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IBJJF Pan Ams Absolute: Lo beats Galvão, Faria taps Spriggs!

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An amazing day of Brazilian jiu jitsu occurred today as the open weight brackets of the adult black belt divisions were played out with over 40 matches between multiple world champions such as Leandro Lo, Leonardo Nogueira, André Galvão, Bernardo Faria, Joao Gabriel Rocha as well as the new blood of the black belt division, in Gabriel Arges, Mahamed Aly, Guilherme Augusto, etc.

There aren’t enough adjectives to quantify the quality of the matches witnessed today live at the Walter Pyramid in Long Beach (or through the amazing broadcast by FloGrappling). A true example of how exciting BJJ can be at this level.

One of the athletes who pushed the level of excitement was Bernardo Faria, who looked as impressive as he’s ever been with every match being a dominant performance. None more dominant than his semi final match against Tim Spriggs, where after scoring 18 points on the board, Faria adjusted a match ending choke, puting a stop to a very positive run by Tim.

The other final was equally exciting, with an 88kg Leandro Lo showing that the change in weight was indeed a step forward in his open weight title aspirations. Lo showed complete dominance of the match, winning on advantages after a 2×2 score.

In the women’s division, Dominyka Obelenyte and Andresa Correa beat all their opponents, leaving the final of the open weight gold to be battled between the Alliance duo.

Below are the results of all the matches in the Absolute weight category (male/black/adult):

Alessandro SilvaJavier ArroyoArmbarR1
Aaron JohnsonJoshua BowlinWOR1
Dany GerardSteven PattersonArmbarR1
Luiz PanzaKitner MouraStraight ankle lockR1
Igor SchneiderRodrigo Freitas0x0 (adv)R1
Carlos FariasMarcus WilsonEzekielR1
Ezra LenonCaio AlmeidaRef. DecisionR1
Murilo SantanaMarcos TinocoPointsR1
Arnaldo MaidanaWilliam ShanonWristlock/OmoplataR1
Victor SilverioNathan Mendhelson6x0R1
Otavio NalatiJosh MokwoRef. DecisionR1
Pedro MouraSean KeyPointsR1
Leo Nogueira Alessandro Silva5x0R2
Abraham Marte Manuel RibamarSubmissionR2
Andre GalvaoAaron JohnsonChokeR2
Alexandro CeconiDiego Herzog7x0R2
Leandro LoDany GerardCross chokeR2
Guilherme AugustoEliot Kelly2x0R2
Luiz PanzaMahamed Aly4x4 / 5x0advR2
James PuopoloManuel DiazKneebarR2
Joao Gabriel RochaIgor SchneiderPalm to palmR2
Tim SpriggsCarlos Farias17x0R2
Bernardo FariaEzra LenonDogbarR2
Gabriel ArgesArnaldo Maidana10x4R2
Joao Gabriel RochaMurilo Santana4x08F
Tim SpriggsOtavio Nalati0x0 (adv)8F
Bernardo FariaVictor SilverioTriangle8F
Gabriel ArgesPedro MouraRef. Decision8F
Leandro LoGuilherme Augusto3x08F
Luiz PanzaJames PuopoloArmbar8F
Leo Nogueira Abraham Marte 6x08F
Andre GalvaoAlexandro CeconiChoke from back8F
Andre GalvaoLeo Nogueira 4x04F
Leandro LoLuiz PanzaWO4F
Tim SpriggsJoao Gabriel Rocha5x24F
Bernardo FariaGabriel ArgesDogbar4F
Bernardo FariaTim SpriggsChoke from backSF
Leandro LoAndre Galvao2x2 (adv 2x0)SF
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