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Agazarm, George and Chantre Shine Bright at the F2W 133 Show

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DECEMBER 08, 2019, FRESNO, California saw the last Fight 2 Win event of the year, a card with 42 matches (!) between local talent and international stars, as has been the promotion’s motto from the very get-go. With so many high-level matches on demand, what stood out the most to us was the use of the current heel hooking systems built by the submission-only movement by IBJJF competitors such as Samir Chantre, Hiago George, Gabriel Sousa, and co. But the points of interest did not stop here. More info on the event’s biggest matches below.


Big Fresno Fairgrounds Agricultural Building
1121 S Chance Ave, Fresno, CA


155lbs Black Belt No-Gi
AJ Agazarm (Gracie Barra) def. Ary Farias (Atos) via decision

A very entertaining match between these two seasoned veterans, who competed for every single inch of the F2W mat last night. Farias surprised everyone by starting the hostilities with a double leg on the former collegiate wrestler, one later answered by AJ with a takedown of his own.

Agazarm and Farias tried their hardest to submit each other with a few tight toe-holds and heel-hooks, but never got too close to the tap, as neither has ever tapped to a lower limb submission in their careers. In the end, it was AJ’s aggressiveness throughout the match that likely sealed the deal for the Gracie Barra / Nick Diaz student.

155lbs Black Belt No-Gi Title
Samir Chantre (Ares BJJ) def. Lucas Pinheiro (Atos) by inside heel-hook

We believed this would be one of the most competitive matches of the night, but we were wrong. A quick tap for the Ares JJ veteran with a fantastic leg entry.

190lbs Black Belt Gi
Manuel Ribamar (RPBJJ) def. Jake Watson (Maracaba BJJ) via decision

A decent match here with Jake pulling guard early on, working on his strongest game as his path to victory. Ribamar threatened the pass a couple of times with strong jumping attempts, while Watson remained very active from the bottom, attacking whenever there was space. This was a very close fight, it is always tough to pick a winner and although we did think Jake had done more in the match at the time, the referees favored Ribamar’s performance.

145lbs Black Belt No-Gi
Hiago George (Cicero Costha ) def. Gabriel Sousa (ZR Team) via inside heel-hook

What a match! Quite possibly a FOTN performance, these two have met plenty of times in the past, but those matches had never truly opened up their games when facing each other. That changed under the F2W lights.

In a backward and forwards match, with a few close heel-hooks exchanged prior to the final sequence, it was the Cicero Costha black belt who stole the win from the heels of Sousa. Gabriel initiated a beautiful heel hooking sequence which Hiago answered with fantastic awareness and an attack of his own, straight on the tap.

145lbs Black Belt Gi
 Joao Mendes (Atos) def. Cole Franson (Tinguinha BJJ) by decision

This was a very close match with tons of submission attempts by both competitors. Given their impenetrable guards, both athletes were content in trying their hardest to attack the feet, particularly Mendes (AKA Bisnaga), who had a few very, very tight straight ankle locks which looked full “on”. Franson did not quit and answered with a few submissions attempts of his own, but the victory laid on Mendes.

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