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Mayara Custódio

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Mayara Custódio is a jiu-jitsu black belt under Sebastian Lalli, who worked extensively with Leonardo Vieira and Norival Diego Rossi. A former arm-wrestling champion, Custódio first made waves in grappling during her colored belt career in the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) circuit, a time when Mayara conquered World, European, Brazilian, and American National titles.

Mayara Custódio Jiu-Jitsu

Full Name: Mayara Monteiro Custódio

Nickname: N/A

Lineage: Carlos Gracie > Helio GracieCarlson Gracie > Ricardo De La Riva > Carlos Lima > Sebastian Lalli > Mayara Custódio

Main Achievements:

  • 1st Place IBJJF World Championship NOGI (2021)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF Pan Championship (2023)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF American Nationals (2020*)

Main Achievements (Masters):

  • 1st Place Masters World Championship (2020**)

Main Achievements (Colored Belts):

  • 1st Place IBJJF World Championships (2019* purple)
  • 1st Place IBJJF European Open (2016 blue)
  • 1st Place IBJJF American Nationals (2019* brown)
  • 1st Place CBJJ Brazilian Nationals (2016 blue, 2018 / 2019** purple)
  • 1st Place CBJJ Brazilian Nationals – Novice (2015)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF World Championships (2019 purple)
  • 2nd Place IBJJF European Open (2019 purple)
  • 3rd Place IBJJF European Open (2016* blue, 2019* purple)

Main Achievements (Coloured Belts – Masters):

  • 1st Place Masters World Championship (2018** purple, 2019** brown)

* Absolute
** Weight and Absolute

Favorite Position/Technique: Pressure Passer

Weight Division: Pesadíssimo (79+kg / 175.0 lbs)

Team/Association: Checkmat

Mayara Custódio Biography

Mayara Custódio was born on February 17, 1987, in Londrina, a city located in the Brazilian state of Paraná.

Prior to finding her way in martial arts, Mayara was an avid weight lifter and successful arm-wrestler, earning an arm-wrestling state title in 2011.

Jiu-Jitsu appeared in Custódio’s life at the age of 26, while accompanying her younger sibling to class. Mayara’s brother grew up with a few physical limitations due to a difficult labor, going through several stages of physiotherapy while growing up. When he was 10 years old, his physio advocated for his family to add sports to the youngster’s daily life, pointing to jiu-jitsu as a good option. Following the advice, Mayara decided to take her brother to a local grappling gym, joining as well for extra support.

The Custódio brothers’ first instructor was Norival Diego Rossi of a local Gracie Barra affiliate, where Mayara remained for four years – up until her purple belt rank.

Mayara was over 30 years old when she decided to take a dive into professional grappling, a decision she dwelled on for a long time before setting her heart into it. At the time, Custódio had started dating a member of the Checkmat Paraná, a relationship that created a bridge between Mayara and coach Sebastian Lalli – one of the most successful and well-respected instructors in the grappling world. The experience led the Londrina native to move to the city of Curitiba, to train full-time with Checkmat Paraná, staying at the athlete’s house under a scholarship.

While with Checkmat, Mayara Custódio had the opportunity to train within the team’s network, work that led her to Leonardo Vieira in 2019, someone she would work with again the following year.

In August 2020, Mayara Custódio was awarded her black belt from Sebastian Lalli, in Paraná, after a successful career in the colored belt divisions.

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