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ADCC Europe & Africa Trials 2024 Results

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FEBRUARY 18, 2024, ZAGREB, CROATIA. The ADCC Europe, Africa, and Middle East Qualifiers tournament brought forth many of the European elite of jiu-jitsu and submission grappling, athletes eager to compete at the big show which will take place later this year in the United States.

The 77-kilogram division (170 lbs) was the most talent-dense weight class in the event with athletes like Tommy Langaker, Davis Asare, Oliver Taza, Tarik Hopstock, Oscar Gugala, Mateusz Szczecinski, and more. Although evenly challenged, all credit to Norway’s Langaker (Wulfing) who was one of the most entertaining athletes to follow in 2023 and continued that trend at this ADCC Trials. He had beautiful performances and was very well-composed throughout all 6 of his matches against some serious opponents, taking two W’s via submission.

The breakthrough athlete of the tournament was Taylor Pearman (ZR Team). Taylor had an eye-opening performance in the colored belt divisions a few years back but arrived in Croatia with a somewhat mixed professional record. If there were any doubts regarding his talent, they have surely been dissipated this weekend. 6 matches, 6 heel hooks for the Essex, England-born competitor.

Another athlete with a breakthrough moment was that of Marcin Maciulewicz (Aligatores Fight Club). Some say “In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king” and this is exactly what happened to the technical Polish athlete in the 99-kilo weight class. Marcin appeared to be one step ahead of the curve using his excellent guard and mobility to defeat a somewhat one-dimensional division that did not have any answers for the rookie BJJ black belt’s more polished game.

In the female division, BJJ brown belt Nia Blackman (Fight Zone London) was the star of the hour. The very talented competitor has been referenced by BJJ Heroes on several occasions for her achievements with the gi, but this time it is her excellent performance in one of the biggest no-gi tournaments in Europe that brings her back to our reports. Although still in her teens, the London-based athlete looked like a real veteran out there, tactical and patient, Blackman took the game where it needed to be taken, when it needed to be taken, and went for every opening like a veteran sniper—a very cleaver performance.

Although there were surprising and solid showings by a few athletes at the ADCC Europe, Africa & Middle East Trials of 2024, overall, the tournament showed how far behind the Old Continent’s submission grappling level is in comparison to countries like Brazil and North America. Single-game athletes overcrowded each weight class, where the vast majority of 66-kilo players appeared to be leg-lockers with no intention/know-how of scoring a point and every 99 and 99+ kilo player a pressure passer with sub-par wrestling. This high volume of amateur competitors at a tournament of this scale appeared to drag the event for much longer than necessary, nevertheless, a good event for the ADCC promotion and some good challengers for the World Championship.

66KG: Gairbeg Ibragimov (RUS)
77KG: Tommy Langaker (NOR)
88KG: Taylor Pearman (ENG)
99KG: Marcin Maciulewicz (POL)
+99KG: Mark Macqueen (SCO)
55KG: Margot Ciccarelli (ITA)
65KG: Aurelie Le Vern (FRA)
+65KG: Nia Blackman (ENG)

Below are all the main match results of the ADCC EU Trials of 2024.


– Ashley Williams def. Nino Ondris via 9×0
– Yigit Hanay def. Sam McNally via decision
– Gairbeg Ibragimov def. R. Bukovcsan via Darce choke
– Nadav Bar-gil def. S. Riquelme via Toe hold

– Yigit Hanay def. Nadav Bar-gil via RNC
– Gairbeg Ibragimov def. Ashley Williams via decision

– Gairbeg Ibragimov def. Yigit Hanay via decision

3rd Place:
– Ashley Williams def. Nadav Bar-gil via Outside heel hook


– Tommy Langaker def. Mateusz Flaga via Armbar
– Davis Asare def. M. Szczecinski via 2X0
– Oliver Taza def. Jan Stach via 6X0
– Tarik Hopstock def. Will Whatmore via 3X0

– Tommy Langaker def. Tarik Hopstock via 3X0
– Davis Asare def. Oliver Taza via 3X0

– Tommy Langaker def. Davis Asare via RNC

3rd Place:
– Oliver Taza def. Tarik Hopstock via 2×0


– Adam Wardzinski def. Tommi Toikkanen via 2×0
– Taylor Pearman def. Linus Schrenk via Inside heel hook
– Ben Bennett def. Adam Niedzwiedz via Gogoplata

– Taylor Pearman def. Adam Wardzinski via Inside heel hook
– Ben Bennett def. Faris Lamkadem via Calf slicer

– Taylor Pearman def. Ben Bennett via Outside heel hook

3rd Place:
– Adam Wardzinski def. Faris Lamkadem via 5×0


– Marcin Maciulewicz def. Johan Oosthuysen via Inside heel hook
– Kasper Larsen def. Amr Ghoneim via Outside heel hook
– Meraz Avdoyan def. Andrej Iwat via Decision
– Daniel Ladero def. Anton Orlov via Guillotine

– Kasper Larsen def. Meraz Avdoyan via 6×0
– Marcin Maciulewicz def. Daniel Ladero via 2×0

– Marcin Maciulewicz def. Kasper Larsen via Inside heel hook

3rd Place:
– Daniel Ladero def. Meraz Avdoyan via 8×0


– Jean Luca Maltese def. Enzo Pioppo via Submission
– Aki Teravainen def. Lukasz Janeczek via 6×0
– Freddy Vosgroene def. Mikko Pouru via 3×0
– Mark Macqueen def. Francis Pana via Decision

– Mark Macqueen def. Jean Luca via Decision
– Freddy Vosgroene def. Aki Teravainen via Inside heel hook

– Mark Macqueen def. Freddy Vosgroene via 3×0

3rd Place:
– Jean Maltese def. Aki Teravainen via Inside heel hook


– Ashley Bendle def. L. Genge via 8×0
– Mia Montesinos def. M. Van Staden via Decision
– Julia Maele def. B. Grabowska via RNC
– Margot Ciccarelli def. C. Du Plessis via 3×0

– Ashley Bendle def. M. Montesinos via 5×0
– Margot Ciccarelli def. Julia Maele via 3×0

– Margot Ciccarelli def. Ashley Bendle via 3×0

3rd Place:
– Julia Maele conquered Bronze via WO (Montesinos no-show)


– Nora Schultz def. Sula Mae via RNC
– N. Frankland def. P. Letcher via 6×0
– Gamila Kanew def. Nikolett via 2×0
– Aurelie Vern def. I. Goodman via Triangle

– Nora Schultz def. Gamila Kanew via 3×0
– Aurelie Vern def. N. Frankland via Armbar

– Aurelie Vern def. Nora Schultz via 6×0

3rd Place:
– Gamila Kanew conquered Bronze via WO (Frankland no-show)


– Maria Malyjasiak def. Anabel Lopez via Decision
– Salla Simola def. Anna Remneva via 4×0
– Nia Blackman def. Emily Gunzler via 2×0

– Salla Simola def. H. Griffith via Kneebar
– Nia Blackman def. Maria Malyjasiak via 2×0

– Nia Blackman def. Salla Simola via 5×0

3rd Place:
– Maria Malyjasiak def. H. Griffith via 3×0

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