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SUBVERSIV Team Tournament Featuring Alliance, Checkmat, Fight Sports, Unity, Legion, GB And More

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AUGUST 28, 2020: Subversiv is a special event produced by the Fight 2 Win promotion, focussing on team clashes, which will feature its most ambitious production to date, tonight, with 16 teams who will fight for the competition’s title.

The contest has gathered the interest of many top tier teams of our sport, including gi world champs Alliance as well as Checkmat, Gracie Barra, Fight Sports, Legion AJJ, and Unity.

This Subversiv will be the 3rd edition of the show, the first with the gi and the first without EBI rules, instead, it will be following standard F2W rules in a standard tournament style approach where the winner will advance to the next round of the bracket. The teams will consist of 3 players (under 180lbs, over 180lbs, and a female athlete [open weight]), with the rounds being defined in a “best of 3” type dynamics.


From the first side of the bracket (bracket 1) we see Checkmat and Gracie Barra as the favorites to reach the semi-finals. Both teams have brought forward very tough squads, Checkmat will be debuting their newest black belt, the talented Samuel Nagai who will be supported by his team seniors Gabriel Almeida and Nathalie Ribeiro. Gracie Barra, on the other hand, will have in double-gold No-Gi World Champ Kendal Reusing their ace. Reusing is being backed by Fellipe Trovo – whose style is tailor-made for the F2W ruleset, as well as Carlos Souza.


On the opposite side, Alliance Gold will be leading the way in favoritism. Dare we say they are the team to beat in the tournament, with their squad consisting of Fellipe Andrew, Jena Bishop, and Samuel Snow. All the main representatives of the current IBJJF world champion team (who also is also featuring a “B Team” in the 1st Bracket.

Another very strong candidate to gold will be New York based team, Unity. The Murilo Santana squad is coming in with no weaknesses in their crew, leading with one of the top lightweights in the world, berimbolo man Levi Jones-Leary, the powerful Devhonte Johnson at +180 lbs and the very tough brown belt Chloé McNally, who will give tons of trouble to a lot of her veteran opponents with her rangy style.

Fight Sports is another heavy-hitter in this bracket, featuring Tex Johnson, who is returning to the competitive mats after a long absence. Tex his incredibly dangerous with his footlock game and this ruleset does favor the gung-ho approach of Johnson. Tex will have Lucas Santos and the veteran Pamela Boveda in his team.



– UD180lbs: Samuel Nagai
– OV180lbs: Gabriel Almeida
– Female: Nathalie Ribeiro

Renzo Gracie Orlando
– UD180lbs: Luca Ramaci
– OV180lbs: Ramiro Leon
– Female: Jo Maissonneuve

Alliance Black
– UD180lbs: Fred Silva
– OV180lbs: Giancarlo Bodoni
– Female: Julia Balmante

– UD180lbs: Todd Wailing
– OV180lbs: Hunter Colvin
– Female: Hannah Harjo

Team No Sleep
– UD180lbs: John Combs
– OV180lbs: Seth Daniels
– Female: Brittney Elkin

Combat Concepts
– UD180lbs: Henrique Nobrega
– OV180lbs: Garrett Andrews
– Female: Melody Mcgill

Gracie Barra
– UD180lbs: Carlos Souza
– OV180lbs: Fellipe Trovo
– Female: Kendall Reusing

– UD180lbs: Andrew Kochel
– OV180lbs: Daniel Maguire
– Female: Alison Linderer


Alliance Gold
– UD180lbs: Samuel Snow
– OV180lbs: Fellipe Andrew
– Female: Jena Bishop

Black Widow MMA
– UD180lbs: Jorge Castaneda
– OV180lbs: Omar Komal
– Female: Katelyn Nicdao

– UD180lbs: Joseph Tonche
– OV180lbs: Yuri Santos
– Female: Danielle Alvarez

– UD180lbs: Drew Palomo
– OV180lbs: Marcelo Nunes
– Female: Luciana Mota

Fight Sports
– UD180lbs: Lucas Santos
– OV180lbs: Tex Johnson
– Female: Pamela Boveda

Legion AJJ
– UD180lbs: Jacob Kassama
– OV180lbs: Michael Egley
– Female: Paige Ivette

– UD180lbs: Levi Jones-Leary
– OV180lbs: Devhonte Johnson
– Female: Chloe McNally

– UD180lbs: TBD
– OV180lbs: TBD
– Female: TBD


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