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Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, London Results

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The UAEJJF’s Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour reached its final destination on the 19th of March, 2016 in London England. The Grand Slam pushed for the professionalism in the sport, and this was shown by the federation, holding no expenses with the event being run in the prestigious Excel venue, while spending 100’s of thousands of dollars in the tournament’s decor and athlete prizes.

The London Grand Slam was hoping to gather 1000’s of competitors from around the world, unfortunately (and although the Grand Slam had been scheduled since early 2015) the IBJJF chose to run the Pan American on the same weekend, overshadowing what could have been one of the best tournaments of the year and a great moment for European jiu jitsu. Even so, the event gathered a few high end athletes such as Jackson Sousa, Erberth Santos, Alan “Finfou”, Lúcio “Lagarto”, Ricardo Evangelista, Tayane Porfirio and a few others.

In the purple belt division the Europeans showed how much jiu jitsu has evolved in the old continent, with amazing battles. From those battles, two men stood out. They were Maciej Surma of Gracie Barra Poland in the 94kg division, and Muujig Altantugs of Roger Gracie academy (69kg). Both had shown their worth at the European Open earlier this year, and proved their favouritism with strong performances.

In the brown belt division Adam Wardzinski once again showed his very technical jiu jitsu with eye pleasing performances and a guard that will be sure to cause havoc to many black belts, once he gets there. Also in the brown belt division, Samatha Cook of Checkmat proved her technique is in tip-top shape with another impressive showing, winning the mixed category (brown/black).

Alliance Rio de Janeiro’s Tayane Porfirio, who is quickly becoming the new “super star” in women’s jiu jitsu, steamrolled both her weight division and the absolute.

Below are the results male black belt adult divisions:

62kg champion: Rodnei Barbosa
69kg champion: Tiago Bravo
77kg champion: Alan “Finfou”
85kg champion: Charles Negromonte
94kg champion: Erberth Santos
+94kg champion: Ricardo Evangelista
Absolute champion: Ricardo Evangelista

Erberth SantosAndre Campos0x0 (adv 1x0)ABS1/4F
R. EvangelistaBruno Matias0x0 (adv 1x0)ABS1/4F
Jackson SousaLucio Rodrigues2x2 (adv 1x0)ABS1/4F
Erberth SantosMax CarvalhoArmbarABSSF
R. EvangelistaJackson SousaWO (injury)ABSSF
R. EvangelistaErberth SantosChokeABSF
Michel TavaresJordy Peuten/a62KG1/4F
Rodnei BarbosaMichel Tavares0x0 (adv 1x0)62KGSF
Wojciech PiekutEnrique VillasenorTriangle62KGSF
Michel TavaresEnrique Villasenor6x262KG3RD
Rodnei BarbosaWojciech Piekut2x062KGF
Max CamposAshley WilliamsPoints69KG1/4F
Tiago BravoDavid Younan6x269KGSF
Max CamposSergio CalderonPoints69KGSF
Tiago BravoMax Campos2x269KGF
Alan FinfouBruno Amorim6x077KGSF
Pedro FernandesRoss Nichols2x077KGSF
Ross NicholsBruno Amorim0x0 (adv 1x0)77KG3RD
Alan FinfouPedro FernandesChoke77KGF
Max CarvalhoCalderon2x2 (Adv)85KG1/4F
Victor EstimaArturo Salas0x0 (Adv 1x0)85KG1/4F
Max CarvalhoGareth NealePoints85KGSF
C. NegromonteMax CarvalhoArmbar85KGF
Jackson SousaNelton Pontes5x294KG1/4F
Faisal AlKitbeMax Wisniewski0x0 (adv 1x0)94KGSF
Erberth SantosJackson Sousa2x2 (adv)94KGSF
Max WisniewskiJackson SousaStraight ankle lock94KG3RD
Erberth SantosFaisal AlKitbeChoke from back94KGF
Lucio RodriguesBruno MatiasChoke from backO94KG1/4F
Lucio RodriguesLuke Costello5x2O94KGSF
Andre CamposLuke Costello2x0O94KG3RD
R. EvangelistaLucio Rodrigues2x0O94KGF
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