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ADXC 3 Promises to Bring The Gi Back To The Spotlight Of Professional Jiu-Jitsu

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Like a freight train, the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship seems unstoppable in its pursuit to become the biggest professional jiu-jitsu promotion in the game. After two very entertaining events in October 2023 & January 2024, where the organization was able to showcase a novel ruleset and setting, ADXC is gearing up for another show with a thrilling card.

For its 3rd edition, ADXC will be leaving the world-famous Mubadala Arena in Abu Dhabi and taking its apparatus to South America, more specifically to Balneário Camboriú in the South of Brazil, a region that has become a grappling stronghold as of late. The date set for the event is March 2 (Saturday).

One of the main points of attraction for the ADXC show is how it has not abandoned fans of gi jiu-jitsu. Unlike most (if not all of) the main promotions that currently only focus on no-gi grappling, this Extreme Championship is giving gi fans something to look forward to by rewarding many exciting gi players a platform to shine and shine they have in the past two editions of the show.

This time, ADCX is producing another main event with two GI players who have shown exciting performances in recent big matches. We are talking about the current AJP World Pro champion, Bruno Lima (56-31) of Portugal, and the IBJJF World Champion, Jansen “Nenego” Gomes (63-8) of Brazil. Two largely opposing styles of playing the game that have thrilled fans of aggressive jiu-jitsu equally for the past few years.

But this won’t be the only exciting gi match on the card. Another clash we are particularly excited about is that of two of Brazil’s most dynamic grapplers, Lucas Protasio (96-19) and Pedro Maia(36-15). Protasio is a natural scrambler and always puts on fun performances, particularly when facing someone who moves and that is exactly who Maia is.

The fireworks don’t stop here as ADXC3 proved to have some of the best superfights of the year, including a highly anticipated clash between two submission machines. Namely, recently promoted black belt Rayron Gracie (2-2) – who is already a star thanks to his lower belt career – and veteran Fellipe Andrew (255-36) as well as the technical giant, Gutemberg Pereira (79-21) who will face Rio de Janeiro’s rising star, Pedro Lucas (26-2).

The no-gi facet of the event is also well thought out with fun matches like Fabricio Andrey and Ruan Alvarenga, Cyborg x Ceconi, and the Armbar Queen, Bia Mesquita who will face the former UFC fighter, Jenni Maia.


Zayed Alkatheeri x Oziel Santos (kimono)

– Joao Zeferino x Bruno Antonieta (no-gi)

– Dan Manasoiu x Pedro Alex (no-gi)

Roberto Cyborg x Henrique Cardoso (no-gi)

Fabricio Andrey x Ruan Alvarenga (no-gi)

Julia Alves x Ana Carolina Schmitt (kimono)

Samuel Nagai x Israel Sousa Almeida (kimono)

Jonnatas Gracie x Levi Jones-leary (no-gi)

Beatriz Mesquita x Jennifer Maia (no-gi)

Gutemberg Pereira x Pedro Lucas (kimono)

Fellipe Andrew x Rayron Gracie (kimono)

Lucas Protasio x Pedro Maia (kimono)

Jansen Gomes x Bruno Lima (kimono)


ADXC Rules:

– Match set in a cage
– Standard Matches: 3 Rounds of 3 mins, 1 minute break between them
– Main Events: 5 Rounds of 3 mins, 1 minute break between them
– Winner decided via side judges (3) or submission
– 10 point must system as seen in Boxing
– Knee reaping & submission holds follow standard AJP guidelines
– 50/50 guard sets a standing restart

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