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SUG 17, Mason Fowler Defeats Craig Jones For A Second Time!

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AUGUST 30, 2020, Submission Underground returned this weekend with a much-anticipated rematch between Craig Jones and Mason Fowler, a grappling exchange, that happened a few weeks ago with Fowler leaving the match victorious. This previous match proved controversial due to an early stoppage by the referee (more details here). Given those unfortunate fight-ending circumstances, the promotion’s organizers agreed to run it back for a more decisive finish.

SUG 17 did not live only through the Jones X Fowler as we saw quite a few interesting matchups this time around, particularly the solid clash between Ethan Crelinsten and PJ Barch, who are among the top lightweights in the Northern Hemisphere. The two put on a fun show with plenty of heated exchanges but ultimately ended up canceled each other out which forced the match to go to overtime. During the overtime, the Canadian, Crelinsten, was able to finish with a tight, tight, RNC.

Another fun clash was that of former TUF champion Jesse Taylor and BJJ black belt Roberto Jimenez. Taylor appeared to be the more powerful of the two, but Roberto’s onslaught of offensive grappling was too much for the American MMA competitor, who was forced to tap from a Russian style armbar (belly down), from a triangle transition.


The match dynamics were very similar to the previous SUG 16 bout, with Jones moving forward and trying to engage in a footlock battle and Fowler playing a more evasive game-plan of pushing and exploding into guard passing attempts.

In terms of point-scoring positions, both athletes swept each other, yet, Jones did move forward for the majority of the match, engaging from his guard (scooting) and even standing up to get the action going. Nevertheless, nothing major was accomplished, much thanks to Fowler’s impressive defense, he who escaped a couple of deep leg entanglements with ease.

During the overtime, both athletes chased for the finish but it was Mason who achieved the tap. This time without the controversy of their past event, a deep spine crank from a body triangle and an audible tap by Craig.


– Chase Davis def. Kyle Hinkle via heel-hook

– Aaron Tiegs def. Nicholas Maximov via overtime (sub)

– Justin Renick def. Don Stoner via overtime (escape)

Frank Rosenthal def. Phill Schwartz via armbar

– Pierre Leclerc def. Sid Skrob via overtime (sub)

Ethan Crelinsten def. PJ Barch via overtime (sub)

Roberto Jimenez def. Jesse Taylor via armbar

Richie Martinez def. Ben Egli via overtime (sub)

– Amanda Loewen def. Gillian Robertson via overtime (sub)

Mason Fowler def. Craig Jones via overtime (sub)

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