the company’s sporting rankings to put together gripping match-ups between athletes of the same and of different divisions. This, together with a couple of very interesting super-fights and one heck of a team clash promises to provide a very solid show.

The Who’s #1 event hits the mark from several interesting angles, be that with the black belt debut of top prospect Roberto Jimenez – to be welcomed in the division by Keenan Cornelius, the excellent team-clash between two of the top talent producers of today, the return of Nicholas Meregali as well as a very interesting brown belt line-up. Furthermore, this will be a professional Gi event (!), we don’t see enough of those on the pro-circuit, and all shows that cater to this deep shortage in the sport’s landscape are worthy of praise.


Set for February 08, 2020, in Costa Mesa, CA, the Who’s Number 1 event, set by FloGrappling (watch it here) will feature the following line-up:

Nicholas Meregali vs Victor Hugo
The current open weight no-gi world champ (Hugo) versus the current super-heavyweight gi champ (Meregali). Both athletes like to play from the bottom, but expect Nicholas to push the pace and accept the top position if Hugo pulls. Very dynamic, Meregali will be a handful against Victor Hugo’s technical game.

High pace/speed versus flair, this will certainly be an entertaining one to watch.

Roberto Jimenez vs Keenan Cornelius
Jimenez is all about movement, Cornelius is all about stifling movement, a very tough debut for Roberto, who will also be the smaller athlete here. Although Jimenez built a career out of overcoming moments like this, the favoritism is on Keenan’s side in this one. That does not mean Roberto cannot take this victory home with him. He most certainly can.

DREAM ART VS ATOS (Team Challenge)

Brown Belt Match – 96 kg
Anderson Munis [Super-Heavy] vs Conner Deangelis [Medium-Heavy]

Purple Belt Match 88kg
Micael Galvao [Middle] vs Mateus Rodrigues [Medium-Heavy]

Purple Belt Match 76kg
Jhonathan Marques vs Tye Ruotolo

Tainan Dalpra vs Mike Khatchikian – middleweight
Lucas Protasio vs Andy Murasaki – lightweight
Jessa Khan vs Vicky Hoang – roosterweight
Meyram Alves vs Joshua Cisneros – light-featherweight
Adam Bradley vs Dante Cano – heavyweight

Jansen Gomes vs Rui Alves – medium-heavyweight

High Percentage Chokes  Instructional by Lachlan Giles

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