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Keenan beats Leite and Fowler in Guam

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This year’s edition of Guam’s very own “Marianas Jiu Jitsu Open” had some of the toughest grapplers on the planet compete for a cash prize of USD $10,000. In a jam packed venue, grapplers put on display just how much BJJ has grown in the tiny island of Guam, and island known for breeding true warriors.

The tournament’s main event was the absolute black belt invitational, that called out some of jiu jitsu’s seasoned and most talented competitors. The Hawaiian Keenan Cornelius came out on top, proving yet again why he is regarded as among the elite in jiu jitsu’s competition scene. The results went as follows:

1/4 Finals:

Mike Fowler vs Josh Hinger: Fowler by 15 to 0
Keenan Cornelius vs Marcos de Souza: Keenan by 12 to 2
Lucas Leite vs Terence Aflague: Lucas by cross choke
Luis Blanco by WO

Semi finals:

Mike Fowler vs Luis Blanco: Fowler by armbar
Keenan Cornelius vs Lucas Leite: Keenan by 4 to 2


Keenan Cornelius vs Michael Fowler: Keenan by bow & arrow choke

Keenan Cornelius vs Lucas Leite (semi final match)

Keenan Cornelius vs Mike Fowler (final match)

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