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Leandro Lo Defeats Erberth to Win Copa Podio Middleweight GP

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Jiu Jitsu took Argentina by storm today (9th of July, 2016) with the 4th season of the famous grappling event that is Copa Podio. This event brought forward not only a middleweight Grand Prix (86kg) but also the second and last battle between the Cabras da Peste and the Vikings. A Challenge that put the athletes from the Northeast of Brazil against those of Scandinavia.

Although he didn’t take home the gold, brown belt Nicholas Meregali was arguably the star of the show, defeating some very high level black belts, lavishing high level jiu jitsu on his way to a 4th place in the prestigious GP.

Below are the results from all the matches in the event:

Copa Podio Middleweight Grand Prix

Iranush Room – Armenia, 1353
Palermo – Buenos Aires


Erberth SantosClaudio Calasans0X0 (DRAW)GROUP
Diego BorgesJohn Combs4x0GROUP
Leandro LoNicholas Meregali4x2GROUP
Max GimenesVictor EstimaGROUP
Erberth SantosDiego BorgesBotinhaGROUP
Claudio CalasansDan Borovic2x2 (ADV)GROUP
Nicholas MeregaliVictor EstimaInjuryGROUP
Leandro LoDillon Danis Danis0x0 (ADV)GROUP
Diego BorgesClaudio Calasans2x0GROUP
John CombsDan Borovic12x4GROUP
Max GimenesDillon Danis Danis2x0GROUP
Claudio CalasansJohn CombsGuillotineGROUP
Erberth SantosDan BorovicKneebarGROUP
Leandro LoMax Gimenes2x0GROUP
Nicholas MeregaliDillon Danis Danis7x0GROUP
Diego BorgesDan Borovic4x0GROUP
Erberth SantosJohn CombsMounted triangleGROUP
Nicholas MeregaliMax GimenesArmbarGROUP
Leandro LoDiego Borges2x0SF
Erberth SantosNicholas MeregaliKneebarSF
Diego BorgesNicholas Meregali2x03RD
Leandro LoErberth Santos6x0F

LEANDRO LO showing he is still the man to beat in Copa Podio. Absolutely amazing performance through and through, particularly in his highly anticipated match against Erberth Santos. The two had a less than amicable exchange of words prior to the event, but on the mats it was all professionalism in a war for the ages. After finding himself in some tough spots, Leandro pulled a back take from his grappling magician’s top hat, taking the trophey with him.


Horlando Monteiro X V. Randeberg: 4 X 2 (Horlando)
Nik Ruben X Matheus Floresta: 0 x 0 (draw)
Alexander Tráns X Braulio Estima: 6 x 0 (Tráns)

Final team victory went to the Vikings counting their wins in January during the lightweight GP.

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