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Big Win By Gracie Barra At SUBVERSIV Tournament, Unity Takes 2nd, Checkmat 3rd

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AUGUST 29, 2020, last night the world saw the third edition of SUBVERSIV, Fight 2 Win’s Team vs Team tournament, which featured a superb line-up with some of the very best gi teams in the world today, who brought top-level players to the event.

This SUBVERSIV tournament has all the factors that made the Brazilian Team Nationals one of the most fun events to watch in the gi circuit, mixing the new generation of grappling with a few veterans and a healthy dose of team rivalry. Attesting to the tremendous entertainment value of the tournament was the submission rate witnessed at the tournament, as seen below:

45 matches, 29 subs = 64% submission-rate

Very high marks here for a top-tier tournament, an event that saw Gracie Barra’s Carlos Souza breakthrough as one of the sports leading athletes after his submission wins over John Combs and Samuel Nagai on his way to a gold medal with his teammates Kendal Reusing and Fellipe Trovo who looked equally impressive. Reusing submitted 3 out of 4 matches, Trovo submitted all of his wins, going 3-1 (lost to Gabriel Almeida in the semis but redeemed himself in the final with a flying triangle over Devhonte Johnson).

Two more names were at the forefront of the tournament, those of Jena Bishop (Alliance Gold Team) and Nathalie Ribeiro (Checkmat). Both athletes were the smallest competitors on the roster, yet, grappled spectacularly. Jena submitted 3 athletes, losing to Ribeiro in the 3rd place match by a razor-thin split decision, while Ribeiro was the only competitor to give Kendal Reusing a run for her money. Nathalie took Kendal to a split decision, a match that could have easily gone her way, even giving away a massive size advantage (at least 45 lbs) to her opponent after winning her first two by submission.

For the full results of every individual round, please check below.



Checkmat vs Renzo Gracie Orlando (3×0 CKM)
CKM- Samuel Nagai def. Luca Ramaci via botinha lock
CKM- Gabriel Almeida def. Ramiro Leon via katagatame
CKM- Nathalie Ribeiro def. Jo Maissonneuve via kneebar

Alliance Black Team vs Triton FC (2×1 ABT)
ABT– Fred Silva def. Todd Wailing via brabo choke
ABT– Giancarlo Bodoni def. Hunter Colvin via decision
TFC – Hannah Harjo def. Julia Balmante via decision

Team No Sleep vs Combat Concepts (3×0 TNS)
TNS – John Combs def. Henrique Nobrega via decision
TNS – Seth Daniels def. Garrett Andrews via decision
TNS – Brittney Elkin def. Melody Mcgill via decision

Gracie Barra vs SAS (2×1 GB)
SAS – Andrew Kochel def. Carlos Souza via decision
GB – Fellipe Trovo def. Daniel Maguire via bow and arrow
GB – Kendall Reusing def. Alison Linderer via paper cutter

Alliance Gold Team vs Black Widow MMA (3×0 AGT)
AGT – Samuel Snow def. Jorge Castaneda via decision
AGT – Fellipe Andrew def. Omar Komal via reverse triangle
AGT – Jena Bishop def. Katelyn Nicdao via mounted X choke

Zenith vs Team LEAD (2×1 ZEN)
ZEN – Drew Palomo def. Joseph Tonche via bow and arrow
ZEN – Marcelo Nunes def. Yuri Santos via kneebar
TLD – Emily Fernandez def. Luciana Mota via armbar

Fight Sports vs Legion AJJ (2×1 FS)
FS – Lucas Santos def. Jacob Kassama via decision
FS – Tex Johnson def. Michael Egley via straight ankle lock
LAJJ – Paige Ivette def. Pamela Boveda via Japanese necktie

Unity vs Team Wild Card (2×1 UNT)
UNT – Levi Jones def. Adam Cruz via triangle
UNT – Devhonte Johnson def. T. Clark via choke from the back
TWC – Bailey Lutrell def. Chloe McNally via decision

From the 1/4 finals round, if a team had a 2×0 advantage and therefore secured the victory, they were allowed to forfeit the 3rd match.

Checkmat vs Alliance Black Team (CKM 2×0)
CKM- Nathalie Ribeiro def. Julia Balmante via kimura
CKM- Samuel Nagai def. Fred Silva via decision

Gracie Barra vs Team No Sleep (GB 3×0)
GB – Kendall Reusing def. Brittney Elkin via paper cutter
GB – Carlos Souza def. John Combs via kneebar
GB – Fellipe Trovo def. Seth Daniels via triangle

Alliance Gold Team vs Zenith (AGT 2×0)
AGT – Jena Bishop def. Luciana Mota via straight ankle lock
AGT – Samuel Snow def. Drew Palomo via decision

Unity vs Fight Sports (2×0 UNT)
UNT – Chloe McNally def. Pamela Boveda via cross-face/RNC
UNT – Levi Jones def. Lucas Santos via decision


Gracie Barra vs Checkmat (2×1 GB)
CKM – Gabriel Almeida def. Fellipe Trovo via split decision
GB – Kendall Reusing def. Nathalie Ribeiro via split decision
GB – Carlos Souza def. Samuel Nagai via kneebar

Unity vs Alliance Gold Team (2×1 UNT)
UNT – Devhonte Johnson def. Fellipe Andrew via decision
AGT – Jena Bishop def. Chloe McNally via armbar
UNT – Levi Jones def. Samuel Snow via baratoplata


Checkmat vs Alliance Gold Team (2×1 CKM)
AGT – Fellipe Andrew def. Gabriel Almeida via botinha
CKM – Nathalie Ribeiro def. Jena Bishop via split decision
CKM – Samuel Nagai def. Samuel Snow via straight ankle lock


Gracie Barra vs Unity (2×1 GB)
UNT – Levi Jones def. Carlos Souza via decision
GB – Fellipe Trovo def. Devhonte Johnson via flying triangle
GB – Kendall Reusing def. Chloe McNally via katagatame

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