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Guilherme Mendes

Guilherme Mendes is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt formed by Ramon Lemos who is linked to the famous Atos Jiu Jitsu team, being also one of the best “peso pluma” (featherweights) grapplers in the world. As well as being the first Atos team member to achieve a gold medal at the world championships (2009), Guilherme Mendes is also the brother of another jiu jitsu stand out and world champion: Rafael Mendes.

Guilherme Mendes Jiu Jitsu

Full Name: Guilherme Mendes Godoy

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie > Carlson Gracie > Andre Pederneiras > Ramon Lemos > Guilherme Mendes

Main Achievements in BJJ Black belt Division:

  • World Champion (2009, 2011, 2012, 2014)
  • European Champion (2010, 2011)
  • Pan American Silver Medallist (2012)
  • Pan American Bronze Medallist (2009)
  • Brazilian National Champion (2010)

Favourite Jiu Jitsu Technique/Position: Stack Pass (Emborcada), Leg Drag, Shoulder Pressure

Weight Division: Peso Pluma / Light Featherweight (64Kg)

Team/Association: Atos Jiu Jitsu

Guilherme Mendes Biography

Guilherme Mendes was born in 1988 in the town of Rio Claro, now home of the famous Atos Academy. Guilherme started training together with his younger brother Rafael in 2001 through their cousin who soon understood the brothers had potential and enlisted them in a kids jiu jitsu program to introduce children to sports. Their coaches were both from Nova Uniao (Ramon Lemos and Leonardo Santos). By the time the brothers achieved their yellow belts, Coach Leonardo felt the need to move to Rio de Janeiro in order to become a professional Jiu Jitsu competitor, and so Ramon Lemos took full responsibility of the academy.

Ramon Lemos became a huge influence in both of the Mendes brothers, as their parents split and their father left the scene. With time, the Mendes brothers name started to be mentioned more and more by the BJJ Media in Brazil, as Guilherme and Rafael won almost every major tournament they entered as blue, purple, and brown belts. Their “crowning” as jiu jitsu black belts came in October 2008  and had several mentions in the press, namely in important streams such as

As their mentor Ramon changed teams throughout the years (first Nova Uniao, then a brief period in Brasa and the later Atos), so did the Mendes Brothers. In 2012 Guilherme and his brother Rafael moved to the United States of America, settling there and opening their own gym in California, a top of the range facility which the Mendes brothers opened with the support of important sponsors such as RVCA.

Guilherme Mendes Fight Stats

1 by sub
6 by Points (30%)
3 by Advantages (15%)
0 by Penalties (0%)
10 by Submission (50%)
1 by Decision (5%)
0 by Disqualified (0%)
2 by Baseball choke (20%)
Baseball choke
1 by Brabo Choke (10%)
Brabo Choke
2 by Choke (20%)
1 by Choke from back (10%)
Choke from back
1 by Cross choke (10%)
Cross choke
1 by Lapel Choke (10%)
Lapel Choke
1 by Standing Brabo Choke (10%)
Standing Brabo Choke
1 by Submission (10%)
2 by Points (50%)
1 by Advantages (25%)
0 by Penalties (0%)
0 by Submission (0%)
1 by Decision (25%)
0 by Disqualified (0%)

Fight History

ID Opponent W/L Method Competition Weight Stage Year
1190Rafael MendesRafael MendesLPts: 4x2World Pro.U65kgFinal2010
1250Augusto MendesAugusto MendesLAdvWorld Pro.U65kg1/4 final2011
1744Bruno MalfacineBruno MalfacineLPts: 2x0Pan AmericanU64kgFinal2012
2524Daniel BelezaDaniel BelezaLRefree DecisionWorld Champ.U64kg1/4 Final2013
1078Pablo SilvaPablo SilvaWPts: 4x2World Champ.U64kg1/4 final2009
1082Carlos EsquisitoCarlos EsquisitoWAdvWorld Champ.U64kgSemi f.2009
1084Samuel BragaSamuel BragaWAdvWorld Champ.U64kgFinal2009
1142Marcos AlexandreWChoke from backWPC SD trialsU65kgSemi f.2010
1202Gabriel MoraesGabriel MoraesWPts: 4x0BrasileiroU64kgFinal2010
1328Milton CarlosWChokeWorld Champ.U64kg2nd2011
1422Laercio FernandesLaercio FernandesWCross chokeWorld Champ.U641/4 Final2011
1454Samuel BragaSamuel BragaWPts: 4x2World Champ.U64Semi f.2011
1739Francielo CostaWPointsPan AmericanU64kg1/4 final2012
1743Henrique RezendeWLapel ChokePan AmericanU64kgSemi f.2012
2014Mark RamosMark RamosWBrabo ChokeWorld Champ.U64kgRd 22012
2018Henrique RezendeWPts: 19x0World Champ.U64kg1/4 final2012
2020Pablo SilvaPablo SilvaWStanding Brabo ChokeWorld Champ.U64kgSemi f.2012
2021Laercio FernandesLaercio FernandesWRefree DecisionWorld Champ.U64kgFinal2012
2228Pablo SilvaPablo SilvaWBaseball chokeHouston OpenU64kgFinal2012
2304Samir ChantreSamir ChantreWBaseball chokeMetamoris 3OpenSuperfight2014
2989Paulo SantanaWSubmissionWorld Champ.U64kgRounds2014
2995KanekoWChokeWorld Champ.U64kg1/4 Final2014
2996Carlos EsquisitoCarlos EsquisitoWPts: 7x2World Champ.U64kgSemi f.2014
2999Paulo MiyaoPaulo MiyaoWAdvWorld Champ.U64kgFinal2014

Guilherme Mendes Highlight

Guilherme Mendes vs Baret Yoshida

Guilherme Mendes vs Sebastian Lali

Guilherme Mendes vs Raoni Barcelos


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