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F2W 128 Results: Lucas Pinheiro Beats Miyao, Kaynan Submits Nicky Rod

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OCTOBER 20, 2019, Philadelphia – USA was the perfect setting for the 128th edition of the Fight 2 Win production, a submission-only jiu-jitsu event that has been crossing the country from coast to coast for the past few years, producing high-level gi and no-gi grappling entertainment.

Yesterday’s event had some real treats in place for the fans, plenty of candidates for the Fight Of The Night (FOTN) award. One of the first fiery matches to catch our eye was that of Atos black belt Kristian Woodmansee vs Dustin Ordinario at 125 lbs. A silky performance by Kristian, who locked on a few tight submissions on the resilient Ordinario, who continuously escaped them. Decision win for Kristian.

The FOTN award ended up on the hands of Dylan Royce and Valdir BB Monstro’s, whose match was a backward and forward fight with plenty of stand-up, scrambles, submission attempts and excitement. The decision did go to Royce, though we did have it the other way going into the judges’ call, given that Valdir had all of the submission attempts of the match. Either way, fantastic bout.

If we were hard-pressed to choose a FOTN, however, that would have gone to Lucas Pinheiro’s fabulous performance over João Miyao. Endless scrambles, gnarly submission attempts, Houdini escapes and fast-paced action were all attributes of this fight. Both Lucas and João laid it all on the line and the fans certainly appreciated it. We would watch that a few times over, particularly Pinheiro’s fantastic heel-hook defense against Miyao’s powerful attacks.

The main event between Kaynan Duarte and Nicky Rod produced exactly what we had predicted in our preview article. Generally speaking, Kaynan Duarte is a very bad match-up for Rodriguez’s style, and under a submission-only ruleset such as F2W, you can double down on that claim. The difference in technicality between the two competitors was evident, a quick win by heel hook for the Atos heavyweight, out of a scramble.


Kaynan Duarte defeats Nicky Rodriguez by Inside Heel Hook (black belt SOTN)

Lucas Pinheiro defeats João Miyao by Split Decision

Enrico Cocco defeats Mike Padilla by Toe Hold

Dylan Royce defeats Valdir BB Monster by Split Decision (black belt FOTN)

Stephen Plyler defeats Thiago Thomaz by Split Decision

Isaque Bahiense defeats Felipe Cesar by Decision

Tim Carpenter defeats Tyler King by Decision

William Wolk defeats Mike Easton by Decision

Tim Williams defeats Drew Puzon by Decision

Kyle Hughes defeats Eric Gocke by Decision

Kristian Woodmansee defeats Dustin Ordinario by Decision

Jay Cox defeats Jeffrey Manalansan by Decision

Thiago Brito defeats Kevin Dantzler Decision


Jenny Lofaro defeats Abi Pacinelli by Choke (brown belt SOTN)

Daniel Meira defeats Will Dilly by Heel Hook

Kyle Myers defeats Norm Gagnon by Choke

Peter Lingesso defeats Will Weisser by Decision

Will Schlucter defeats Shawn Carn by Decision (brown belt FOTN)

Kevin Lynch defeats Robbie de la Rionda by Decision

Evilson Fernandes defeats Adrian Guggenheim by Decision

Nicholas Willey defeats Jimmy Sauer by Decision


Oleh Dopilko defeats Ari Dalton Berliner by Decision

Kell Berliner defeats Nick Delpopolo by Decision

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