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F2W 134 Card: Ben Henderson Vs Márcio André

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The sport’s most consistent professional promotion, Fight 2 Win is back in 2020 with a giant card in Scottsdale, Arizona. 44 matches in total, in a mix of local talent and international names of the sport, a successful formula this grappling brand has developed with excellence over the past few years.

The main event will feature two of Arizona’s most prominent black belts: Former UFC lightweight champ Ben Henderson and Márcio André. Both Ben and Márcio have offensive grappling styles, with the American (Henderson) bringing a ton of athleticism to the mat and a relentless pace. The Brazilian (André), on the other hand, is more accomplished under the grappling platform but will give up a considerable size advantage, which should even things out. An intriguing match at hand tomorrow night.

The co-main event will be equally appetizing as two of jiu-jitsu’s most exciting female athletes will clash, namely Talica Alencar and Karen Antunes. Alencar is well known for her inability to participate in a boring match, always a fun competitor to watch with fantastic scrambles and a ton of heart. Antunes is equally fun to watch, though certainly more of a traditional positional player. Expect Talita to keep the pace high and Karen to use her size advantage to try and bully Alencar on the mats.

The sleeper match on the card might very well be that of Jake Watson vs Arnaldo Maidana. Jake has looked tremendous on the international circuit since reaching his black belt late last year, however, his results have not translated well under the Fight 2 Win ruleset. A trend Jake will try to change against the accomplished Checkmat black belt, Arnaldo Maidana.

Both Maidana and Watson prefer to compete from the bottom, Jake having a looser and submission oriented game against Arnaldo’s tighter “Big Guy” guard game. Although both have triangles and omoplatas as strong weapons, it is in the way they get to these positions that we see the main differences. Very tough match-up for either competitor.


Location: Victorium Sports Complex

Address: 9219 E Hidden Spur Trail #6326
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Date: January 10, 2020

Starting Time: 5:00 pm



170lbs NOGI
Ben Henderson (JCBJJ) vs Marcio Andre (Marcio Andre Jiu-Jitsu)

125lbs GI Title
Karen Antunes (Checkmat) vs Talita Alencar (n/a)

205lbs Masters + Gi Title
John Cabay (Ares) vs Thiago Ximenes (TXBJJ)

200lbs Gi
Jake Watson vs Arnaldo Maidana (Checkmat)

225lbs Gi
Josh Guerra (Refuge BJJ) vs Stephen Hall (Alliance)

210lbs Gi
Charlie Swanton (TXBJJ) vs Mike Burlaka (CTA)

195lbs NOGI
Javier Torres (Team torres) vs Tim Welch (Soul Fighters)

190lbs Gi
Andrew Gardineer (One Jiu Jitsu) vs Jose Munoz (GDBJJ)

185lbs Gi
Daniel Hampton (Lotus Club) vs Carlos Souza (Gracie Barra)

175lbs NOGI
Alex Martinez (Ares) vs Doug Moore (Gracie Arizona)

170lbs Gi
Victor Emanuel (Gracie Barra) vs Dom Hoskins (Domination MA)

170lbs Gi
Brenda Barbosa (Marcio Andre Academy) vs Nivian Oliveira (Gracie Barra)

170lbs NOGI
Aaron Wilson (GDBJJ) vs Joe Murphy (Renzo Gracie)

155lbs GI
Evan Gongoria (CTA) vs Matthew Mamolen (Ares)

155lbs Gi
Josh Rodriguez (GDBJJ) vs Gabriel Revoredo (Gracie Barra)

150lbs Gi
Jonathan Van Buren (Ares) vs João Pedro Soeiro (Gracie Barra)

140lbs Gi
Gerson Atoigue (Roots Lotus Club) vs Ron Henderson (Checkmat)

Heavy Weight NOGI
Michael Cashman (Gracie Barra) vs Joel Velazquez (Undisputed BJJ)


230lbs Gi
Hygor Beck (Carlos Farias BJJ) vs Colin Baxter (TXBJJ)

205lbs NOGI
Lucas Lopes (Gracie Barra) vs Israel Aquino (Asluym Fight League)

205lbs NOGI
Jose Suarez (Ares) vs Alex Horsman (Gracie Arizona)

185lbs NOGI
Erik Anderson (10th Planet) vs Sergio Esquivel (BJJ Revolution)

180lbs NOGI
Scott Hoddick (Checkmat) vs Thiago Aso (Gracie Barra)

160lbs Gi
Korey Kerber (Ares) vs Johnathan Rodrigues (Gracie Barra)

160lbs Gi
Dani Allen (Carlos Farias BJJ) vs John Burns (Behring Jiu Jitsu)

140lbs NOGI
Michael Currier (Impact JJ) vs Kevin Duran (Ares)

125lbs NOGI
Karla Shellhammer (Soul Fighters) vs Maria Henderson (JCBJJ)


170lbs NOGI Title
Oscar De Los Santos Canario (CTA) vs William Carvalho (Lotus Club Roots)

215lbs Gi
Robert Graham (GDBJJ) vs Steven Maultsby (Sonoran BJJ)

205lbs Gi
Joshua Schwartz (Roots BJJ Lotus Club) vs Patrick O’Sullivan (NorthSide/Ares)

185lbs Gi
Rolando Collantes (One JJ) vs Jonathan Tran (Ares)

175lbs Gi
Sergio Camacho (Flavio Behring JJ) vs Greg Mooney (Gracie Barra)

175lbs NOGI
Hassan Majed (CTA) vs Zachariah O’Malley (Gillette Jiu Jitsu)

170lbs NOGi
Joe McClellan (Gracie Arizona) vs Nolan Hyland (CTA)

160lbs Gi
Alex Benikov (Soul Fighters) vs Brad Jacobsen (CTA)

150lbs NOGI
Sean Klicka (Ethos Marital Arts CTA) VS Keith Trujillo (10th Planet)

130lbs GI
Mina Burnside (Gracie Barra) vs Serena Myers (Carlos Farias BJJ)

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