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Europeans 2019 Results: Paulo Miyao Returns and New Aussie Star Defeats Lepri

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SUNDAY JANUARY 20, 2019 Odivelas (Lisbon) – Portugal housed the 16th European Open for the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF), with Sunday marking the last day of competition in a 6 day event that brought forward thousands of athletes from a wide range of nationalities, from South America to North America, from Europe to Africa, from Asia to Oceania in what many call the most international jiu-jitsu tournament in our yearly calendar.

Yesterday we had witnessed the “Lucas Lepri Show”, as the veteran lightweight ventured into the absolute division, taking out of the game three huge names – in size and status, on his way to the final of the open class. On the other side of the bracket was the talented Gustavo Batista, who struggled to go through Igor Schneider, taking the win by a narrow 2 points at the end of their semifinal match.

Today the tables turned and in a division Lepri has ruled with an iron fist for some time, it was the Aussie newcomer, Levi Jones-Leary who reigned supreme. Levi had a very hard path to reach the final, taking out Portugal rising star Pedro Ramalho, Miami veteran Kevin Mahecha and one of the toughest athletes on the planet today, Mr. Gianni Grippo. Jones overcame this platoon of talent to meet Lepri in the final. In a match, he played on the offense most of the time, Levi Jones came out the victor by referee decision. The sub-par performance of Lepri could very well come down to a decreased stamina after his hard-fought battles against much heavier opponents on the previous day, keeping in mind he defeated Seif Houmine (approx 140 kilograms), Renan Marcel (well over 100 kilograms) and Kaynan Duarte (94 kilograms) in the absolute.

Another newcomer who revealed fantastic talent was Gabriel Almeida of Checkmat. Having only recently received his black belt, Gabriel took out world champion Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa as well as Daniel Hampton and the incredibly talented Henrique Cardoso of Ceconi JJ. An outstanding performance by Almeida, who would succumb to Rudson Mateus in the final.

In the female division, black belt the Europeans did extremely well, keeping 3 gold medals in the old continent. Newcomers Amal Amjahid (BEL), Samatha Cook (ENG) and Ffion Davis (WAL) dominated their divisions with relative ease, while Charlotte Von Baumgarten (GER) had a tougher time to overcome the talented Bianca Basilio.

In the brown belt division, a special reference is in order for Vitor Hugo of Gracie Humaita, who continues to steamroll through this belt class. Also Lucas Gualberto, the Alliance brown belt, a student of Mario Reis, who won the talent stacked middleweight division, going through some of the sports top 2 rising stars, Tarik Hopstock, and Jonnatas Gurgel.



– Rodnei Barbosa de. Tomoyuki Hashimoto by 1 advantage (4×4 points)

1. Rodnei Barbosa (Qatar JJ / Paulo Rezende)
2. Tomoyuki Hashimoto (Carpe Diem)
3. Carlos Oliveira (GFT)
3. Aniel Bonifacio (Qatar JJ)

– João Miyao closed division with Hiago George

1. João Miyao + Hiago George (PSLPB)
3. Pedro Dias (Cantagalo JJ)
3. Cleber Sousa (Almeida / Atos)

– Paulo Miyao vs Isaac Doederlein 7×2

1. Paulo Miyao (Unity / PSLPB)
2. Isaac Doederlein (Alliance)
3. Leonardo Saggioro (BTT)
3. João Mendes (Atos)

– Levi Jones vs Lucas Lepri ref. decision 2×2

1. Levi Jones-Leary (Unity)
2. Lucas Lepri (Alliance)
3. Alexandre Molinaro (Carlson Gracie)
3. Gianni Grippo (Alliance)

– Isaque Bahiense def. Tommy Langaker 4×2

1. Isaque Bahiense (Alliance)
2. Tommy Langaker (Kimura JJ)
3. Andris Brunovskis (Atos)
3. Michael Liera Jr. (Atos)

– Rudson Mateus def. Gabriel Almeida by armbar

1. Rudson Mateus (CTA)
2. Gabriel Almeida (Checkmat)
3. Horlando Monteiro (Kimura JJ)
3. Henrique Cardoso (Ceconi JJ)

– Gustavo Batista closed division with Kaynan Duarte

1. Gustavo Batista + Kaynan Duarte (Atos)
3. Adam Wardzinski (Checkmat)
3. Pedro Elias (Ns Brotherhood)

– Felippe Andrew def. Helton José by triangle

1. Felippe Andrew (Zenith JJ)
2. Helton José (Atos)
3. James Puopolo (Ribeiro JJ)
3. Arya Esfandmaz (Gracie Barra)

– Victor Honorio def. Tanner Rice by 6×0

1. Victor Honorio (Qatar BJJ / GFT)
2. Tanner Rice (Soul Fighters / Rice Brothers)
3. Antonio Padua (GFT)
3. Seif Houmine (GFT)

– Gustavo Batista def. Lucas Lepri by 10×0

1. Gustavo Batista (Atos)
2. Lucas Lepri (Alliance)
3. Kaynan Duarte (Atos)
3. Igor Schneider (Ns Brotherhood)


– Mayssa Bastos def. Serena Gabrielli by 2 advantages

1. Mayssa Bastos (GFT)
2. Serena Gabrielli (Flow)
3. Natalia Carrielo (Gracie Barra)
3. A. Perez (CFC Team)

– Amal Amjahid def. Lari Campos by points

1. Amal Amjahid (PAT Academy Belgium)
2. Larissa Campos (Gracie Humaita)
3. Emilia Ttuukkanen (Gracie Barra)
3. n/a

– Ffion Davies def. Gabi Fechter by choke from the back

1. Ffion Davies (ECJJA)
2. Gabriela Fechter (Checkmat)
3. Ana Carolina Schmitt (Garage JJ)
3. n/a

– Charlotte Von Baumgarten def. Bianca Basilio by 2×0

1. Charlotte Von Baumgarten (Mathias Ribeiro JJ)
2. Bianca Basilio (Almeida / Atos)
3. Christine McDonagh (Gracie Barra)
3. Amandine Layec (Toulon JJ)

– Samantha Cook def. Glaucia Libano by choke from the back

1. Samantha Cook (Checkmat)
2. Glaucia Libano (Gracie Barra)
3. Maria Eduarda (BPT)
3. Tatiane Santos (GFT)

– Luiza Monteiro def. Claudia DoVal by advantages

1. Luiza Monteiro (Atos)
2. Claudia DoVal (De La Riva)
3. n/a
3. n/a

– Carina Santi def. Jessica Flowers 3×0

1. Carina Santi (G13)
2. Jessica Flowers (Gracie Barra)
3. Venla Luukkonen (Hilti JJ)
3. n/a

– Nathiely de Jesus vs C. Thevenon Toe hold/knee lock

1. Nathiely de Jesus (Rodrigo Pinheiro)
2. Claire Thevenon (Mako Team Paris)
3. n/a
3. n/a

– Nathiely de Jesus def. Luiza Monteiro by 1 advantage (4×4 points)

1. Nathiely de Jesus (Rodrigo Pinheiro)
2. Luiza Monteiro (Atos)
3. Bianca Basilio (Almeida / Atos)
3. Claudia DoVal (De La Riva)

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